35 Yr Old, 5', 120lbs, Mom of 2, 450-500cc (?) -Finally Picked a Doctor

After a few not so great consults I went Dr. Peck,...

After a few not so great consults I went Dr. Peck, before him I was getting really discouraged that I was going to be able to find a doctor that made me comfortable, and confident in my decision. One doctor told me that I don't get to pick my size, and he goes right off the chart, and that ultimately the size wasn't my decision- it was his. That I shouldn't get HP unless I wanted to look like a stripper, and he pretty much only does moderate profile implants in the 350cc range. The other consult I went to the ladies who worked there made me feel very uncomfortable. Almost like I wasn't good enough to be there. It was all around an unpleasant experience.

When I went to see Dr. Peck, it was very professional right from the start. The ladies at the front desk greeted me with a smile, and were very knowledgable with any questions I had. I was brought into the room and before we did anything Dr. Peck asked me questions that no other doctor asked before. We discussed a mammography, and since I haven't have one yet he gave me a rx to get one before the surgery to have a baseline without implants in. I then got changed into a gown and he examined me, we discussed different options, lift vs. no lift, what my ultimate goal is, and how exactly I want to look. I let him know that I wanted to avoid a lift if at all possible, and he agreed that I could go either way, because my measurements were good. He was not pushy either way with it and we decided to do the BA first, and if a year or two down the road I want to get the lift, that is when it will be done. His financial specialist was also great. She explained everything 100%, and gave me her number if I had any other questions. I wasn't able to book the surgery yet because I plan on doing it in the new year (end of January/beginning of February) I am really excited to get my BA done and have such a great team by my side!

Surgery Scheduled! 2/21 :) What will I need?

I am super excited and a little nervous. I am looking for suggestions on post-op bras as well as what scar strips and other helpful things pre & post surgery that I'll need.

As far as a post-op bra, i've seen a bunch of people suggest this one by brilliant contours. http://brilliantcontours.com/shop/dragonfly-bra-collection/dragonfly-pink-compression-post-surgical-sports-bra/?gclid=Cj0KEQiAtqHEBRCNrdC6rYq9_oYBEiQAejvRl2ArDhuAU3wZZ1zSMxgVFJH_6rDJZiKEcefgJX_QMC8aAhwR8P8HAQ

Wish boobs- surgery scheduled 2/21!

Here are a bunch of my "Wish" boobs.

12 days out!

I've gotten all of my Pre-op testing and blood work done. Took a visit to Dr. Peck's office to square away the financials. I ordered 3 different brands of post-op bras. All 3 are really comfortable so hopefully I ordered them large enough to use post-op. I got my vitamins, silicone sheets and soft ice packs as well as some cute button down cardigans and zip-up hoodies.
I'm super excited and a little nervous. What if I go too big and look like a freak? What if I go with the smaller size and regret it? What if there are complications? Lots of things running through my head!

6 days out

I am 6 days out now, I told both jobs I would be out for a week. I hope it's enough time. It's not a long drive but it is 30 minutes to and from the office.
I've taken a bunch of before photos and will post them in another "before" post.

Anyone have the same or similar stats?
36 yrs , 5' 1/2" tall, 115-117lbs, 2 kids (bf both), current 32 B.
Dr ordered 400cc, 450cc & 500cc's I'm looking for photos of people my size/stature with similar size implants.

Before photos

Less than 2 days!

I think I have everything I'll need.
- Wedge pillow to keep me upright when I need to sleep.
- 4 different bras (I'm taking them all in with me day of, my Dr will use what he thinks is best)
- Arnica to help with bruising
- Ice packs
- comfortable open front shirts
- Metamucil for bloating/ constipation
- silicone sheets for scars (when they are ok'd by dr)
- body pillow

Am I forgetting anything?

Tomorrow's the day!!!

Headed to sleep and tomorrow afternoon I'll be all done ????
I'm really excited, and feel that I should be nervous but I'm not at all.

These are two more "before" photos in my favorite bathing suit. I lost about 15-20 lbs since last summer so it's too big now :(. Hopefully I can find a new one in a smaller size.

I'm on the other side!

This morning there was a cancellation so I got to go in earlier which was a nice surprise.
I ended up getting 500cc, mentor moderate-plus, under the muscle, inframmary incision. I feel pretty good today, just VERY sore. The best description I can say is it feels like I did 5000 push-ups. Under my armpits are most sore. I am staying on top of the pain by alternating the anti-inflammatory medication and half a Percocet every 3 hours.

My right side is more swollen than my left, but that's fairly common I guess. I go back for my week follow up next Tuesday to get my first set of stitches out.
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely LOVED Dr. Peck from the minute I met with him. He was very nice, and actually took the time to listen. The staff was all great, and really nice. They weren't stuffy, and made me feel 100% comfortable.

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