5' 117lbs, 500cc, Mentor mod+ under the muscle. 2/21/17

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After a few not so great consults I went Dr. Peck,...

After a few not so great consults I went Dr. Peck, before him I was getting really discouraged that I was going to be able to find a doctor that made me comfortable, and confident in my decision. One doctor told me that I don't get to pick my size, and he goes right off the chart, and that ultimately the size wasn't my decision- it was his. That I shouldn't get HP unless I wanted to look like a stripper, and he pretty much only does moderate profile implants in the 350cc range. The other consult I went to the ladies who worked there made me feel very uncomfortable. Almost like I wasn't good enough to be there. It was all around an unpleasant experience.

When I went to see Dr. Peck, it was very professional right from the start. The ladies at the front desk greeted me with a smile, and were very knowledgable with any questions I had. I was brought into the room and before we did anything Dr. Peck asked me questions that no other doctor asked before. We discussed a mammography, and since I haven't have one yet he gave me a rx to get one before the surgery to have a baseline without implants in. I then got changed into a gown and he examined me, we discussed different options, lift vs. no lift, what my ultimate goal is, and how exactly I want to look. I let him know that I wanted to avoid a lift if at all possible, and he agreed that I could go either way, because my measurements were good. He was not pushy either way with it and we decided to do the BA first, and if a year or two down the road I want to get the lift, that is when it will be done. His financial specialist was also great. She explained everything 100%, and gave me her number if I had any other questions. I wasn't able to book the surgery yet because I plan on doing it in the new year (end of January/beginning of February) I am really excited to get my BA done and have such a great team by my side!

Surgery Scheduled! 2/21 :) What will I need?

I am super excited and a little nervous. I am looking for suggestions on post-op bras as well as what scar strips and other helpful things pre & post surgery that I'll need.

As far as a post-op bra, i've seen a bunch of people suggest this one by brilliant contours. http://brilliantcontours.com/shop/dragonfly-bra-collection/dragonfly-pink-compression-post-surgical-sports-bra/?gclid=Cj0KEQiAtqHEBRCNrdC6rYq9_oYBEiQAejvRl2ArDhuAU3wZZ1zSMxgVFJH_6rDJZiKEcefgJX_QMC8aAhwR8P8HAQ

Wish boobs- surgery scheduled 2/21!

Here are a bunch of my "Wish" boobs.

12 days out!

I've gotten all of my Pre-op testing and blood work done. Took a visit to Dr. Peck's office to square away the financials. I ordered 3 different brands of post-op bras. All 3 are really comfortable so hopefully I ordered them large enough to use post-op. I got my vitamins, silicone sheets and soft ice packs as well as some cute button down cardigans and zip-up hoodies.
I'm super excited and a little nervous. What if I go too big and look like a freak? What if I go with the smaller size and regret it? What if there are complications? Lots of things running through my head!

6 days out

I am 6 days out now, I told both jobs I would be out for a week. I hope it's enough time. It's not a long drive but it is 30 minutes to and from the office.
I've taken a bunch of before photos and will post them in another "before" post.

Anyone have the same or similar stats?
36 yrs , 5' 1/2" tall, 115-117lbs, 2 kids (bf both), current 32 B.
Dr ordered 400cc, 450cc & 500cc's I'm looking for photos of people my size/stature with similar size implants.

Before photos

Less than 2 days!

I think I have everything I'll need.
- Wedge pillow to keep me upright when I need to sleep.
- 4 different bras (I'm taking them all in with me day of, my Dr will use what he thinks is best)
- Arnica to help with bruising
- Ice packs
- comfortable open front shirts
- Metamucil for bloating/ constipation
- silicone sheets for scars (when they are ok'd by dr)
- body pillow

Am I forgetting anything?

Tomorrow's the day!!!

Headed to sleep and tomorrow afternoon I'll be all done ????
I'm really excited, and feel that I should be nervous but I'm not at all.

These are two more "before" photos in my favorite bathing suit. I lost about 15-20 lbs since last summer so it's too big now :(. Hopefully I can find a new one in a smaller size.

I'm on the other side!

This morning there was a cancellation so I got to go in earlier which was a nice surprise.
I ended up getting 500cc, mentor moderate-plus, under the muscle, inframmary incision. I feel pretty good today, just VERY sore. The best description I can say is it feels like I did 5000 push-ups. Under my armpits are most sore. I am staying on top of the pain by alternating the anti-inflammatory medication and half a Percocet every 3 hours.

My right side is more swollen than my left, but that's fairly common I guess. I go back for my week follow up next Tuesday to get my first set of stitches out.

4 days post-op

They are dropping ever so slightly and I felt well enough to try on some clothes today. This is one of my favorite summer dresses, and before I looked completely flat. I am loving the way they look, even though they are still SO high and swollen.

5' 117lbs, 500cc, Mentor mod+ under the muscle

Surgery was a success! Dr Peck and his team were amazing, and I couldn't be happier. I am currently 5 days post-op and have A LOT of bruising (which I've already had a follow up about), but I'm starting to feel better every day.
I ended up getting Mentor 500cc mod+ implants, under the muscle, inframammary incisions. My right side seems to be dropping and feeling a bit softer a bit faster than the left. The left side has most of the bruising and is the side I'm getting the muscle spasms in. Thankfully I haven't had any yesterday or today. I've been walking a little bit every day and am anxious to get back into the gym but I know this is several weeks away.

2 week update

By the end of week one I was completely off all pain medication, including Tylenol. I felt well enough to got for a 3 mile walk everyday and it felt great.
I had my 1 week follow up and all was well. My bruising was still very severe at one week. More so on the left side than the right. My doctor checked me and said that I didn't need and drains or additional procedures and they would go away with time.

At the 2 week mark I've been going to the gym and doing an hour of cardio (stair master) a day. My doctor said that I was able to workout as long as I feel good and nothing hurts. I've been taking it very slow.

I forgot to mention that when I went in for surgery I was 117. The far after surgery I was SO bloated and went up to 124. Today 2 weeks & 3 days post op I'm down to 113.5. So the bloat does go away & then some!

2 months PO

They are fantastic and I'm so happy ????
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely LOVED Dr. Peck from the minute I met with him. He was very nice, and actually took the time to listen. The staff was all great, and really nice. They weren't stuffy, and made me feel 100% comfortable.

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