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Am 50 years old with very few wrinkles but I was...

Am 50 years old with very few wrinkles but I was really unhappy with my undereye circles, those awful lines down the side of your nose and my "marionette lines".

I got silikon 1000 in those three areas and I'm sooo happy with the results. I look at least 5 years younger, refreshed and really natural. No one knew I had anything done but everyone comments on how good I look.

The procedure was completely painless and very affordable compared to a surgical facelift. The first time I went my doctor did the undereye area, the nose lines and the mouth lines - the cost was $1000.00 (or there abouts.) He had me wait for 4 months so that he could assess the results and on my second visit we decided together to "tweak" a few of the areas with a very small additional amount of the silikon. This was an additional cost but I'm not sure of the $ amount. We waited another 4 months for optimal results and on my third and last visit he injected a bit more.

I think if you're going to go with something permanent like silikon 1000 it's IMPERATIVE that you work with a doctor/artist who will be conservative rather than aggressive. After all, if the doctor injects too much - it's permanent! I'd rather have to go back and pay a bit more and end up being happy than try to save some money and live with bad results for the rest of my life.

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

he is meticulous and very experienced. he won't allow the patient to dictate but will do what he knows is best for you. He's very personable and caring. He's been using silikon 1000 for many years and is an expert - something you absolutely must insist on when doing a procedure that's permanent like this one.

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