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I have been self conscious of my nose for as long...

I have been self conscious of my nose for as long as I can remember. I have always been very aware of it and would almost always be stressing about it. I have always felt like my nose just didn't fit my face. I am petite in every sense of the word - my nose was large and looked as if it didn't belong. I decided in the summer of 2012 that I definitely wanted to have a rhinoplasty done. At first my goal was to have it done as soon as possible. But after the first surgeon I saw made me nervous and unsettled about the surgery, I decided to do more research. He didn't have computer imaging, his pictures looked like they were 10-20 years old, and he was quick to blow off any questions I had. I found RealSelf and read hundreds of reviews. Dr. Joseph caught my eye because he had far more reviews than any other doctor, and I didn't find one review that rated him less than perfect. I finally decided to visit him in November, even though his office is 2 hours from my home town.

As the date approached, I definitely had my doubts. Reading this site can be a blessing and a curse. I read some things that caused me to question whether a cosmetic surgery like this was worth certain risks. I worried what others would think. I worried that something would go wrong, that I would hate my nose even more than my current nose and that the results couldn't be undone. Ultimately, since all of the reviews I read about Dr. Joseph were 100% positive, I reassured myself that I wouldn't have any problems because I was in the right hands.

My family and I stayed in a hotel the night before surgery because it was such a long drive. Dr. Joseph booked me as his first surgery at 7:30am, so we had to be there at 6:15. The night before I hardly slept at all. I'm a worry wart, and I was nervous to say the least. When I arrived at the surgical center every single person there was incredibly nice. Everyone made me feel comfortable, calmed my nerves, and answered any questions I had. When I saw Dr. Joseph he was energetic and confident and told me surgery would be a breeze. He spoke with my parents, gave them his cell phone number for contacting him after surgery (he said to call him any time at all), and then off I went to the operating room. I remember having one injection of something that was supposed to calm my nerves, but I don't remember anything after that until I woke up in recovery. The surgery was only 2 hours. When I woke up, I felt no pain, just some pressure and obviously a little disorientation from anesthesia. Everyone in the center was more than helpful and so nice. Dr. Joseph called me personally that night to see how I was doing.

I had a drip pad under my nose for a few days for the bleeding, which is normal. One thing I loved about my experience was that Dr. Joseph didn't use packing - basically eliminating the major source of discomfort that most other rhinoplasty patients experience. We decided to do the 2 hour drive home right after surgery, and even though it was uncomfortable, I'm glad we did because I was much more comfortable at home. The nurses put a nausea patch behind my ear before surgery to help with the car ride - I get motion sickness frequently.

I can honestly say my recovery was not painful. I didn't take any of the prescribed pain medication, just extra strength Tylenol once or twice. The recovery was uncomfortable, not painful. I could not breathe through my nose at all for about a week. The first 2 to 3 days sleeping were challenging and I will admit I was not happy. Being stuck inside and not being able to do activities definitely got to me. But it was so worth it! I had my mom wash my hair in the sink since I couldn't shower, and that always made me feel better. Basically I just read books and watched a lot of TV.

When I finally got my cast off I was in love with my nose. I am more in love with it every day. I recently had my one month post-op appointment and Dr. Joseph did some silicone injections because the bridge was just a tad smaller than he wanted (by the way, he's a perfectionist! That's a great trait for a surgeon to have!). The injections pinched but weren't bad at all and my nose looks even better now! I am so happy with my results. I am so glad that I went through with this surgery even though I had my doubts and worried up until the surgery was over, and even until my cast was off.

Some things to know before you have surgery:
- A lot of reviews say to eat mushy or liquid food. Dr. Joseph told me to eat whatever I wanted (except for very hot things), and I did, as long as I was physically able. Recovery was better knowing I could eat whatever I wanted.
- Make sure to have plenty of button down or zip up shirts/sweatshirts. You will need to wear these for about a week to make sure you don't damage your nose by pulling clothes over your head.
- Be prepared to be stuck inside for a week. I personally didn't want to go in public with my splint on, but I could have. I made sure I had books and shows to watch and had friends over to chat with.
- Realize that your face may look a little different during the first couple of weeks following surgery. My top lip was heavy and thinner than usual, and one eye was droopier, I guess from anesthesia and nerves recovering. Everything is almost back to normal now. If you experience these things, don't freak out. It's just your body slowly recovering and trying to get back to normal. You will not look like that forever. Plus those things are really only noticeable to you, everyone else doesn't even see them.
- Most important: research doctors carefully and do NOT settle for just any surgeon. Even if you are excited and don't want to wait - trust me, it's worth it. I would recommend Dr. Joseph to anyone who wants a flawless experience and an incredible result.

3 years later!

I just wanted to post an update since it has been 3 years since my surgery. I am still immensely pleased with the outcome of my surgery and I can't even imagine if I handn't done it. I've had no issues with my nose at all, in fact I can breathe better than before the surgery. My nose changed a lot over the years and I feel it fits my face even better now than it did before. I've posted some photos from different angles so you can see what it looks like these days. Once again, I highly recommend Dr. Joseph!
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

When I met Dr. Joseph, he lived up to all of my expectations. He is funny, nice, caring, and spends plenty of time answering your questions. There was virtually no wait time. He put my mind at ease whenever I had a concern. Dr. Joseph uses computer imaging to show you what your new nose will resemble. After he simulated my new nose, he made sure to ask me if I loved it before we decided on what he would change. He never made me feel rushed or uncomfortable or stupid for asking a question. I decided that day to have my surgery on December 17th, during my winter break from school.

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