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Hello everyone. I'm just super excited about...

Hello everyone. I'm just super excited about starting my journey back to my old body before children. I have 4 and boy did they do a number on me. I went to 3 different consultations before I picked the surgeon I am going to trust with my life. My 1st consult was with Dr. John Pinnella at the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery . The receptionist took me to this ROOM (not an exam room) but just a little office. Dr. Pinnella was sitting at a table and THE RECEPTIONIST came in behind me and closed the door. He asked me what work I wanted done. I told him Tummy and breast lift. He said "Pull up your shirt and let me see". I'm looking confused because the window blinds were open and you could see out to the parking lot. I said to him "You just want me to expose myself to everyone outside". He said " Oh nobody can see in here". Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out why the receptionists who checked me in was still standing there watching. Anyway I showed him my stomach and breast. He looked and touched them and then said OK you're a good candidate. The receptionist then walked me back to the waiting room and called the next person back. Then I met with the Director of Sales. She asked if the Dr. answered all my questions. I said he didn't even ask if I had any. She said Oh ok then proceeded to showed me pics, gave me the price and asked if I wanted to schedule. I said "I'll call you if I decide to go with this office". NOT!!! I had another consult with Dr. David Rankin at Aqua Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Rankin very nice. He took his time, showed me pics of his work and explained what his recommendation would be. He asked about my health and my goals. This doctor was just great. I met with his office coordinator and she offered to help me with applying for financing but I told her I was still consulting and I would let her know. My other consult was with Dr. Gregory Delange at the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches. This is the surgeon who won me over. His team really cares about you. He was very informative about the procedure and made sure I understood everything. I didn't feel rushed and after meeting with him I met with Devon, his office coordinator. SHE IS AMAZING!!!! We talked in her office for about 45 minutes. She told me about the procedure, the before care, what to expect after, things I would need for my house... I felt like I was already scheduled and we were getting ready. The amount of time and compassion they showed me at this office was the reason why I chose them. Even when I told her I was still interview other doctors, she gave me questions to ask the other doctors to make sure I picked someone with the right credentials and experience. At this point I couldn't be more happy with my decision to go with Dr. Delange. I will update this and let you know my progress.

2 days post op TT

I MADE IT TO THE FLAT SIDE!!!!! I had my procedure Wednesday and today I'm 2 days post op. I really don't remember much about the day of the procedure. I took my pain meds and stayed sleep the whole day. Yesterday I experienced the pain and discomfort. Sleeping in this recliner is no fun at all. I just can't get comfortable. I was able to get in and out of it by myself but again, if wasn't fun. Today I went to see the doctor for my BIG REVEAL. I hadn't see myself since before the procedure. He said I'm doing good with the swelling and the drain (I only have 1 drain). He also made me stand up straight.... OUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!! My belly is so tight, I thought I would rip in half if I stood up straight but it honestly wasn't that bad... Well here are my pics of the day. I'll continue posting throughout my journey.

5 days post op

So today I decided to go back to work. You all probably think I'm crazy lol. Don't worry cause so did the rest of my coworkers. I took it easy and the type of work I do is sedentary so it didn't require a lot of movement. However, I couldn't walk long distances without becoming short of breath. MY BACK WAS KILLING ME THOUGH!!!!! I still walk a little hunched over so I was putting a lot of strain on my back. Outside of that, I had no real issues. I came home and put my feet up for a few hours to see if I really over did things today. I just got up and took a shower. These pics were taken after I got out and honestly, I don't see any major swelling. Oh, and please excuse the bulge in some of the pics. Just my luck, my cycle came on today. UGHHH!!!! Now I'm not going to know if I'm swelling or bloated Lol. Anyway, I go see the doctor on Wednesday so I'll update you ladies then.

9 days post op

This was supposed to be my 1 week post op post. Sorry I'm 2 days late so this is 9 days post op. On day 7 I went back to see my Surgeon and everything went great. They removed my drain and took my stitches out. I now have to wear a compression garment 24/7 for the next 4 weeks. I can't wait to get this part over with. I'm ready to show off this body I invested in. I still have some stretch marks but I'm not complaining because I still look 1000000 times better than I did post op. During my next visit he said we'd discuss scar therapy treatment. I also have new tape applied to my incision so I still don't know what it looks like. Guess I'll find out in 3 weeks. As for my physical progress, I'm good. I'm walking and bending fine. I don't feel like my body is going to split in half if I stand straight up anymore. I'm back to working my normal hours with no issues. I am still sleeping in my recliner. I added more pillows to it and it's just more comfortable now for me. Normally I sleep on my side and I tried to lay in my bed and it just wasn't working. Besides that, ladies I'm coming along better than I'd imagined.

4 weeks post op

Today I am exactly 4 weeks post op. I went to see Dr. D yesterday and had the tape removed so that was the 1st time I saw my incision scar and I was in shock but my husband told me to stop being a drama queen. He says it's so low and no one should be seeing that area of my body but him LOL. Today I started scar therapy so we'll see how this works over the next couple of weeks. I'm still very happy with my results as a whole. Here's a few current pics of my UGLY scar and my FLAT belly ??
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