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I did not want to spend the money on a rhinoplasty...

I did not want to spend the money on a rhinoplasty or deal with the downtime. I have also heard a lot of horror stories about nose jobs. Non surgical was an awesome option for me. My nose is not big, there is just a bump. With a little filler above and below, Dr J was able to camouflage the bump completely. My nose is much straighter now and no longer an issue. It even looks a little smaller! It definitely blends into my face more; before the nose job I felt like the bump was the first thing people were drawn to when they looked at my face. I actually met a guy and when we spoke later he told me that I had the "cutest nose." This was not a compliment I ever heard before non surgical rhinoplasty! I am very happy and appreciative of the work that was done. Thank you Dr J!

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

My sister and I went to Dr. J for a non surgical nose job. I was unhappy w/ a bump in my nose, but I did not want to have a rhinoplasty. Dr. J was everything I read in the reviews and more. He is extremely skilled at what he does, as well as honest and helpful. He does not appear to be financially motivated; he could have very well told me and my sister that we needed nose jobs but instead, he observed us and helped us achieve our goals w/ non surgical fillers. He makes a lot of positive suggestions and gives his honest advice on how to obtain the best results. I love my results and am happy that I no longer have to think about the large bump I had before. My nose looked the way I hoped it would based on the before/after pictures I had seen on the website. Furthermore, Dr. J is funny and friendly. Everytime we went to see him it was a pleasure; we really started to look forward to our appointments b/c of his great attitude. He is also extremely accessable via email, which I found to be very convenient. He always answers in a timely manner and it is obvious that he puts time into his responses. I sent him photos, links, and questions and he always reviewed the information and responded truthfully. After the nose job,I was interested in some skin procedures and Dr. J was honest w/ me in telling me that my goals would not be achieved, rather than giving me false hope in order to make a profit. Due to his friendly nature, his honesty, and his great work, I would definitely go back to him in the future for other treatments.

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