Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Joseph

Hi guys, I have chosen Dr. Joseph based on on all...

Hi guys, I have chosen Dr. Joseph based on on all the reviews and photos on RealSelf and his website. I went for a consultation and seemed pretty happy on what the doctor said he could do for me. My concern areas are my droopy tip, flaring nostrils, the symmetry of my nose and the overall size

I showed the doc an ideal pic of what I want and he said it's hard to be done bc of my ethnicity, I was kinda bummed about this but he showed me computer imaging if what HE CAN DO and I was pretty happy :)

He said I had a hanging columella which was one of the biggest he's seen but he said he could definitely fix it and showed me in the computer imaging and it looked soooooooo good!!!!! Then he fixed the bump on my nose and took my nostrils in and overall made my nose smaller. My computer image of my nose was so freaking gorgeous I was ready to get the surgery the next day loll

Everyone at the office was really sweet and the doc seemed very confidant and comforting that he can help me achieve the realistic look he showed me

Luckily for me they have a opening the next week and I'm gonna go ahead and book for Dec 5, 2016.

The surgery is a about 12 grand total, this is a lot for me, I have been saving up for about a year, but i rather pay more to someone who specializes in rhinoplasty than to someone less experienced and cheaper. I'm confidant Dr. Joseph can deliver God willingly!

I will keep you guys posted

I have also included my front and profile pics of my nose, am so excited to see the final results
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Seems confidant, assuring and friendly

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