Mommy Makeover 30yo 2 Kids. West Hollywood, CA

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As a nurse I'm very wary on what surgeon I chose...

As a nurse I'm very wary on what surgeon I chose to do my mommy makeover. I had been searching for a surgeon for over 8 years... I had a VERY long list of specifications that needed to be met. I seriously searched every state in the US and even other countries before finding Dr. Bruno. Once I seen his before and after photos and read the raving reviews I was sold!! My husband is a very simple man and knew that if I was so set on Dr. Bruno then he must be great and gave me the green light to contact his office. I contacted the office and spoke with Jezell (please forgive me if I misspelled it????) and Marisol. These two ladies are SOOOO sweet and VERY helpful!!! Since my husband and I were flying from Kansas we requested some recommendations for hotels, as well as all the pre-op paperwork be mailed to us. The ladies were very prompt in making sure I had everything well before our fly out date! We met with Dr Bruno the day before surgery for the "official" consult (the one before was just from my pictures). I'm usually not nervous at all (most nurses aren't) but once we got to the office I was super nervous!! Once Dr Bruno ce in and introduced himself all my anxieties were put to rest!!! Seriously ladies, HE REALLY IS THE BEST OUT THERE!!! He is super down to earth, has great bedside manner, is extremely cool calm and collected, clean and he's NOT a salesman!! His work proves his talent!! From the low incision line, perfect belly button, beautiful and perfectly placed boobies, to the funny anesthesiologist that hugs you right before taking you back to surgery.... I'm definitely glad I found Dr Bruno!!! They even sent my husband and I an edible arrangement ????!!! Being in the medical field I can first hand tell you that you're not going to find a better Dr than Dr Bruno!!
Keep up the great work Dr. Bruno & team!!

6 day postop :)

Just wanted to post a quick 6 day post op pic :)!! Very happy that Dr. Bruno encourages his pt's to bring in their swimming suit so he can make the incision line below it!! Not many Dr's actually LISTEN to their pt's, sooooooo glad I chose one who does!! You tell him what you want, he'll tell you if it's feasible, then both parties go into the operating room and there are no "surprises" when the pt wakes up!!! You WANT a plastic surgeon to tell you what they can and can't do!! Dr Bruno could have made a couple thousand more off me if he did do the liposuction, but he didn't !! He told me I didn't really need it and there would be more risk than benefit envolved if he did the liposuction.... Ladies (& gents) please go to someone who has YOUR best interest at heart and not their own!! :) that is all for now... Blessings!!

P.S. Please excuse the typos :( I'm not sure how to go back to a post and edit it... Plus Siri pretty much hates me and changes any and everything I type into something so bizarre it is ridiculous!!! Hope I'm not the only one that Siri hates lol!!

9 days postop pic

Drains removed yesterday!!! Ohhhh how I'm sooooooo happy about that!! I put the silicone tape over incision a few days ago when butterly stitches started falling off. Drain removal was not as bad as anticipated, but still wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done in life lol. I still keep 2X2 gauze w/ triple antibiotic ointment on it that's secured w/ paper tape, changed 1-2 times daily depending on the drainage. I'm feeling lots better each day!! I am able to do more each day also!! Two days ago I went to Walmart with two kids and as long as I had my cart to sort of hover over I was okay!! About 1.5 hrs later I was ready to go though lol!! I sat for a bit then checked out then once I got in the car I was sitting for the next hr driving home (we live in the country). Once I got home I put groceries away (kids brought them in) and was zapped the rest of the night lol!! I notice I'm able to stand for longer periods each day, too. I'm still not able to stand up completely straight, but it's getting better daily! I still don't think the surgery was NEAR as bad as I had anticipated (based on others review), but everyone's bodies are different too!

Tattoo removed with abdominoplasty!!

Just wanted to post a before/after of the tattoo I had and how Dr. Bruno was able to remove it. He was very upfront in my consultation and said he may not get all of it, but that he would remove the absolute most he could. I went on for my post op and before he removed my dressing he told me he got all of it removed!! I could have gave him a bear hug if I was able to stand up straight lol!!! It probably was more time consuming and he probably had to be more strategic, during my abdominoplasty, than most. But, he did what every other review says and he put my wants as top priority!!

Almost 3 weeks post op

Just wanted to post a quick update. It's been almost 3 weeks since my surgery. I've got almost all feeling back. My lower abdomen is still numb where the incision was, but I seem to be getting back feeling slowly but surely! I'm still off work and glad I took this long off. I suppose if I didn't have such a physical job I'd be able to return now. I went grocery shopping yesterday and was at the store for two hours, I was very wore out after getting back; but I did go in the afternoon after cleaning house. I got a different binder, as the one I was sent home with from the Dr. seemed to not be tight enough. This one is super tight, and I only wear it while up doing things. I haven't wore a binder to bed the last 2 nights, it was just too uncomfortable to sleep with. I still have swelling, but it's mainly if I'm walking around without my binder. All in all everything is going great!! I'm finally able to use my abdomen muscles to help with laying down or getting up!! Oh, and I can sneeze or cough without my abdomen feeling like it's going to fall out/burst open so I'm super excited about that :)!! Well, I think that's about it! You ladies have a great day :)!!!

One month!!

It's been ainth and I couldn't feel better!! I'm getting lots more strength in my core, just by doing daily activities. I haven't started working out yet, probably won't for another few weeks-month. My body lets me know when I've done something that has angered it lol it feels like my muscle gets a knot in it, when I sit down it goes away though. Ono longer wear the binder. I still get swelling at the end of the day if I'm very active throughout the day. I still have the silicon strips on and never remove them (only to change them) and it had made a HUGE difference!!! Spend the $20 on Amazon and use them!! The scars are so smooth and fade more and more!! My belly button is looking amazing!! I still put triple antibiotic ointment (neosporin) in it with a q-tip. I usually apply it everyday, sometimes I forget and skip a day. My boobs have settled and are very soft!! They look so natural, I'm very impressed/happy with how they've turned out!! We're putting up the pool this weekend, so I'll try and get a picture in my bikini! I think that's all for now ????!!

6 weeks post op

Six weeks have passed and I feel spectacular! I'm beyond pleased with my results! I do still wear my binder, sometimes I take it off at night. During the day I swell if I don't wear it. On my days off I won't wear it if I'm not doing anything. I don't really have too much for an update, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Almost 4 months PO

Wow, time sure does fly by lol!! Just wanted to post an update some it seems like forever since I've been on here. Everything is going spectacular and I'm pretty much all the way healed! I was having some issues when I'd stretch my arms it would feel like my incision was going to open up, that has went away. The skin on my right hip is a little bit thinner because I had the tattoo removed from that area (so more skin was taken on my right side). I've started doing some abdominal exercises and am starting to get my core strength back slowly. I really don't have to wear my binder anymore. I slowly weaned myself from it lol. I get a little swollen after my 14-15 hr shifts where I'm on my feet the entire time, but that's to be expected. The scar is very smooth and continuing to fade. I no longer use the silicone strips and have started using a Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Tripeptide 31 before going to bed. I use the dermaroller on my stretch marks and the incisions under my breast once a week then put the serum on. The other days I just apply the serum without using the dermaroller. For my abdominal incision I use the dermaroller once every two weeks, but still use the serum daily. I can really tell a difference in my stretch marks and the incisions are also getting much lighter (I also do it on my belly button). My drain "holes" lol are completely healed and smooth. They ate slowly fading as well. I've uploaded pics and you can see the incisions are smooth and are easily covered by my bikini. One last thing is I seriously can't get over how real my boobs feel!!!! They have the natural slope which is EXACTLY what I wanted, and they are also sooooo soft and squishy! You seriously wouldn't know there were 400ml bags stuffed under my boob muscles :) sorry, I'm obviously very happy with Dr. Bruno's work! Well, I think that's all for now. I hope this review helps someone out there in the real self land :)!

1 yr PO

Wow time flies! Just wanted to drop by and do a quick 1 year update! I seriously couldn't be happier with my results! I still believe Dr. Bruno and his staff to be the absolute best or there, hands down! My scar on my abdomen has continued to fade, but still visible. The scars under my breast are pretty much completely gone! I'm now using bio-oil which I got from Walmart and swear by it! Seriously, the stuff is AMAZING! Hope everything is great with all you wonderful women in realself world!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bruno is seriously the most talented/skilled physician out there!!

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