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I went through with silikon 1000 because i felt my...

I went through with silikon 1000 because i felt my lips were to small and wanted to enhance them

Silikon 1000 is one of the best products out there...

Silikon 1000 is one of the best products out there for lip enhancement there was no down time and i felt absolutely no pain while getting injected with this product, Dr Joseph made me feel confident that it would be an easy procedure!! the first day my lips were a little swollen but nothing dramatic!!! In fact when i got home my sister did not beleive that i had gotten my lips done because they looked so natural!! I had gotten permalip done to my upper lip prior to silikon1000 and was disappointed with the results!! My lips felt hard and the down time was 1 month if not longer. The reason why i decided to go with silikon 1000 is because my friend had the procedure done to her lips by Dr Joseph and i was amazed by her natural results!!! At first Dr Joseph did not want to go through with the procedure because i was not sure if i wanted to keep permalip, he told me to wait a couple of month and if i was 100 percent sure i wanted to keep permalip he would work with me. one year later i came back to him and explained that even though i was not pleased with permalip i was still going to keep it because i had wasted $2000 on the procedure already, he understood and injected both my top and bottom lips, the reason why i wanted a silikon 1000 is because the Dr that did my permalip procedure with only did my upper lip because my upper lip was much smaller than my bottom lip so he promised me it would look completely natural and even but that was not the case!! Now that i have silikon 1000 i love the way my lips look and i am so pleased with the way i look!! Dr Joseph transformed my lips and i could not be happier. Thank you Dr Joseph

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Dr Joseph is a true artist, he transformed both my looks and confidence! Before Dr Joseph i had gotten my lip augmentation by another Dr in Florida and was mortified by the results!!! my upper lip felt hard because i decided to go with the permalip procedure after being promised a natural look!! 3 month later my friend told me about silikon1000 and how natural and soft her lips looked and felt i wanted to try it out, but because i had permalip done in my upper lip and was not sure at the time if i wanted to keep it, Dr Joseph told me he would not inject my bottom lip unless i was absolutely sure i wanted to keep it!!!! Later that year i came back to Dr Joseph and explained to him that i wanted to keep the Permalip because i had paid over $2000, he understood my situation and was willing to work with me!!! he injected both my bottom and top lip with silicon 1000 and i could not be more happier!!! Dr Joseph is hands down one of the best plastic surgeons out there and i am truly grateful and thankful.

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