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I had been considering getting a BBL done for...

I had been considering getting a BBL done for sometime now. Wanted to get it done about four years ago when I had my first tummy tuck done, but was a little ashamed to ask the doctor about it at that time. So, this year my bff and I decided to get it done together after much research, we decided to consult with the doctor who had done my tummy tuck. After we spoke with him we were super siked. He told us that he shadowed the butt guru Dr. Mendieta, whom at the time we did not know anything about, but of course we went right home and looked him up and his results were awesome.

Now initially, all we wanted was a BBL, but when we talked to the doctor he told us that we would be much happier with the tummy tuck and BBL. My friend had never had anything done at this point and has two kids, I agreed that she would benefit from the tummy tuck and told her how happy I was with mine. Now, even though, I had a tummy tuck 4 years prior it was not as tight anymore due to some weight gain and a pregnancy so I was like okay I would get tt and BBL. So by the time we walked out of our consult we were both getting tt, bbl lipo of arms and inner thighs full abdomen, full back and flanks.

I thought that was a good deal for 8500 which included facility and anesthesia and blood work. I scheduled my surgery for March 16th and my friend was scheduled for March 9th. We talked on the phone everyday and stalked this site reading everyones stories and looking at their results. We were super excited. As my surgery date approached I started to feel like maybe I did not have enough fat to get the 1000cc each cheek that I was looking for. So I begin to try to gain weight. Everyone told me I had enough fat, but I know my body and I just did not feel like I had a whole lot of fat for him to remove. At the final consult I expressed my concern with my doctor and reassured me that I had enough fat and that I already had a decent butt and he could get me almost as big as implants. So I was good.

On the day of my surgery as I am being marked I am reminding the doctor that I want a shelf and a full round bottom with atleast 1000 ccs and he says well I dont know if I am going to be able to get 1000ccs off of you but I will get as much as I can. So at this point Iam just like what ever because we are already in the operating room. In addition he tells me that I am slightly anemic so hes taking special precautions because of that. I go to sleep and when I wake up OMG....I felt like a ton of bricks were sitting on my stomach. My stomach was so tight I could not even move. So after a lil while I finally get my self together and I start feeling my butt. Now I watched my friend a week before and her butt looked really heavy and she said it felt heavy too, I did not feel any heaviness, I felt some hardness at the top and through the middle but nothing at the bottom. When I spoke to my friend later on she broke the news to me that he was only able to put 650 ccs in each cheek. Immediately I was a lil disappointed because Ive seen 600 ccs on other people and it did not really make much of a difference.

When I got a chance to look at it later on, I was...

When I got a chance to look at it later on, I was surprised at how shapely the doc was able to get me with only 600cc's. I would say I was satisfied for the first week and a half. Here I am six weeks later and all the swelling has gone down and I guess some absorption has taken place and I just really dont know how I feel. Some days Im like I like it and others Im like I cant really tell the difference. It was worth it because overall I look alot better then before, but at the same time I can see areas where the doc could have done alot better. There are areas on my back and especially my arms where he could have lipoed much more to get more fat for my bottom. I am considering doing this a second time, but I would really like to speak to someone who went for a second round to see if its even worth it. I am also going to talk to my doctor to get his opinion, even though if I do get it done again it will not be with him. I am going to try to post some before and afters, had no intentions on creating a profile on here so I dont have many before pictures but I will see what I can find.

So its been 7 weeks and I am very happy with my...

So its been 7 weeks and I am very happy with my results. I am still dealing with alot of swelling though, going to see the doc next week to talk to him about that, but other than that I am feeling great. I know my results will only get better over time. I will be starting the gym on Monday,

I am now about 9 weeks post op and I absolutely...

I am now about 9 weeks post op and I absolutely love, love, love my new body. Saw my doc today, had to get some fluid drained from my belly and he advised me to get into a tighter garment.TI got my before pics from the office and I must say my doctor did an amazing job. I spoke to him briefly today about doing a touch up or round 2, he said it could definitely be done but wants me to wait the full recovery time. He says he put fat in the muscle which will grow. So my butt will be getting BIGGER :-).
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