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I have always had big boobs. I remember being 11...

I have always had big boobs. I remember being 11 years old and showing my mom the stretch marks on my newly blossomed bosom. By 12, I was wearing her clothes and looking very womanly - exacerbated by my tendency for being chubby. Fast forward 30 years, I found myself trapped in a body topped by my 42h breasts. I had years of treatment for neck and back pain which only yielded temporary relief. I always wanted a reduction but felt I would not be a good candidate because I was overweight. It was also important to me to nurse any children I had. Last year (3 years after the birth of my beautiful daughter), I found a book about breast reductions which explained that weight loss often has minimal impact on breast size. I did more research and renewed my pursuit of physical fitness. I hired a trainer (a wonderful investment in myself) and started exercising (cardio and strength training) 6 times a week. Over the last 9 months I have reshaped by body and feel great. My breasts never changed. So in March, i started looking for a PS and sought coverage from my insurance company. I met with 3 PSs and had my surgery on May 22. I am hopeful that I am a D when I am fully recovered. I am excited to see how this transforms my body and self image. I am grateful to my husband who has been immensely supportive throughout this journey.

May 25 (3 days post op) --- feeling pretty good....

May 25 (3 days post op) --- feeling pretty good. Drains still in. Pain is manageable. Missing a shower. Will get my hub to wash my air later.

5/26 - 4 days post op-- feeling good overall. ...

5/26 - 4 days post op-- feeling good overall. Stepping down Percoset. Tired at times. Just trying to rest. Digestive system is back on track. My appetite is minimal. I got on the scale today and with clothes and drains I have a 7 pound weight loss. Wow.

5/29 -- 1 week post opp -- drains removed. ...

5/29 -- 1 week post opp -- drains removed. Didn't hurt, just a weird sensation. Took 20 seconds per side. Got to shower and put on regular clothes. Yeah!

5/31 - 9 days post op -- I am back to work, but...

5/31 - 9 days post op -- I am back to work, but only from home. Still observing precautions. Or trying too. It's hard because I feel pretty good through most of the day. I pause to nap in a recliner during lunchtime. Rest I know is still important. I basically poop out around 4pm.

Sleeping has been somewhat annoying. I am a side sleeper so being on my back has given me new back pain/ache. So I take Percocet to ensure a decent sleep.

Today a fun shopping excursion. I have to attend a black tie wedding in a few weeks. I found a great dress. And it was 2 sizes smaller than usual!! No matronly garb. Sexy sequins for me.

Tonight my boobs were a bit swollen. I put ice packs and had a rest after my swell shopping outing.

6/2 - 12 days post-op - Feeling better and better....

6/2 - 12 days post-op - Feeling better and better. Still get tired but over all can't complain. I am pretty sure I over did it today in terms of activity. I go back to work tomorrow at my office. Lots to get on track before the AM.

I have a 1 hour commute each way on a bus including a 10 minute walk. I will try to take a taxi tomorrow instead of the walking part. And I will use a wheelie bag to carry my things. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I saw my MIL who does not know I had surgery. She called me skinny. I don't think I have ever been described that way in my whole life. Luckily my 4 year old didn't spill the beans on the surgery. She doesn't know specifics but she told her whole day care that "mommy, had a boob boob on her chest. She had a surgery?"

6/7 -- 14 days post-op -- back to PS today for...

6/7 -- 14 days post-op -- back to PS today for follow up. He removed the original tape and i got a look at the scars -- which appear to be rather slight really. I'm very happy with what i am seeing so far in terms of scars. I got new tape and same instructions (bra 24/7 and sleep on back, etc.)

My breasts feel like they are sunburned at times. Mostly towards the end of the day. I am using ice for relief and tylenol. It is not debilitating, but it is annoying. I hope this goes away soon.

I also stopped at a good bra store and worked with a sale person to find another bra. It was quite interesting. I actually tried on a C cup bra! And it wasn't laughable! My breasts are still so firm, the cups on many bras didn't quite work, but I can see the possibility.

I also visited one of my personal trainers today to prove that I am alive and well..... can't wait to get back to working out. My body is aching for some activity!

On another matter, my insurance company is reporting a preliminary costs of more than $20,000 for the surgery, OR, etc. This doesn't reflect my coverage yet, but it looks like my out of pocket for anesthesia will be about $250. I have a high deductible, so I know I will owe $2,700 myself -- but considering the reduction was more than 1 kg (yes, that's 1000 grams) per breast... I am hopeful they continue to see the absolute necessity of this surgery.

My overall weight is down 10 pounds since prior to surgery -- half of that is boobs. Crazy.

June 24 -- one month, 2 days post op -- making...

June 24 -- one month, 2 days post op -- making progress and feeling much much better. Finally have all the tape off and don't have to wear the post surgical bra anymore. I actually got another fitting for bras yesterday -- at Nordstrom. All I can say ladies is: all bras fit differently -- I have one 40C bra, two 40D bras and one 38 DDD. Anyway you look at it... this is much improved from the old days of G/H. My breasts feel fairly normal to the touch, but I don't have any real sensation on the skin around the horizontal scars. I guess this will come in time. I don't really mind as i'm enjoying how I look so much more -- clothes look better, can consider other choices (though I basically gone from an Apple shape to a Pear shape -- don't have a clue what to wear.) But I put something on yesterday and thought... "i look sexy." All good stuff.
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I met with 3 surgeons. Felt most at ease with Dr B. and his office staff was great help too.

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