31, 2 Kids, 5'1 & 116lbs TT W/ Hernia and Muscle Repair &BA - West Hollywood, CA

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I have my pre-op apt next week so I am ready to...

I have my pre-op apt next week so I am ready to start really getting ready for this surgery. I have decided to go with Dr. Bruno. I consulted with other surgeons but I knew he was "the one" right away. I am super excited and ready to get my body somewhat back to what it was before I had my babies. I know I will still have stretch marks left over. I have them above my belly button right now. My first child was over 9lbs and I looked like I was having twins. It was insane. I was ALL belly. I have a small hernia and I can feel my intestines near my belly button poking through sometimes. It's so gross. SO gross. I just want a flat belly again. I'm getting a BA as well but I won't be showing much of that on here.

A few pics of my belly

Here's what I'm left with after babies. My stretch marks/wrinkled skin goes up pretty far. :(

Had my pre-op today!

Went to see Dr. Bruno for my pre-op appointment! My surgery is still almost a month away but I am glad I went in. I had a few questions and it was just nice to have hubby come with me and hear what will happen and help me pick out an implant size. He actually wasn't much help though. Lol I'm still torn between 286cc and 304cc. I don't want big boobies. I'm short and I don't want to be top heavy. The difference between 286 and 304 is not much at all so whichever one I end up with will be fine I'm sure.

I asked Dr. Bruno where thinks my scar should end up and it should be super low. I am very excited about that. I'm going to go buy a bikini (cringe) and wear it the day of so he can mark me and be sure the incision will be hidden. I can't imagine myself with a flat tummy. It's been so long. It makes me want to cry just thinking about not sucking in my stomach all the time and being able to wear a fitted shirt with confidence.

I am going to get my blood work done a little early because I'm concerned that my hemoglobin levels might be kinda low so I want to be sure I leave myself some time to bring it up if I need to. I'm a worrier like that.

I am going to keep taking my multivitamin and vitamin C. I will pick up some Arnica and Bromelain this weekend along with a wedge pillow and a few either things.

I have stopped dieting. Actually, I have been eating more than usual lately which is not good. I know it's nerves but I need to stop it.

I forgot to ask when I should stop shaving. Anyone know?

3 weeks left!

I am starting to have some serious anxiety. My heart flutters. I spoke with my mom today and we've decided on not having her come down to help me after surgery. Sounds like a crazy decision but she doesn't have much vacation time and I want her to visit when I am up and moving. Hubby will have to take care of me and the kids on his own. My SIL will help out too if I ever need it. I'm going to make an appointment to get the blood work done next week. It's getting so close. OMG. I need to clean my house. I still can't decide if I should rent a hospital bed or not.

My body hates me lol

So...I ovulated a little late this month which means I am most likely going to be on my period during my surgery. WTF. I was so happy because I just knew I wasn't going to have to deal with that problem but my body betrayed me. lol Maybe I'll still get lucky. Fingers crossed!

I have started cleaning and throwing out clothes that I will never wear again to make room for the new ones I will finally be able to wear without looking pregnant. Yay!

I tried on rice sizers for the millionth time and they just look so huge to me. Even the sizers at the my PS's office look huge. It's not like I am choosing a large implant either. I think the CCs are going to go a long way on my short body. Hoping it won't be so bad once implanted under the muscle. I will try to post a pic later of the rice sizers.

Blood work done and question about TT pain

Another thing checked off my to-do list! Fingers crossed nothing is wrong with me!

So I've been wondering what type of pain I can expect from a tummy tuck. I know there's probably some burning at the drain and incision site. I know it will feel like I've done a million crunches too. Is there anything else?? Throbbing? Stabbing? Menstrual cramp feeling? Just curious.

I've been doing lots of weighted squats lately so I can get my legs ready to help me out since my abs will be of no use. I'm sore but it feels great. I haven't done sit ups in years because I didn't want to make my muscle separation worse but should I be doing them now? Will it help or hurt?

Time is flying!!!!

WOW. Usually when I am excited about something, time moves so slow. That is not what is happening here. I can't believe how fast these days are coming and going. I've just been finishing up my house cleaning and shopping. It's crazy how much the little things add up. I am spending more than I thought I would. Oh well I guess. I'd rather be over prepared.

Friday is my birthday and then I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. Sunday I go to Legoland and I'll get home Monday. Being busy is good. I am going crazy in my head overthinking every little detail. I need some time to play and relax. I still can't believe I am getting this done. I am so grateful. :)

How am I supposed to get up from a reclined or sitting position without my abs or upper body? Will my BA really hurt that much to where I can't use my arms. I am really trying to understand how this is going to go. lol My poor hubby has his work cut out for him.

Hope everyone is doing well!

It's my birthday!

I'm 32! :) I'm sitting in the nail salon about to get a mani/pedi. I have a busy weekend and I'm looking forward to it. AF came yesterday so by my surgery date, it will be gone or close to it. I was stressing about it. That would have been not much fun. Saying I've been a complete biotch these past few days is an understatement. Hormonal and stressed out is not a good look on me, but I'm back to normal now. I'm sure my family is very happy.

Those of you that have your surgery in the days before me, you are in my thoughts!!

Tomorrow is the day!

I am finishing up my house cleaning today. I hope it will keep my mind busy. I am very nervous and scared for tomorrow. I deal with anxiety on an every day basis anyway so I am really freaking out about this but I am ready to get it over with. I have a slight tickle in my throat that periodically makes me cough very lightly but otherwise I feel fine. Just scared of coughing after my tummy tuck. I have not heard good things about that. Lol

I'm eating very light today. Mostly drinking fluids. I started taking a stool softener now because I know first hand how awful constipation is after surgery. It was more painful than the c-section I had. Waaaay more painful. I never want to experience that again.

I hope you all keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. I'm sure I'll update again in the morning if I can get my hands to stop shaking long enough. ;)

Flat tummy and have boobies!!

I'm home! Surgery went well. I love my PS. I was so nervous but he put me at ease. I haven't seen anything yet but one of the nurses told me I will love my results!! Thanks for thinking of me today. I will update with pics and more details as soon as I can. I am not in much pain but I'm loopy as hell. Lol falling asleep.....

Boobs feel ginormous! Lol

Hubby keeps staring at my chest. He's a happy guy. He says he's a butt man but I think he was just being nice all these years since I had no boobies. I know they are swollen and will go down some but I'm happy so far! I got 304cc midrange silicone.

OMG my PS is amazing!!

Just got back from seeing Dr. Bruno and I got to see my tummy for the first time. I am SO happy!!!! Beyond thrilled at my results. I wanted to cry. My PS is seriously amazing at what he does. So happy I chose him.

OMG don't cough

At my post-op appointment yesterday, I asked my PS about muscle relaxers. I am not having much pain but I am tight so I thought maybe I could get off the narcotic and just try a muscle relaxant. My PS warned me that it's like a sedative but in my head I was thinking that's great. I need sleep. Well, when I got home, I took one and I've never been that drowsy and out of it in my life. I was nauseous and just feeling miserable. I felt more pain in my body than I had ever felt. I woke up out of nowhere and coughed. I thought my stomach was going to burst open. It hurt so bad. I was too drowsy to cry about it though. Lol I will never take those pils again. I'm still trying not to take the narcotic so I've had tylenol today so far. I feel good. My back just hurts when I walk. I'm going to attempt a shower later today and I'll post some more pictures if I'm up to it.

Another day stuck on the couch

I'm so happy but damn it I'm bored. I'm walking straighter but not enough to relieve the back ache. I am trying to stay positive and think of the weeks ahead when I can drive and be independent again.

My doctor sent me an Edible Arrangement yesterday. That was very nice! :) My appetite is coming back but I can't eat much without feeling like I'm going to burst open. It's not a good feeling. I'm too happy about my body to be depressed but I can see how this healing process can really bring a person down. My kids are being very helpful and sweet. I know it's not easy for them to see me like this. DH went and bought them some new toys yesterday. I am going to buy them thank you presents because they've been my little nurses from day 1, especially my 8 year old.

Hubby is tired lol

My DH is now understanding how exhausting it is to take care of kids all day. He's done it a day or two at a time but never this long. He keeps asking me how I do it all the time. I told him now he will understand why I can go to Target for 2 hours and come home with nothing. Lol He just left to go get a drink with his friends. Hahaha! I knew he'd need a little break so I'm happy he's going out. He's trying really hard and I adore him for it.

I'm feeling really good but still hunched. My son starts 3rd grade tomorrow and I'm sad I won't be able to take him but he understands. :(

Thursday can't come fast enough! Please take these drains out, Dr. Bruno! I'm barely draining anything so I'm hopeful they will come be removed. Fingers crossed. Hope everyone is doing well. :)

A few pics

Love my little belly button so far. :) scars seems nice and low and my stretch marks are light and pretty low.

One week post op and drain free!!

It didn't hurt at all. It just felt really weird. What did hurt was getting stitches out of my boob crease but I loooove my boobies so it was all worth it. They don't look crazy like I thought they would at first. I think it's called frankenboob. They just have a lot of upper pole fullness which I know will settle down and I can't wait for that. I'm cleared to drive but I'm way to tired and still hunched to think about shopping right now. Hopefully by Sunday I will be standing straight and I get some cute tops to hide this binder and some pretty bralettes to torture DH. ;)

2 weeks post-op!

Yay! 2 weeks down already! I feel great and I'm walking straighter but I still hunch a little bit which is a bummer. I am thrilled with my results so I will not complain about it. :) I peeled off all of the tape from my tummy incision but the boobie tape is still there. I can barely see under my breasts so I will have to have DH do it. I'm afraid because he is NOT a gentle person, even when he tries. Lol

My TT incision looks good. It's a little high on the sides but I don't mind at all. Hopefully it will come down once I'm standing straight and my tummy settles but if not, I was planning on getting a tattooed on my hips anyway when I get the OK from my ps.

My breasts are looking good. I love the size. They look amazing in a tank top. They are still a bit hard of course but they are starting to soften up. My right breast incision has been burning and just bugging me but it feels fine since yesterday. I hope it stays that way. I was starting to get worried. My nipples are very sensitive. It reminds me of when I was breastfeeding.

At this point in my recovery, I'm focusing on sleeper flatter so I can stand up straighter. Anyone else miss the arch in their back? Even when I stand up all the way, I still look weird without that little dip in my back. I hope it doesn't take months to return.

Coughing doesn't hurt anymore. Neither does laughing unless it's one of those deep belly laughs that catch me off guard and I can't stop. Still worth the pain. I love laughing. I have yet to sneeze fully. I did a half sneeze and that hurt so I can't imagine a full one. I make the sneeze stop as soon as I feel that tingle in my nose. I refuse to let it come out.

Looking forward to the weeks to come! It will only get better!

3 weeks post-op!

I woke up so flat today. It got me excited and in the best mood. I am absolutely in love with my results so far. My TT incision is looking much better. It doesn't scare me to look at it anymore. My belly button is kind of small but I think it's cute. I hope it doesn't get smaller. I'll have to ask my ps about the earplug or marble trick to keep it open. It still has a little crust in it but it's slowly going away. I am just letting the soapy water from my shower run down into it and putting on a little ointment before I get dressed. My left over stretch marks are light but I do have quite a bit of them. I don't care. They don't look bad and I knew I would have some left because of how high they were above my belly button before the surgery.

As far as the girls up top go, they are beautiful. I can't believe they are mine. I almost started crying yesterday when I was massaging them in the mirror. Lol yes, I am a little hormonal this week but still....I LOVE THEM!! They are form but are slowly dropping and getting softer each day. With the right bra, I am confident I will be able to have some amazing cleavage for those nights out with DH. :) I'm waiting for my visit to VS for a fitting until after I turn 6 weeks post-op. I went and bought some comfy bras at Ross for like $4 yesterday. They are awesome! Anyone else feel like their boobs are sunburnt or just raw? It's not so bad anymore but for about a week they were really hurting just from my bra touching them. Ouch.

Speaking of ouch...Anytime I eat something greasy, my stomach hurts SO bad. Omg it feels like someone is twisting and squeezing my intestines. No more fries for me. It's not worth the pain. I thought I was going to die last night after I snuck some fries off my son's plate. I should have learned my lesson the first time I had some post-op. They are my weakness though. Also, I find that anytime I have coffee, I get heartburn. I never had that issue before. Kinda sucks but I've been wanting to kick my caffeine habit for years so I guess this is a good thing, right?

Hubby is done babying me so I have been doing more around the house but my 8 year old is helping a lot. He vacuums and helps with laundry so I don't have to bend a million times. I haven't been as lazy so by the end of the day, my spot on the couch feels soooo good. I normally go to sleep at 1 or 2am but I've been falling asleep at 11pm. I'm exhausted. I can't imagine having to go to work. I feel for those of you that do.

Overall, 3 weeks post-op is a good place to be. I'm feeling human again. I am able to stand up to shower, deep condition and flat iron my hair (3 hour process from start to finish) and put on makeup. Thank goodness!!

I am sorry if some pics turn out sideways. I don't know why that happened.

Cupid CG

I picked up this Cupid Waist Cincher from Walmart today for about $13. The binder my PS gave me is so bulky and now that I'm out running errands most days, I needed something sleeker under my clothes. So far this feels great. It's long on me (I'm 5'1") and the boning hits my thighs when I sit but it doesn't bother me...yet. For $13 I am happy and I will buy another one. I'm still wearing my binder from my PS when I am home. If anyone has some inexpensive CG recommendations, that would be awesome. I don't want to spend a lot on one. I would rather spend that money on clothes and bras :)

4 weeks post-op

I'm finally standing straight . I'm also back in my bed upstairs. I sleep with a pillow on my stomach for a little protection. I'm looking forward to sleeping on my side and stomach again. I am not a back sleeper.

My oldest son started school and already brought home a cold. I caught it, unfortunately.
I don't normally get sick from my kids but I kind of expected I would this time. I tried to stop the sneezing and it worked for 2 days but I let one slip by and now I can't seem to stop them anymore. It effing hurts!! I apply pressure to my stomach when it happens and it helps but it still sucks. Of course, I check my stomach all the time now to see if I have popped a suture. It certainly feels like it could be possible. Seriously, it hurts. I can't imagine sneezing right away after surgery. Screw that.

I am due to start my period in the next week or so and I'm HUNGRY. Lol I'm eating small amounts but I swear I'm always eating. That doesn't help the bloating that I normally get around this time plus any swelling that is a result of the TT. Basically I feel chunky EVERYWHERE and I am moody. :( Give me chocolate.

I am going back to the gym on Monday. I'm just going to walk on the treadmill but it will feel good to get back into the gym now that I am standing completely upright. So happy about that.

My breasts are getting soft and squishy. My right side (dominant) is a bit tighter and looks smaller than my left but I know with time and patience it will get better. They were not symmetrical before surgery so I am not expecting perfection but I do hope they even out a bit more.

This is such a long process. I'm very happy to be 4 weeks post-op already and things are going so well as far as healing goes but it's true when you hear this process is an emotional roller coaster.

5 weeks (plus a day) post-op

Things are going well even though my belly button is still crusty. I can tell it's getting better but it's a very slow process. Not too concerned. I'll just put some dermablend on it if it scars dark and funky.

Sneezing doesn't hurt. I can sleep on my side. I've been getting the best sleep lately.

My TT incision is healing beautifully. It hides perfectly within my underwear. The right side seemed a bit high at first but now it's fine.

So, I'm very sensitive to carbs and I've been eating way to many since surgery. I'm huge right now. Time to buckle down and eat right before the holidays come because I always gain 5-7lbs. Hopefully I'll be cleared to diet when I go to my post-op appointment next week. I'm going to ask when I can ditch the compression garments. I hate them. I will wear them to bed and to workout but I'm ready to be free for most of the day.

My boobies are getting squishy and it's so fun to massage them now. Lol I'm weird. They are easily hidden in clothes and I can see why many women wish they went bigger, however, I am completely happy with them. In fact, I could have gone smaller and I would still be happy. Too bad my nipples like to show through my tank tops all the time now so I am sporting silicone nipple shields until they calm down. Lol

Can't believe it will be 6 weeks post-op next time I update! Crazy!

6 weeks post op

I saw my PS on Tuesday and I have been cleared to burn my compression garments! Okay, maybe he didn't say it like that but that's what I pictured in my head when he said I no longer need to wear them.

I can begin to exercise but of course I have to ease into things. I just want to get on the elliptical and sweat my butt off. He told me I didn't need to do ab work ever again. I can't thank you enough for that, Dr. Bruno. :) He also said I can diet again, but I have to keep my protein intake up. I always do so that is not a problem.

Everything is healing great. My bb is fine now. No more crusties. I'm going to love my bb once the scar fades. :) I was very concerned about this pre-op.

My breasts are doing well. They are dropping and softening up so much. I need to keep up the massaging and vitamin E intake. I am cleared to wear any bras! I went to VS and they sized me at 32D but it didn't fit right even though the lady kept insisting it did. Yeah...whatever. I'm going to go back another day and see if a 32DD fits better. I already knew they weren't the best at sizing but I have a gift card I need to use up and I need a bra or two. I hope I find the right size next time.

I am so happy to be 6 weeks post-op. I feel like "me" again for the most part. I get swollen at night but it's gone in the morning. :) I tried on some bikinis at JC Penney today. They were on clearance for $1.99 so you know I just had to buy a few tops! I love that I can fill them out and bandeau tops actually stay up!!! Yay for boobies!

I go back to see my ps in 6 weeks for after pics for his website. Hopefully any and all swelling is gone. Is that too much to ask? ;)

BB up close

8 weeks post-op

Hey! Sorry I skipped a week. Not much to update. I'm still healing well. Swelling has gone down so much that I can feel and see a few knots near my incision. My ps says it's the dissolvable sutures and they will go away in time. Well, sometimes they pinch when my jeans rub against them. It huuuuurts! Those suckers need to dissolve NOW!

My belly button is looking better I think. Actually, it seems one day it looks great and then the next day it might look darker but then the next day it's ok again. I'm just trying to ignore it.

My breasts are hopefully done dropping. I have almost no upper pole fullness which I am happy about but I don't want them to get saggy. Lol I hope they stay right where they are. Fingers crossed! 32DD. They are squishy and I can't stop touching them.

Seriously, life with a flat stomach and beautiful breasts is really really good. No, I am not perfect and I never will be. When I find myself nit-picking, I immediately try and stop. Before my MM, I felt frumpy and older than I am. No matter how I dressed up, I knew underneath it all, I was a mess. I didn't want to be naked, I didn't like the lights on, I didn't want to be looked at or touched any place that pregnancy destroyed. I was constantly tugging at my clothes to make sure my pooch wasn't showing when I was out and about. But It was always showing through my clothing regardless of how much I sucked it in or wore tummy compressing garments. I have been asked if I was pregnant a few times. That's the worst. Now I can wear anything. I can grab things off the rack without thinking about if it's going to hide my protruding stomach. By the way... I hate when people think because you are thin, that you don't need a TT. I remember when I went to get some bloodwork done, the nurse asked what kind of surgery I was having. Of course, I told her and she was like "oh, you are small, you don't need that." Ugh. They have no idea what's underneath the clothing. Could we have spent the money on a much needed vacation? Sure! We thought about it but all I would have done is worn jeans and a tank top on a beach somewhere trying to cover up. Lol now when we take a trip, I will be wearing the cutest swimwear I can find. I'm actually really excited to just get in the pool with my kids and play with them. I never get in the pool with my babies. I'm always sitting on the side while other family members play with them. :( not anymore!

I'm back in the gym. Only doing the elliptical and I'm not using the arm part of it. I never really did before surgery anyway. I swell a little bit around my belly button but I always wake up flat. I've been dieting too. Nothing crazy but I can tell it's helping. My butt looks weird since the surgery. It's like all of the fat has dropped and settled lower. Not cool. Flat butt and flat stomach. Lol still better than before surgery. :)

Things are going to start getting hectic around my house but I will try to update when I can.

Hope everyone is healing well. Good luck to those having surgery soon!

12 weeks post op (I think)

Wow. It's been forever since I have updated but nothing has changed. Right now I'm bloated as hell. I bloat from right after ovulation all the way until AF comes and then my stomach gets super thin. I was the same way pre-op but I guess I was hoping my stomach wouldn't look so bad after the TT. No such luck. I look pregnant. What's the point of a tummy tuck only to look pregnant 2 weeks out of a month?? I am frustrated. This has nothing to do with my ps and his skills. He's awesome and extremely talented. My body is just weird. Granted I've been dipping into the halloween candy but I can tell it's almost all hormonal bloating and water retention. Lol lots of zits everywhere too. Blah. I'm in a funk. The pic I attached is from a week ago or something so I don't look as bloated as I do at this moment. I'm not brave even to show a pic. I'll just continue hiding out in my sweat pants and hoodie like the pre-op days. :( hopefully my next update I will be more upbeat. Oh wait...my boobies are still amazing. Right side is still not as squishy and awesome as the left but that's ok. They are perfect to me. 32DD in VS but I look like a C or even a B in clothing depending on what I wear.

Have a fun and safe halloween everyone!

Closing account

Hope you all continue to heal well! My time here on RS is over. It's been fun!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bruno is the BEST!! From the first consultation I knew he was the PS for me. He is kind, patient and so talented!! He's given me my body back. I can't believe I look like this!! He called the night of my surgery to see how I was doing. He never rushed me through office visits and he answers questions thoroughly. He listens to what you want and he delivers!! His staff is very nice too! I would recommend him to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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