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About how long do you think it would take for my...

About how long do you think it would take for my Fast braces to close my spaces? I got them November 5 2015 and I had the space at the top but the space below just opened up.I reall dont want to wear braces for a very long time. Also are dental assistant a suppose to put braces on patients? My dentist never do anything but check my mouth and I'm worried cause my teeth are moving slow.And whenever her assitant drills my mouth I have white stains on my teeth. After thread braces come off I would need my teeth to whighten bad she suggested whightening trays.And I don't have braces on all of my teeth.Do I get power chain's put on with my Fast braces I heard they close spaces faster.I'm 22 years old and I've never had perfect teeth.

Teeth update

My first powerchain my teeth moved fast this is the first picture single powerchain on top teeth gap closing below.Just thought I'll update if people are thinking about getting braces.

Double powerchain on top braces ouch!!!!

These are double powerchain and they hurt and my gums are swollen all the time.Whenever they get put on my teeth hurt so bad but they move so quick.

Braces tightened painful

I had my braces tightened and it was painful.Double power chains hurt so bad I had tears coming out of my eyes but they got my teeth looking good. This is my third time wearing power chains but my second time wearing the double chains.


Braces update had to remove powerchains then get them back on.

Powerchains back on top and bottom

Powerchains back teeth have came along way. I hope I have these for at least just 4 more months so I can bleach my teeth.At first I was doubtful because it seems as everything was getting worse and my teeth was moving to slow.Everything takes time so I'm going to be patient. These are fast braces so they will be on for a year in November. Some people have their fast braces on for 6months to a year.Some of my teeth seem small like I would need gum contouring.I would just wait and see.

braces update

here is an update on my teeth.They were really worse at first.Only problem I have now is that on one side of my mouth my top teeth see. to be pushed up making my teeth seem small.Also my gums are so puffy and seem like they need to be cut down.My teeth is so sore because the dentist filed my teeth.I don't even know if my dentist know what she is doing.I didn't know that fast braces was a box kit.My dentist had to call and ask the company fast braces what to do to my braces.I didn't like that .

Got all my cash for married surgery

I got everything saved for surgery im married going to buy dirt stuff i want to lose some weight and go have surgery in june thats when
My classes are over also i will like a nose job and small chin implant through my mouth cause i scar so bad after my bbl and tummy tuck
And boob job.who is affordable and good in the United States i plan on going with medina in the Dominican republic cause she board certified on our website. Do our surgeons over in the united states use epidurals for bbl? I want to be safe as going to start buying all my surgery stuff next month.
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