25, No Kids, Lipo on Upper/Lower Abdomen and Flanks!- West Hollywood, CA

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So... I've been going back and forth with this...

So... I've been going back and forth with this surgery for months! I scheduled the first time back in April 2016. But so much was going on. I got a new job, new place, there was no time or money for this surgery. I also started to second guess myself and convinced myself that I can loose the weight on my own.

Well.. that HASN'T been happening! It is so hard to juggle work, school, life, and your weight. And I can't even imagine how difficult it would be for those of you with families!
So.. I'm going to see Dr. Stone at Friva Medical Center in West Hollywood, CA. I'm from Phoenix so had the consultation online. He was so friendly and funny! I'm so excited. I just booked my flight and hotel today!.

I'm kinda beating myself about getting this surgery. I'm trying so hard to love my body for what it is but its so hard. Its easier said than done. I will be getting lower and upper abdomen liposuction. This has always been my problem area. I love my thick thighs and butt but wish my waist was smaller!.

Before Pictures

Just wanted to post some more before pictures. I love my body I just really want that small waist and flat stomach!

Working out!

Soooo I've been working out a lot since I've scheduled the surgery. I don't know if it will make a difference but I just want to jump start on getting my dream body! I know that lipo isn't going to do it completely. I know I have abs underneath this fat so I figure if I work them hard the next three weeks maybe I'll get better results after the lipo? I've also been working the rest of my body too! I think it would be wierd if my stomach is all small and tones and the rest of my body is flabby! So hopefully I can tone up a bit before August 18th :)

2 Weeks Away! Ahhhh

Hey loves!!!

In 2 weeks I'll be on that flight and in LA! Today I will start really taking more iron into my diet. No pills though they make my stomach ache I'm just going to eat spinach everyday! Right now I'm just really nervous about going by myself! None of my friends were able to get those days off and my best friend just doesn't have the money to come with. I'm super sad and having anxiety about doing this alone. I'm wondering how it will go without help. Here are some of my wish pics!

Getting Flanks done too!

So... I decided to add another area for the treatment. Right now I was only going to get upper and lower abdomen. But after reading a ton of reviews and seeing pictures it wouldn't make sense to not get the flanks done too! So I talked to Ruthann at Friva Medical and she quoted me $1,200 to add flanks. So fuck it! I might as well do it the right way! I don't want to regret not getting it later! Anyways. 9 days away!!!!! Ahhhhhh!

Preparing for Surgery

Can't believe it's 2 days away!! Ahhh getting ridiculously nauseous from the nerves. Today I started drinking a butt ton of water, fruit, tons of pineapple and pineapple juice! I've read several reviews where ladies have said this is useful for faster recovery and less swelling and bruising. We will see if it works!

Just had my Pre-Op Consultation!

Just went to the medical center to talk to the nurse and Doctor and fill out paperwork and get prescriptions! I felt completely reassured and have faith in the Doctor and the rest of the staff! I'm super excited now! He talked to me specifically about the procedure and gave me step by step on what will happen! So now I'm going to have my last cheat meal, go to the beach, and sleep! Ready for surgery first thing in the morning! :)

Today is the day!!!! Ahh

On my way to the appointment! Here are some pictures from this morning! Clothes and without. :) wish me luck!

So.... That was painful!

It's done! Finally! Idk about ya'll procedure but mine was not pain free! There were certain areas where I could feel everything! But the areas with the most fat it was fine. Just felt pressure. I was so drugged up I don't remember much or anything! Haha I'm bruised and swollen ALOT! But Doctor says this will get better by week 2!!!!!

Surgery Pics!

The morning after Surgery

So I took a Percocet and passed out last night at like 7:00pm so here I am! Up at the butt crack of dawn lol. I decided to take a shower (felt amazing!) I wasn't really leaking anymore so no more adult diaper! I put arnica on my stomach and put gauze on the incisions and put my garment back on! I took some pictures as well. I swear it looks like I got a BBL but I didn't! I've always had a big butt but it didn't look nice with my big waist! Excited for my results! Headed to the doctor in a few hours for the post-op check up :)

Comparison Picture!!!

Before surgery, After Surgery, 1 day post op. :)

I'm in pain!!!! Why did I do this?

I pee literally like every hour! It's hard to get out of bed and sit back down. I went to Walmart today and it was HELL! The doctor said I need to walk 20min a day so I did that at Walmart. Most of the pain is from my back! (Flanks) my stomach is doing great I have been lightly massaging it. I'm so swollen I can't wait to get over this stage! I also ordered foam from Amazon for the sides of my garment because the zipper hurts so much and Is leaving creases.

It seriously looks better everyday!

Woke up this morning took my garment off to have a little break (only 15 minutes) and looking in the mirror.... Wow! Idk if you guys can see it but I see an improvement from yesterday already! I've been using the ab board and a waist cincher on top of that for more compression. I need to buy a smaller faja! Here is a comparison pic from day 2 to today which is day 4! :)

First Lymphatic Massage :)

Today was my first day back to work.... Freaking sucked! I don't know how I will survive the rest of the week....BUT I did go have my first lymphatic massage! It HURT! I was wincing the whole time but then half way through I didn't feel much. And I felt so much better! The swelling felt like it went completely down! I'm so happy I did it! I'm going to start getting them twice a week the place I found was super affordable! I took a picture sitting down for the first time! Wow my stomach looks so flat! I definitely don't miss that belly haha.

One week Update!!!

Wow! Can't believe it has been a week. Honestly it was HELL. But hopefully it can only get better right? I have more energy now, I can move a little bit more, but I'm still in a lot of pain! I've mastered how to get out of bed by myself and in and out of my car. Still hurts but I gotta do it. I'm back at work and it sucks! I have to take progress pictures first thing in the morning because after work when I get home I legit look like a BALLOON! I get so swollen. Probably from the constant sitting. I have my second massage tomorrow and I'm so excited! I also have been doing them on my own a little bit (the lady showed me how). I'm still compressing. I've been struggling to find a new garment! Ordered a few and they don't fit so had to send them back and try again! I'm also still using foam and the board! It hurts too much without foam. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER FOAM! I really want to workout! I'm scared to gain weight. I've been eating super healthy but still. Doctor says I have to wait until week 2! Well here are some pics!

2 week post op update!

Wow has this been a journey! Today marks two weeks post op! I was so excited to get here but now that I'm here I'm not as excited. Honestly been hating my body. I'm in the phase where my stomach is lumpy and bumpy from all the scar tissue. I can't wear anything right now because you can see all the lumps through clothing! My stomach looks a lot bigger than it did the first week :( I've also realized that I have ALOT of visceral fat that I have to loose. My stomach is not completely flat and still have a belly when I sit down or bend over. I know the doctor took our all the fat he could because I can't pinch my skin at all. So I have some work to do to achieve the look I want!

I'm still sore! Specifically in the flank region. I'm able to move a lot more now but the hardest thing ever is BENDING OVER! Uhhhg I can't wait to be able to fully bend over and pick something up! I have to like squat or kneel still. It's ridiculous.

So I went to the gym the first time yesterday. My doctor said it would be okay. I was scared but it didn't hurt at all! There was no pain or anything! I even did abs and there was no pain. However I did realize that I don't have as much strength in my core as before! So my ab workout was super short.

Also my doctor says I can take off my garment today and only wear it at night for the next two weeks! HAPPIEST PERSON EVER! I however will purchase a waist trainer for the gym to be more comfortable.

I am also still getting massages once a week.
I have some really big nasty bumps! And also there is a pocket of fluid in a few places which I hope will go away soon. Really scared that they are Seromas! I'll post pics! Really hoping the lumps go away soon so I can stop hiding in baggy clothes and feel better!

It's been 3 weeks....

I'm. So. Over. This!
This sucks. I feel like I can't even enjoy my results. First thing in the morning I look great! Then I go into swell hell! I can't wear clothes without my garment on because #1 it hurts #2 you can see the lumps through my clothes. And then I can't wear tight clothes because then you can see my garment! So I am stuck wearing all my "fat clothes" that I hate. Lame.
SEX sucks!
It's painful and I can't do much. And it's awkward lol. Guys love to grab you on the waist..... OUCHHHHH lol. Sorry TMI but seriously I just want my body to go back to normal.

My stomach is darker too. The doctor said it will go away. I hope it does because it doesn't look pretty!

What is everyone wearing post op? I've legit been wearing leggings everyday. I tried jeans yesterday and ended up with a deep indent where the button is. They are loose jeans but regardless when I sit down the button digs into my stomach. :(

I've been working out everyday. It isn't painful but I'm so swollen afterwards. It kinda concerns me.

Well here are some pictures! I'm not seeing much progress anymore. Seems like I'm at a plateau. And my sides are the part that hurt the most and are still the most swollen (you can see in the pics)

Happy healing everyone!

1 month update (5 weeks actually)

I feel 75% back to normal. I'm almost there! By month 2 I'm sure I'll feel fine! I can leave my garment off for a few hours a day if I wanna look sexy in something tight without pain. But I still need to sleep in it. If I don't I have swell hell for the entire day! It's very painful. I've continued going to the gym! It feels great! I decided to slow down with ab workouts. Scar tissue in the way of seeing muscle anyways.

Hard spots are softening up a lot!!! I massage them with oil every single night. I also put heating pad on every once in awhile. The biggest concern I have right now is how swollen and hard my sides still are AND the pocket of something around my belly button. Don't know if it's swelling, fat, fluid, idk. Surgeon says to be patient. I will wait till month 2 to ask him about it again.

Just some advice to you ladies. TAKE PICTURES WITH CLOTHES ON! The lumpiness and swelling and bumpyness can make you feel unhappy and depressed about your results. They play tricks on you. But when you put on that dress that you couldn't wear last month and you look like a BABE you will feel so much better about yourself! :)

2 months! Tons of pics!!

Hey ladies! All my surgery buddies have posted updates so it's about time I do one too! A lot has been going on! Stopped compressing, went on vacation, increased workouts, loose skin, and ITCHING! Tons and tons of itching!

Swelling has gone down so much! I don't take bromelin anymore and no longer compress. Swelling will come back after I workout and if I have a cheat meal/drink. But the next day i am back to normal! I can also have a pretty flat stomach throughout the day if I'm not as active! :)

Loose skin right now is the devil! It's so sad. It's most apparent when I'm sitting down :( I really hope this isn't permanent because I will literally die. I would rather still be fat than be doomed with loose skin. Any advice guys????

My stomach also still has some irregularities which make me uncomfortable to show my stomach :/ I went on vacation and stayed in a one piece because of this. The bumps and lumps have softened immensely! I'm left with the lower ab lump and a few small other lumps.

I do not compress anymore. I've found that it makes you dependent on it! If I wouldn't compress all day and night I felt fine. But if I compressed all day and then fell asleep without it I was in swell hell!!!! And super tight skin waking up! So I weaned myself completely off. If I am going out or plan to wear something tight I will compress a few hours before because it does temporarily help with the loose skin and smoothing things out. I really don't think it permanently helps because as soon as you take it off the smoothness goes away.

So here are some pics! These are raw pics lol no compression no arnica no bromelin! :)

Happy healing!

Getting smaller and smaller! 3months post!

Time seriously flies after 1 month post op! After all the swelling goes down this surgery no longer consumes your life I remember right after surgery I was seriously checking for progress and taking pictures everyday! So crazy lol. I set an alarm on my phone before surgery to tell me I was 3 months post else I would have never even known haha. Life is great! I am wearing all the clothes I've always wanted to wear and slaying hard! Lol.

I feel soooo sexy! This surgery has been such a confidence booster. I think my results are so great because I have been hitting the gym hard! Since about 3 weeks post op! And I've also been eating very healthy! (High protein, low carb, lots of veggies). So ladies don't forget about that part! You don't want to gain any weight back! It's a myth you can still gain weight back into your lipo'd areas!

So now for the bad. I have some unevenness still you can see in pictures. And I think my doctor missed some fat on the sides. When I wear tight clothes I get a muffin top :( but it's still early! I'm hoping it smooths out but it not I'm definitely getting a revision! But seriously no swelling unless I eat something super salty and when I drink! I've noticed i swell when I drink alottttt! Kinda sucks but goes down quickly!

Happy healing everyone here are some pics

4 month p/o. I love my body!

I promise you! It gets better and better! Just when you think you are at your end result you ARENT! Your body will continue to improve over an entire year! It's officially 4 months and I'm so happy my stomach looks like this so early. The only complaint I have is the fat it seems like he might have missed on my sides. Kinda gives my stomach a box look. I am going to try to Melt that fat away with diet and exercise! If not I want to get a revision. I also can finally fit into my size 12 pants again! So excited! Before surgery I was a size 16. Then with lipo down to a 14. Then working out and dieting I have finally reached my goal! Anyone have excellent scar cream they can suggest? People have asked about my scars! Kinda embarrassing. I use mederma but I think it sucks lol.

Anyways here are some pictures when I was in the beautiful Dominican Republic last week!!!

Happy Healing everyone
Dr. Stone

He has been awesome so far! Friendly and the office staff has been on top of it!

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