37, Had the Gastric Sleeve Three Years Ago and Lost 90lbs. I'm Scheduled for a Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck and Arm Lift.

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Three years ago I had the gastric sleeve after...

Three years ago I had the gastric sleeve after battling with my weight all my life. I have been seen by two surgeons Dr. Ritota and Dr. Sanjay Lalla. I decided to go with Dr. Lalla after seeing his work in person. A friend of my mother's had some work done by him two years ago. When I met with Dr. Lalla, it felt like I was talking with a friend and his staff was super nice. My surgery date is 1/4/17, I'm starting the new year off with finally getting the body I have always been fighting for. I don't like be lying if I didn't say I was nervous, I afraid of having surgery again and I'm scared I won't get the results I'm looking for. I gained 20lbs in the last month to help provide enough fat for my bbl. I'm so glad I found this site, it has been amazing. I'm learning so much about the post-op and you ladies look amazing. I pray my results come out amazing as well. I will post some pre-op pics before my surgery. The countdown begins, I almost have less than a month to go...

30 Days to go!

I am so excited, I have literally 30 days left. Roger my surgery. I'm praying that I get clear by my PCP and my cardiologist. Going to get my blood work done in the morning.

Pre-Op Appointment

Today was my pre-op appointment. My bloodwork is good but I need to see if I can get my blood count up from 11.3, so I will be taking iron pills and eating more red meat. I got my scripts, going to see about getting them filled tomorrow. I have my booty buddy, gauze and neosparin. I want to see if I can lose at least ten pounds prior to my surgery. I was told that I need to but the doctor told me I would. E ok with losing 10lbs and he would have enough to use for the fat transfer. I'm getting excited and I'm a little nervous. Literally have about three weeks before my surgery. 1-4-17, here I come.

Got my Meds!!!

Today, I picked up my meds. I was a little upset because my surgeon prescribed zolfran for nausea in the amount of 20 pills but my insurance will only cover 9 pills in a 30 day period. My insurance sucks!!! I'm worried because when I had my gastric sleeve I suffered from severe nausea and I needed up staying in the hospital for 6 days. They prescribed zolfran then and it really helped me.

Pre-Opt pics

Had my mom take some new pre-op pics because the ones I took weren't too clear.

Two weeks to go!!!

I'm laying in my bed, watching television and I realize that in two weeks I will be transforming my body. I'm nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. I pray that God takes me into the surgery and brings me out of the surgery with great results living up to my expectations and a speedy recovery.

Medical Clearance

Today I met with my PCP and he cleared me for surgery without hesitation. The letter will be sent to my surgeon tomorrow. Now, I just have fo be cleared by my cardiologist.

It's getting real!!!

Today I went to my cardiologist and he cleared me surgery. And I went to go get my garments, for my tummy tuck, bbl and arm lift. I didn't end up getting the garment in the pic, it had too much room in it. I ended up with a faja that had the three set of hooks, so as the swelling went down, the size of my faja would go down to. It really gave me some idea of what my body will look like after surgery but I know it will look even better. 1-4-17 here I come!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

I'm so excited!!! I cannot believe that January 4, 2017 is next Wednesday. I just have to finish this week and work and I'll start preparing for my new body. I've been waiting for this since I was about 25/26. I am so happy that I'm able to get it done, the best Christmas present I can give myself.

Bikini Beware!!!

Today I did a little shopping for post surgery supplies and a little post surgery bikini. I've never worn or owned a bikini bin my life but I was inspired to get one today so I could take pre-op pics and compare it to post-op pics. My count down has begun and I am so excited for my surgery.

One week and counting...

Next week this time, I will be recovering on the flat side. I'm so excited!!!


I'll be honest I'm getting a little scared and having all these negative thoughts.... I'm just staying prayed up, I God controls everything and I just have to have faith.

2 more days...

I have two days left before my surgery. The hospital called today to get some pre-admission info from me. I am so nervous, I'm praying that everything goes well with my surgery and I come out of anesthesia without any complications and that I get the results I hoping for in my mind. I've prayed for my surgeon and everyone involved in my procedure and for me. I've been waiting for this for a long time. It's my time, 2017 is going to be amazing for me!!! I got some haters but wait until they see my results once I'm all healed up, they really going to hate then. I got all my supplies together and I have my bag packed for the hospital. Pray for me!

My nerves are on 10!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!! Yikes!!! Praying that God touches Evan and everyone, instrument that is apart of my procedure tomorrow. I pray that my stomach, butt and arms come out the way I imagine in the mind and the pain is not as great as I have conjured it to be in my mind.

I received a new swimsuit in the mail for post op.

I hope this looks better on me in the coming weeks... Sorry, I still had my bra on. Lol

Today is the THE DAY!!!

I'm in the pre-op room waiting for Dr. Lalla to come mark me up. I'm all set to go! Praying...

Made it to the flat side!!

Hello dolls, am officially in the flat side. Stayed in the hospital over night. It was a difficult night but it's worth it in the end. I know it's going to take some time to see my results but I've already noticed it. I'm having side effects due to the pain meds, so I have to take Benadryl along with my medication.

Not a good day!

Not feeling so well today. My fever went up to 100.4. The pain and side effects from the pain meds are driving me crazy..., And don't let me forget about the drains, the good thing is I barely have any fluid in my drains and they get taken out on Thursday at my first post op appointment and I can't wait until I put on my garment and take off my binder. I will update photos on Thursday as I fearful my butt wont come out the way I want it bc I have to lay on my sides.

I haven't posted in a few weeks...

Well, things are starting to turn around. I just have to take it day by day. I had fluid removed from my stomach and arms this week. I will have to have fluid removed from my stomach next week as well. My PS feels that I am healing well and my incision look good. I've just have had a hard time medically but I'm pressing on and doing what I need to do to staff hydrated and out of the ER.


Took off my bandages to take my shower and this is what I saw. I almost fainted when I saw this.

Doing much better

Well, it's been a difficult recovery but I am glad I've turned a corner now. Feeling more like me, although I have some other medical stuff going on. I went back to work on 2/7/17. The first week back was rough, a lot of pain from all the walking and moving I had to do. I can really see my results and I'm finally eating. I posted two pics, they are not the best but you can see a difference from the before and now. I will post better pics later.

3 months!

Things are going well. I still have swelling in my stomach. I wear a medium faja now with a boats but I'm going to have to get a smaller faja to compress the swelling in my abdomen. I wish my butt was shaped more, I will be adding to it. In this pic I have no garment on, just my spanx. I do wear my faja everyday faithfully.
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I have meet with Dr. Sanjay Lalla twice at his West Orange, NJ location. I have my last appt before surgery on 12/12/16, all interactions with him and his staff have been wornderful.

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