*Post Op* 550cc HP Silicone Implants - West Palm Beach, FL

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So I'm 18 and lucky enough to have the money to do...

So I'm 18 and lucky enough to have the money to do something I have wanted to do for a while. I've always had considerably small breast and now I'm hoping for big, full, perky boobies!! I really want to be on the larger side, so I would like to do 650 CC's under the muscle round mod+ but I don't know if the surgeon will be able to fit that much into my chest, I'm short and tiny.

I'm currently a 34b. I have my consultation on Tuesday and I'm so excited but also nervous I hope I can get the large CC size that I want! I'll update after consultation.

Does anyone else have 550 or higher cc implants, if so please tell me your experience with them, mainly my concern is that they are going to be too big.

So nervous.. excited too!

My consult is in 4 days!! I can't wait but I'm so nervous ahhh. Here is my stats if anyone wants to know. I'm 5'3, 18 years old, and 110 pounds. I still have 10 pounds to lose before my surgery. Also all my exams in school are coming up but I can't think of anything else but getting my boobs done... it's so distracting!!!

Consultation tomorrow!! And more pre op photos

So tomorrow is my consultation and I'm a bit nervous but way more excited than nervous. I will update with how it goes. Hoping I can get 600-625 mod+ but that's wishful thinking. I'm in my last year of highschool and literally all I can think about is getting my boobs done which is really bad since exams are coming up and I'm trying to get into a good college. Ugh can't wait to just get my new boobs already!

Had My Consultation!!!!!!!!!!!!

To begin, my consultation went really well! No wait and the consult was free. Doctor and nurse were very sweet. I got measured and my BWD is 12.5 and I'm actually a 34 C cup not a B cup. I tried on 450 sizers and they were too small so I asked for 550 and I think they looked good (I put pictures below of me in the sizers) he said it will make me a dd or ddd or even an F cup. He actually asked me if i wanted to be a stripper which was odd... but yea he said if I go mod+ I have to go a lower size and it will make me too wide so I'm going with high profile. The cost came out to only $4500 since I have to go with saline implants. My surgery is may 22nd once I'm cleared by my doctor, yay can't wait! At my pre op I'm going to ask him to see if he can squeeze in 600 ccs haha.

Surgey date has changed, also question about post op

Well a few things have changed, for one I'm getting silicone instead of saline and my surgery date is June 1st! It's all locked in and I put my $500 deposit down and my pre op is May 19th yay!!

My question is should I buy a zip in the front sports bra before my surgery? I was going to buy one from Victoria secret in a double D to wear while I'm not allowed to wear normal bras but it's a risk because I don't actually know what bra size i'll be so should I just get a cheaper one? Or not get one at all until after surgery?

Had My Pre-Op! :)

I had my pre-op on may 19th, it was superb! First, I met with the doctor to confirm what I'm getting, it's all set! He's ordering my implants which will be 550 cc HP silicone smooth round under the muscle. He actually said he will try and fit the 550's in but I may have to settle for the 500's if he can't. This scares me... I really hope he can fit the 550! He also asked me if he could put in ultra high profile instead of high profile and I was like OH HELL NO! Why would he even ask me this when I made it specified that I do not want much upper pole fullness and I'm trying to avoid the fake look, then he recommends UHP? umm what?? I told him even if he has to put smaller implants in that I do NOT want the UHP I'm scared of even getting the high profiles.

On the next note, my surgery is paid in full; yay! My blood was taken and I'm pretty sure everything is ok with that because she has not contacted me saying anything is wrong. I have to take two vitamin C pills a day and one multi- vitamin, apparently it's suppose to help with the recovery process. I will update more soon because I don't want this update to be long and boring! Here are the last pre-op photos I will be posting, my BA is in 10 days!!

One Week Until My Surgery ommmg!

Next Monday is my surgery day, I'm so nervous! When you first start thinking about getting a BA you are so excited but as the surgery actually approaches you become extremely nervous! But I'm officially ready for surgery with all my prescriptions filled and today I went out and bought everything I will need for post op. I got stretch mark cream, frozen peas, button up shirt, comfy pajamas, bendy straws, special pillow that props me up, and warm socks :) . Big boobies here I come :D

Surgery Tomorrow?!

Tomorrow is the day! I'm going in for surgery tomorrow at 7:20 am so I probably won't be able to update that day so I'm doing it today. On a scale of 1-10 my nervous level is like a 7 or 8. I am mainly nervous about my results. For some reason I have this fear that I will get terrible looking boobs and have tons of complications and I'm so scared of getting capsular contracture. I just want to get surgery day over with and begin healing, also hoping I don't get nauseous. Ok I will update after surgery! :) Gl all June 1st ladies!

Had surgery today, it went great!

Minimal pain and not at all nauseous. Just tightness and back pain. He was able to fit the 550's, yay! Was in at 8am and out by 11 am. I was extremely anxious about getting the anesthesia but once the wonderful anesthesiologist gave me what he called "happy juice" through my IV I was calm and laughing so much. Next thing I know I'm breathing in the anesthesia through a mask and I was asleep within minutes. Woke up with no pain or nausea, not even a dry mouth, just a scratchy throat. My implants are very high and look a bit small to me but maybe they will "drop and fluff". :) my boobs kind of look like cones right now lol. My advice to anyone going into surgery, don't be scared! It's actually kind of fun going under anesthesia.

Day 1 post op photos!

Tomorrow is my post op so I finally get to see them without the bra on, yay! I tried on a shirt and holy moly they look huge in this shirt! and this is with a super thin fabric surgical bra. I'm in love them so much already!!! Of course I hope they drop though and look less square. Fingers crossed :)

Trying on old bra and bathing suit!

Hey girls :) I am 3 days post op today. Yesterday I had to go to school and take some exams and that was really hard on my boobs, made them extremely sore. So I came home and took an oxycodone pill and that made me sleep the entire day. After school I went to my two day post op appointment and all he did was change my guaze and he said they are looking good. I get to take the tape off when I go back next week. I can't see my incisions because they are under my crease and it's hard to lift my boob up. He said I could shower today but I'm kind of scared. Anyway tried on some stuff, here's how I look so far!

Why are my nipples still numb?

Hey girls, I am 4 days PO and I just got my new bralettes in the mail today, they are size large! They fit but they are on the verge of being too small. I hope they still fit when my breast settle more! I'm kind of worried because my nipples are still numb even though I had my surgery on Monday. Is this normal? Sorry for so many pictures I am just SO IN LOVE with my new boobies! Today I went to the pet store and the grocery and then out to lunch, I hope I'm not being too active for my new boobs. Anyway here is the photo's of the new bralettes I just got, they are cute right!? Btw all three only cost me $25 total, ordered them off Forever 21's website.

Bikini pics :)

Today I'm 6 days post op and I don't think I need my pain meds anymore. I tried on one of my old bikinis and it's pretty small-but that's a good thing! Oh yea I also tried on my mom's 34 DD bra from Victoria secret and it fit! (took it right off after the photo). My boobs are getting a little softer and I think dropping a tiny bit. I go for my next post op appt. on Tuesday and I get to take the ugly tape off that you see all over me. I will update on Tuesday, happy healing to everyone else! recovering!

Pictures! :)

I went to my second post-op appt. on Tuesday and my surgeon said I'm healing beautifully. He took my sutures out and showed me how to massage my breast. My left breast is dropping slightly faster than my right one which is kind of annoying. Patiently waiting for them to drop more but they are getting much softer! Still have unwanted upper pole fullness but I'm only 10 days and with a big implant they have more dropping to do. Anyway here is some photos, I will post photos of my breast uncovered when they drop a bit more. Happy healing everyone!

The dropping has begun!!! Yay!

So after massaging everyday multiple times a day doing Anna1989's massage techniques along with the techniques my surgeon recommended and going braless, I have noticed my boobs dropping and getting closer together. Here are pics to demonstrate! To be honest I don't think my boobs are going to "fluff" but I'm sure they will drop more! 34DD is getting too small, I may end up being a 34DDD?!

2 Week Update! Braless Photos :) WARNING they do not look very good yet!

It has been two weeks since I had my surgery! So I have decided to share what my breast currently look like at 2 weeks post op. They honestly do not look very pretty right now. However, I think that's expected at two weeks right? I honestly can't wait to see what they look like at the three month mark even though I know that's so far away! I really want these babies to drop! Here are my new boobies at 2 weeks post op, they still have a lot of changing to do! One thing I really like about my boobs is that they barely have a gap between them even when I'm braless, love that! I wonder if they will fluff and get bigger? I hope so!

Video of Jiggle and Softness at 17 Days Post Op

This is for the person who requested to see the jiggle of silicone. Keep in mind I'm not even three weeks post op yet so they still have a lot of softening up to do. They DO bounce up and down when I jump up and down but I couldn't jump up and down in this video because my parents are asleep downstairs but hopefully you can see if they are jiggly enough!

How I look In some clothes and new bras(lots of photos)! 19 Days Post Op

19 days PO today! :) These pictures range from about 14-19 days PO and just showing how I look in clothes and my four new bra's I got! I have more pretty ones on the way in the mail I'll update when they get here. Really loving my size, so glad I chose 550. One other thing, I'm so confused about bra size! Why do I fit into a 34DD AND a 34DDD it just does not make sense! Still waiting for them to drop more, come on boobies!

Some Info on Implants "Dropping" That You Probably Didn't Know, They Don't Actually Drop!

Well today I am officially three weeks PO, yay! I am still waiting to get more lower pole fullness and for my implants to "drop". Speaking of that, today I learned that when people refer to an implant dropping, they do not mean the implant actually drops lower or "into the pocket", it's already in the pocket! If it were to actually drop that would be called bottoming out. What happens is the filling (silicone or saline) in the implant settles more to the bottom as time goes on and as the the muscle and tissues inside the breast relax. I will provide a photo I found below to show a visualization. I hope this helps ladies wondering about the drop and fluff process and why it takes time!

My Doctor is a JERK!

Yesterday I had my 3 week PO appt. and my doctor yelled at me for peeling off some off this weird glue stuff he put on my incisions when I didn't even know that was a problem, he was really rude about it and said "why were you even messing with that!" and it really hurt my feelings :/ From day 1 his bedside manner has not been so great like when he asked me if I was trying to become a stripper with huge boobs, like what the hell?... I asked him when I can begin wearing underwire bras and he goes "why are you so eager to wear underwire bras" he never even compliments my progress. Anyway other than that he made me buy this scar scream that cost $31 for a tiny lipstick sized bottle it's called biocernium.

Anyway, on the bright side he gave me a compression band and holy crap this thing works wonders! I wear it throughout the day and at night and I have seen a big improvement in softness and dropping from only 2 days of wearing it. If you are having trouble with dropping I strongly suggest you ask your doctor for a compression band! So yea, my doctor does fabulous work but his manners and attitude are just on the rude side. Makes me not wanna visit him for my PO appointments. Here are some 24 day post op photos I took recently.

Before and After Photo!! (Pre-BA vs 1 month Post Op)

Although I am still scared to death of getting CC , so far I am really enjoying my new results. Looking back at old photos of my boobs makes me appreciate my new boobs even more. So here is advice for pre-op ladies, take lots of photo of your pre-op boobs! I am so happy I did and I can look back and see the differences. Secondly, for ladies on the edge of not knowing if you want to do it or don't I say go for it! Yes complications can happen but the chance of you loving your new boobs is higher than the chance of getting a complication or hating them. So here is my before boobs (34B/C) and my new boobs(34DDD) at 1 month PO. My only concern right now is my right boob taking longer to drop than my left boob.. :( Will update with more photos soon. Hope all my RS girls are doing lovely!

One Month Update! :)

Here they are at 29 days! I did a before and after but thought I would do some closeups of how they are looking at 29 days :) I hate my stupid right boob it won't drop!!!(no seriously I hate you stupid right boob) It's stressing me out I hope by two months they even out more.. I'm massaging righty more and wearing my strap on that side only so hopefully that will it help it drop like my left one. I can tell it's because the muscle has not relaxed like my left muscle has.

Bathing Suit Faaail!

FYI do not trust the "large" size bathing suits at Forever 21 if you are above a C cup! This is crazy how are these considered a large? These would even be small on my pre-BA boobs. The large size at Target is much better but it's still small. Excuse my paleness... I seriously need to tan but don't want to expose my scars too soon. As for these bathing suits I don't think I can wear them in public... and they would fall off if I went swimming in them. Soreness in my boobs is completely gone I would say, went to a Hookah lounge last night with some friends then we walked the pier and had no soreness at all when I got home, was so happy :)

5 Week Update! :) Lots of Photos! Anyone Else Find Themselves Shopping too Much?

It's been 5 weeks since my BA but honestly it feels like it has been longer? Maybe because my boobs are settling pretty fast. My right boob is finally starting to catch up to my left one, yay! Using my scar treatment everyday although my scars are red still. Currently I'm a 34DDD, I do have a few bras but I'm trying to wait till 2-3 months to really start buying bras. Other than that not much has changed except for dropping. Here is some photos of my 550 HP Silicone implants! :) I seriously feel like I have a shopping addiction? I keep buying tops, dresses, bras, etc when I should be using my money to help pay for college, Ugh!! :/ I feel like med school is going to drown me in debt with student loans anyway though. (trying to pursue becoming an oncologist)

7 Week Update With Pics! + Different Outfits

For my 7 week update I decided to show what my boobs look like in different tops! I went for a Post Op appt. on Tuesday and doctor said things are healing good but my right boobs was a different shape before my surgery so it probably will be after too, but it's not a major difference, don't see him again for three more months. Not seeing too much change, just maybe settling more. In the clothed photos I'm wearing my 34DD dream angles bra.

How Long Were You Ladies Numb?

I'm almost 8 weeks Post Op and I still have some numb areas. One nipple is still numb and the bottom and sides of both my breasts plus one small portion of my back is numb. My nipples do have feeling but it's actually my areolas that are numb (well only one areola is still numb) Is it normal to be this far along and still have this numbness? How far along did you ladies regain all feeling?

2 Month PO Update!! :)

Been two months but it feels like I have had these boobs forever! Sorry for not many updates lately just been enjoying my new boobs and haven't seen too much change anymore, I'm ok with that because I like how they look right now. :) Here are a mixture of photos some bras, shirts, and nude. I have about 5 new bras coming in the mail so I will show them when they come! :) My bra size is 34DDD.

5 Months Post Op?!

5 months post op?! it seems like longer though! Wanted to do a 5 month update since my boobs are completely settled now. I love love love my boobs now and I don't regret getting this surgery one bit! My advice to any pre-op ladies reading this is to not be afraid. Don't worry yourself over silly things like I did. My surgery experience was very pleasant, from the day of surgery until now I haven't encountered any problems except some stretch marks.

Confidence has no price tag. If you want this surgery done, don't let your fears hold you back! Don't live your life with what ifs. If any of you ladies reading this have any questions regarding anything about this surgery I am just a message away! I will answer everything truthfully :) I hope everyone is and continues to have amazing days ahead!

10 Months Post Op Photos Update!

Hello beautiful ladies! Sorry I have been MIA for a while, I'm a premed student so really busy, mostly studying. I am here to show you all my 10 month post op photos! I can't believe it's been 10 months, time truly flies.
As for updates, not much has changed. I don't regret my breast augmentation at all. I don't regret the size I went, it's perfect for me. My tip for ladies who want to do this is to not hesitate. Do your research and make sure it's what you want and inform yourselves of the risks, but don't not get it done because of fear. I was so scared before my BA but in the end there was nothing to be worried about.
Another tip, for ladies who are early post op, don't stress over the dropping and fluffing. It will happen I promise, give it a few months, don't try and rush it and obsess over it like i did.
Lastly, my prayers go out to TaTa_Time and her battle with breast cancer. Stay strong beautiful, you can beat this.
I will try to post some more updates in the future, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Stay amazing ladies and enjoy your new additions!
Itzhak Nir, MD, FACS

Dr. Nir has been a good surgeon, so far I am really loving my results. He isn't that friendly, but he gives you what you want! He does not let his own opinion get in the way of giving you what you want like many surgeons do. I wanted a rather big implant, 550 cc, and that's exactly what he gave me and I'm so grateful for that. He is a quick and to the point doctor and makes great incisions, mine is almost perfectly under the crease of my breast so you can't even see it.

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