55 and Finally Doing Braces - West Kelowna, BC

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My oldest son is getting married next year and I...

My oldest son is getting married next year and I wanted to smile for all the pictures without feeling conscious of my overbite and slight overcrowding. I just wanted to do this for myself as I am a single Mom raising 5 boys on my own and have always put myself last. This is for me.
Wednesday, June 4,2014 was the day I went in to have the attachments put on and received my first tray. I opted to use Acceledent as I was told that it would speed up my treatment and if i wanted my teeth done in time for my son's wedding, it would be necessary.
For the first day or so, I was expecting to be very uncomfortable with the trays in my mouth, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't seem that bad. However there were times that I was very aware that they were there and was tempted to yank them out! lol But I resisted that urge and would tell myself that I didn't put forth all that money just to throw it down the drain.
I will be inserting my 2nd tray on June 11th and I'm eager to see an improvement somewhere along the way.I will post pictures sometime in the near future and update my experience as it goes

Tip for removing liners

This is what I have found thus far to work for ease of removing liners. I have been reading that a lot of people find it difficult to remove the liners based on the fact that they have soft fingernails. I discovered that using the rounded end of my toothbrush works great for this. :)

My Journey thus far

This is my Journey thus far: 

I'm about 1 and 1/2 weeks into treatment. There were some moments in that 1st week where I questioned what the heck I was doing! lol. All of the brushing, the moments where I wanted to rip them out of mouth because I didn't like those "things " sitting in my mouth, but I persevered. 

When I was supposed to insert the trays for week 2, I found that the upper tray was fitting fine, but for the life of me, I couldn't get the lower tray to fit on. I also came to the realization that I had not been wearing the bottom tray correctly for about 3-4 days. What I mean by that is , I have a tooth on the far left of my mouth that is turned inwards and whenever I put the tray in , there seemed to have been a ridge there that I thought was supposed to be there but I now realize that the tray was not fitting tightly over that particular tooth, as it was the tooth farthest to the left on that side. I panicked a bit as I thought because the tooth perhaps had not moved slightly as it was intended ,I wasn't able to fit this tray on. It seemed impossible no matter how hard I tried! 

I decided that I should go see the orthodontist but then thought well I'll continue to wear the 1st week tray properly fitted for a day or two extra, then that tray again. The next day, I succeeded in getting the tray on, properly I might add, but then I was afraid to take it out for fear of not being able to get it back in! lol. However, I'm happy to say that tray now comes out and pops back in effortlessly as I become more skilled at removing them and putting them back in. I must say though that I've pinched the inside of my mouth a few times doing so but that's all part of the journey, I guess. 

I know feel more comfortable with them in and the good news is, people don't even notice that they are there!! I look forward to being able to post pictures, with the help of my computer literate sons, of course. Good to see more of other patients who are older, getting Invisilign.

Dr. Jeff Stewart

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