Silikon 1000 -- Under Eyes, Lips and Indent Below Corners of Mouth - West Orange, NJ

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I've had fat injected in lips. It looked great,...

I've had fat injected in lips. It looked great, but didn't stay. I don't like the lip implants and I don't want to keep doing it.

I thought about fat injected in the eye under eye area, but it seems so expensive. I don't have time to wait and save. I need something done now. If anyone knows of someone who does a fabulous job with under eyes with fat for a reasonable fee, please post below.

I am ready to do this now, so as soon as I hear back from Eric's office, I will be going there and having it done.

Please feel free to post any helpful information. Thanks. :-)

Evaluating Options

Okay so I went from being ready to book it and do it to back up and really weigh my options. I have heard from a few woman who have had great experiences but I have heard from a few who have said that after time the injections do drop and migrate. I have seen pictures too. I am now thinking that maybe it will be an option for the upper lip as there is really no where for it to go, especially if you keep it in the center-so it could only move to the rest of the lip. The pics ive seen of the stuff going below the lip (although it didn't look too too bad) it is not something I want to risk-even 10 years down the road. I am very grateful to all those sharing their stories. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say thank you for that because sharing our journeys helps others.

Lips: filler, silikon 1000, implants, fat, tissue (dermal matrix), etc.

I'm not so focused on the price as I am the permanence. I would rather have a permanent result (once we decide upon the look/amount of fill). I am now considering tissue implant. I hate the regular implants as they look weird. They don't provide the shape I think looks right. Some get lucky I guess, but I don't like it. I am thinking of dermal matrix type material or even my own tissue. Not sure yet, but still looking. Any input is valued. I appreciate it all. Let's just stay respectful of others on this thread please. Thank you.
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