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After over 10 years of searching about rhinoplasty...

After over 10 years of searching about rhinoplasty and looking through hundreds of before and after pictures I could not of picked a better doctor! Dr. Joseph made the one thing I hated about myself to now the one thing I absolutely love! I could not be more thrilled and ecstatic about my results!!

I have always hated my nose, since the age of 10. My nose was too big for my face (it reminded me of Pinocchio!) I hated the way it protruded from my face and overall it was a very distracting feature. I knew one day I would have rhinoplasty. I spent hours upon hours searching the internet looking at different plastic surgery doctors and pictures. In 2008, I came across a doctor who practiced about 20 minutes from my house. I also saw him on television commercials, so I figured I would check him out. After meeting with him I told my mom I do not want him to perform rhinoplasty on me. I honestly had a bad feeling about him and I decided to go with my gut feeling. I recommend this to anyone, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! This is a major surgery and if you have bad feelings from the start.. WALK AWAY! I continued to search for doctors for the next 4 years.

I came across Dr. Joseph in the summer of 2012 from He was rated the top doctor and he practiced about an hour from my house. After reviewing his website, credentials and pictures I knew I had to meet him. His credentials are OUTSTANDING. This guy is dual certified, an ENT and both a facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon. It honestly does not get any better than that!

I first met Dr. Joseph on September 20, 2012. I was anxious and nervous, but honestly I don't know why I ever was! He is so genuine, caring, kind, understanding, HILARIOUS, gentle.. etc doctor. He makes you feel right at home! He listened to my concerns about why I disliked my nose. He agreed with my concerns. He also told me I had thin cartilage and I would need a lot of work done on my tip. He said I would be a tough candidate, but he was up for the challenge. Fortunately, for me he just performed surgery on a female about 2 months prior to our visit and explained her nose was a replica of mine. He even showed me her before and after pictures and I was in complete AWE!. He did amazing work on her nose and he was confident I would have the same results. He then took me for some digital imaging photos and we both agreed on the nose he created.

During our 1 week pre-op visit that was on November 6, 2012 Dr. Joseph spent over an hour discussing what I needed to do before my surgery next week. He thoroughly explained all the medications I was going to be taking. He gives you plenty of papers that he discusses with you to make sure you understand everything completely, like what not to do days before your surgery leading up to the night of surgery. He stops himself and asks if you have any questions so far because he wants to make sure you are on the same page with him. He gave directions to my mom as well because someone needs to monitor you the night after your surgery. I just really like the fact he makes you feel absolutely comfortable and the way he explains every detail in depth. He really wants you and him to always be on the same level!

I scheduled my surgery for November 12, 2012, which is the day Dr. Joseph changed my entire life FOREVER! My surgery was at 7:30 am! I was very anxious on the way to the hospital, but I knew I would be in great hands. My surgery was performed at St. Barnabas Hospital. Everyone that took care of me were so overwhelmingly nice and sweet. The nurse I had was so awesome. She gave me the clothes I had to wear for my surgery, went over the medication I was going to be taking, put the IV in my arm (that part I hated, but then I thought well I am getting a nose job, so I think I can handle a little needle.. LOL!). She just talked with me about my surgery and anything for that matter to calm me down. Dr. Joseph came in before my surgery to ask how I was doing and that he just ran a couple miles on the treadmill that morning, so he was ready to take on my nose! LOL He reassured me everything was going to be fine and that I had nothing to worry about. He also assured my mom and boyfriend to worry about nothing and to go eat and get coffee because the surgery will last around 2 hours and 30 mins. I was confident he would give me the nose I always dreamed of. I also met with the anesthesiologist before my surgery too. I remember walking back with the nurse and she was telling me Dr. Joseph is a wonderful doctor, you will be very pleased with the results I guarantee you! I then walked into an all white room (I never had surgery before, so this was a bit overwhelming). I remember seeing the operating table, the anesthesiologist, and the pictures Dr. Joseph had taken of me right by the table. I laid on the operating table and the nurse put a heating blanket on me. I swear as soon as I laid on that table within minutes I was out and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery phase 1 room. Dr. Joseph was there talking to me, asking how I was and that my surgery was a success. Everything went perfect he told me and said he was very pleased and assured me I would be too! I told him (still drugged up) my nose already feels smaller! He gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me I was in good hands with his staff. I nodded and said okay. Honestly, I was fine when I started to wake up from the anesthesia. I had a migraine, but that was it. I did not vomit or freak out, I felt like I was floating on a cloud LOL. I then moved to recovery phase 2 where I had to sit in a recliner and my mom and boyfriend were aloud to see me. Basically, I started coming back to my senses more and my mom had to feed me some applesauce, so that I could take the Vicodin. Before I was released from the hospital I used the bathroom and that was the first time I saw myself! I kinda had to take a double take in the mirror because I was in complete shock not from the bandages, cast and slight bruising, but because I could already tell my nose was SMALL!!!. It looked beautiful :)

I then was ready to start my recovery. The day of my surgery I had moderate bleeding because Dr. Joseph does not back your nose (which I loved!). My mom had to assist me with changing the gauze and by Day 2 my bleeding subsided and I could finally start cleaning my nose out with Peroxide and a Q-tip (It's kind of gross the first 2 days because your nostrils are closed shut with dry blood, since he doesn't back the nose, but it feels amazing when you can actually clean your nose!). Also, the night of my surgery he called me and asked how I was feeling, so I thought that was pretty cool! Dr. Joseph assured me from our 1 week pre-op visit that it would not be painful and let me tell you he was absolutely right!! I had no pain associated with this surgery, a little discomfort from the cast, but no pain! I took the pain medication to help me relax and I took the anxiety pills to help me sleep (AMAZING!) I slept on the recliner for an entire week ( I thought it was better than sleeping in my bed). My head was nicely elevated and I tucked my hands under my blanket to avoid accidentally hitting my nose. I had one bad day ( I became a little deydrated, so make sure to constantly consume fluids!). On day 4, my minimal bruising was yellowing already! It was funny because Dr. Joseph told my mom I would probably have more bruising because I had very fair skin, but surprisingly my bruising was so minimal. I used the ice masks they gave me and that really helped with my swelling and bruising and also the arnica pills Dr. Joseph gives as a complimentary gift! Dr. Joseph also gives his personal cell phone number, so he can be reached at anytime (trust me I called him 2 times and every time he answered and would not hang up with me until I was completely satisfied). I mean what doctor gives you their personal cell phone number?! That just shows he truly cares about each of his patients and wants you to know he is always their to answer any questions or concerns, whether big or small! So, in all honesty the recovery was a breeze! It did get boring just laying on the recliner because you can't do much. My surgery was on a Monday and on Thursday I finally took my first bath (you can't shower with the cast on!). My boyfriend helped wash my hair in the sink, so that made me feel a lot better because the last time I showered was on Sunday!

I went for my 1 week check-up and to get my cast removed on November 20, 2012. I could not wait to get this cast off my nose! I was starting to feel pressure on my nose because the cast was not fitting anymore, which is a sign it is ready to come off! My cast came off so easily, I think because my nose was very shiny and greasy from not being able to wash it for 8 days. My mom started tearing up because she could not believe the results of my nose! She was thoroughly impressed! Dr. Joseph then removed my stitches, only 1 stitch made my eyes water, but other than that it was not too bad! He was very happy with how my nose looked 1 week after surgery. He also was impressed about how my bruising was so minimal. I literally had none! He asked if he could record me looking into the mirror for the first time, I said yes. I lifted up the mirror and stared at my nose. I could not believe this was my new nose! It was absolutely beautiful! Oh my gosh! I immediately turned my head to see the side view and let me tell you even with all the swelling my nose looked incredibly small! I was in complete shock I had no idea what to say! I told him you changed my life and hugged him! I received a make-up kit to hide the very little bruising I had, which I thought was awesome!

I just had my 1 month pre-op visit with Dr. Joseph on December 20, 2012. I received a complimentary microdermabrasion. It really cleaned off all the tape residue and dead skin I had on my nose!

Right now my nose feels a lot better! It is still numb, especially a the tip. My upper lip is still a little swollen and I am starting to get my smile back! I am now 6 weeks post -op and I feel great! My nose keeps changing everyday and the swelling has gone down drastically! I can now eat normally (before I had to cut my food up because it was hard to open my mouth fully). I will be forever grateful of Dr. Joseph. He changed my life completely. I am now so confident and it is amazing how my nose completely blends into my face! Nobody can tell I was operated on expected my close friends and family! I LOVE MY NOSE! It is very feminine, cute, and petite! I used to hate taking pictures of myself and having people look at me from the side, now it doesn't bother me one bit and I take pictures of myself all the time! I can't get enough! I would recommend Dr. Joseph to anyone because he truly has magical hands and will give you a nose that you will truly love! I look forward to our visits because he makes you feel so comfortable and is just an amazing person! He is very detail-oriented and takes the time to explain everything that will happen before, during, and after! Anyone reading this please know this is his PASSION, this is what he LOVES! He cares so deeply about all his patients and wants you to feel absolutely great about your appearance! Everyday I wake up enjoying what I see in the mirror and it is all because of Dr. Joseph. Thank you Dr. Joseph for giving me my confidence back. I hope you continue to change the lives of others as you have changed mine :)

4 month post operation pictures from March, will post 7 months at the end of June

these pictures are 4 months post operation, I will post 7 months at the end of June

most recent picture

right side view, taken about 3 weeks ago!

night/day difference

frontal view, before & and after

8 months post operation picture!

okay, so I'm 8 months post operation. 95% of my swelling is gone! I just have some swelling in the tip of my nose!!

8.5 months

laying in bed decided to take some pictures. I'm almost at 9 months post op!

example of swelling dissolving

hey guys, on the left is a couple months after my cast was removed, on the right is a picture at 9 months. the swelling will go down! give it time :)

Almost 9 months post op!

Well, I'm almost at 9 months post operation. Life has been so wonderful! I actually forget I had a nose job half the time because it fits my face so perfectly and looks incredibly natural. It has been a long journey, but it is so awesome to watch your nose change month to month and actually week to week! I still have some swelling/numbness in the tip of my nose, but other than that everything is looking great! I don't regret my decision at all, I'm so happy I found my doctor :)

finally made it passed the 9 moth mark!

My 1 year post op picture :)

23 months post operation

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