Much Needed Nose Job - West Orange, NJ

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I have been to three consultations so far. I have...

I have been to three consultations so far. I have been to West Orange, Summit and Warren, NJ. I must say I fell in love with Dr. Joseph. He made me feel real comfortable and he understands the look I want. I just want to have a feminine nose. My nose has always been my biggest insecurity. I feel like when people look at me they only see my nose. My nose is just way too big for my face. I am only 4'11, and weigh 120. I hate taking pictures because when I smile my nose gets bigger and that is all I can see. I have the money to get the procedure. I just have to schedule it. I decided to go with Dr. Eric Joseph in West Orange, NJ. Even though he is the most expensive out of the other two but he has way more experience when dealing with African American Rhinoplasty.

Scheduled and Nervous

Just a quick update. I scheduled my surgery for 12/29/2014. I am extremely nervous. I can not believe I am actually going to do this. I choose Dr. Joseph.


Hey guys
So I had my pre-op visit this past Saturday...I was given all the medications that I need to fill and the instructions. then we discussed what he is going to do. My schedule is on Monday the 29th.
Wish me luck.

Surgery was today

Right after I woke up...Surgery began at 7:00 this morning. .I have a little bit of swelling by my eyelids... No pain just very uncomfortable not being able to breathe through my nose especially when the blood dries. I like it better when it drains. Other than that I feel great

The Big Day

So tomorrow is removal.. I can not wait for the doctor to clean my nose. It is so yucky and dry. I am so nervous to see what the outcome is. I know that it is still swollen, I really hope I don't cry. Wish me luck.

Post op

So I got the cast removed on Tuesday. Removal of the stitches was not painful at all. It felt so good when Dr.Joseph removed all the yuck out of my nose so I could breathe. When he removed and cleaned everything he handed me the mirror. My first initial reaction was disgust. I wanted to cry, BUT NOT BECAUSE OF MY NOSE. It was my face. I struggle with Acne. With the bandages on, you know your pores get clogged. I was red and there were so many bumps. In the doctors office with their lighting you can see everything on your face. I mean everything. But back to the important stuff. I really didn't know how to respond about my nose because it's swollen. I was going to wait a while to post a picture, but I will post one anyway.

before and after

updated pic

Looking good if I do say so myself.

Freaking amazing

Here is another before and after picture. My nose is freaking amazing.
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Joseph made my experience so wonderful. I was extremely nervous because this was my first big surgery ever, and of course because it was rhinoplasty. I have always hated my nose because it was not girly. I had my grandfather nose. I had my surgery on December 29th 2014. I was initially nervous because I did not see a lot of African American rhinoplasty pictures or reviews on his website. Based on the results today I know that I could not have chosen a more experienced and knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Joseph. I would 100% recommend Dr. Joseph to anyone I know that wants rhinoplasty.

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