Filipina on Serious Search for a Non Surgical Nose Job..

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The convenience of internet.. As I was searching,...

The convenience of internet.. As I was searching, RealSelf website pops up and after reading all the reviews real people made here, it gave me the confidence to get what I've been wanting for for decades now done by this top notch high caliber doctor who is a facial plastic surgeon & he specializes on micro droplet technique! I emailed the clinic and right away I got a response! Very friendly and accomodating. I sent pictures and got a quick answer from the doctor himself who reviewed if I'm a candidate for such a procedure. And indeed I am! Luckily, because I don't want to get the rhinoplasty surgery which will cost me to hide from people while I heal up. I was going to have it done in the Philippines (which is far cheaper) but my gut feeling says that I should have it done by Dr. Joseph! Now that I've found the right doctor, I just have to save my allowance since I'm a stay at home mom and my husband don't want me to get my nose done because he thinks it's already nice. I just really want to have a subtle natural looking bridge to it.. I haven't scheduled an appointment yet but when I do, I'll update my review here. Oh, I didn't mention that I'm from Illinois so I have to buy roundtrip airfare tickets (3-4x) to have this done with the interval of 2-4 months... And I'm still finding the courage to tell my husband since we're still tight financially.. I'm sooooo looking forward to have this procedure! Can't wait..

side views

I forgot to include side view pictures... I still couldn't find the courage to tell my husband till now... Just waiting for the right time - hopefully when he takes me out on a date - kinda hard with four kids and youngest is 3... It's funny because he's more than willing to let me have a mommy makeover (only when I hit my target weight - 30 lbs. more to go) but he doesn't want me to have anything done with my face ;(

Hubby not happy..

I won't be having this procedure. My husband thinks I'm crazy to travel to New Jersey 3-4x just to get this done. He's not happy about the idea. I don't want to disobey him. It's okay. Thank you very much Dr. Joseph & your staff for being so nice and helpful. God bless!
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

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