After years of waiting, finally had my labiaplasty

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Hi I have wanted this procedure since I was very...


I have wanted this procedure since I was very young (am now 21). I am now in the financial position to be able to do this so am currently exploring my options and having consultations! I have had one consultation so far but wasn't pleased with the surgeon he rushed me in and out and it seems that the company are more about commission/getting your commitment than about results. Got another consultation on Friday with a very well renowned surgeon who is highly sought after for this procedure - fairly sure that I'm going to go ahead and book the treatment on Friday, all being well - exciting!!! Will keep people updated on here :). I am not intending on telling my mum that I'll be having this treatment, only my boyfriend. However she is going to be very confused and interested as to why I am using a week of annual leave and not doing anything, she will also be highly suspicious of me being in bed and in obvious pain. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding this or ideas of other medical procedures I could say I'd had done that would yield similar results on my behaviour?? Thanks in advance!

Booked in!

So I am finally booked in for my surgery on the 17th March! I'm really excited but also fairly nervous - I've never had an operation before and I feel faint even from a flu jab. The desire for having this procedure however, far outweighs the nerves so I'm hoping I won't be too much of a state on the day. I also plucked up the courage to tell my Mum. I sent her a long text and she said she loves and respects me no matter what and that she was chuffed I'd told her. We've also had a deep chat in person now and I've answered all of her questions, she is a bit worried that I still won't be satisfied and is horrified at the cost but hasn't tried to talk me out of it, in fact she's hugely supportive! She was also really upset that I've felt this way for so long and haven't ever been able to discuss it with her. I've had all my letters through now and feel a bit daunted by the contract to sign - did anybody else feel this way? I feel like it's a bit business-like now, rather than caring, for example having to sign to say we've discussed our expectation of results etc. What do I do if I'm not happy afterwards now?! Not sure if it's just me being silly because I'm the type of person to worry about everything, I suppose this is standard procedure for any private surgery! Anyway, counting down the days :)

Had my labiaplasty yesterday

I had the procedure about 30 hours ago now! I was so so so scared but all the staff were amazing and really put me at ease. It was painful yesterday, but I haven't had any painkillers today - just iced ALL day and I can't believe how much the swelling has reduced! Photo is from last night so about 12 hours after the procedure, sorry for all the blood it was way too sore to clean though! The sorest part is at the front where the clitoral hood was hugely reduced :) very happy so far.

Worried - what is this?

On one side, there is what looks like a lump of blood (as seen in the pic). It's not a scab, it's soft, but I have no idea what it is. It doesn't 'wash off' and if I dab it with tissue or a cotton bud, it just leaves a bloody mark and doesn't clean off. Is this a gap? There's no visible 'hole' but I'm struggling to understand what else it could be! My surgeon isn't worried but I just don't understand what it is and am worried that this will affect the final image.

Day 14... Can't believe the improvement

It looks so much better already and still a long way to go! Can't wait for the end result :). One side is slightly more swollen as it had to be restitched on day 5 as a blood clot had formed and pushed the stitches apart. As a result, it is 5 days behind in the healing process and still catching up! I had a trim method and a v wedge clitoral hood reduction. Had a check up on Tuesday (1 week since the restitch) and been cleared to take baths and start using bio oil/coconut oil! My stitches are all starting to dissolve and hanging down so am anticipating further reduction in swelling following this too. Overall very happy so far.

It's been 9 weeks!

I am so thrilled with my result and it's not even finished healing yet. It didn't change for a while, but Over the past week it has been getting smaller every single day! The inner labia are hidden - I have held it apart slightly in order to take this pic :) would highly recommend this procedure.
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