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I am 26 years old and I currently weight 122.1...

I am 26 years old and I currently weight 122.1 lbs

Problem areas:
My problem area has always been my lower abdomen. I have always had a belly pouch which was given to me by my lovely mother who i love very much. I could also use a little fat in butt so might as well transfer whatever Dr. Bruno takes out of stomach to my butt area ;)

Personal goal:
My goal is to gain 18 pounds by May 23!

I feel super EXCITED! I am not scared at all because I know I will be in great hands with Dr. Bruno :)

AWESOME! Dr. Bruno was amazing, he was very knowledgeable, experienced, and very honest. He makes you feel very comfortable which is sooooo important. His office is beautiful and he has really polite staff who are very helpful.

I am using real self as a form to keep me motivated. I want to share my experience with all of you just because it has helped me looking at other profiles.

I'll post pictures soon

It's March 18 and I have gained 2 pounds so far!...

It's March 18 and I have gained 2 pounds so far! Not bad right>? Hopefully the scale is right

So I lost 2 pounds since last week ugh... I have...

So I lost 2 pounds since last week ugh... I have been a little stressed out but I'm getting back into gaining weight mode!
I want to gain weight but in a healthier way, their must be a way to achieve this girls. I need at least 15 pounds, please help ????

Heyyyyy girls! Sorry I haven't posted anything, I...

Heyyyyy girls!
Sorry I haven't posted anything, I have been out gaining weight lol. So right now I'm 130lbs yey! I look so fat compare to before, I lost my waist and I got a little bit a cottage cheese ewwww lol. Ill be posting pictures in a bit. I moved the date to June because I want to make sure I have enough to fill in my jeans!
I already got my blood work and everything turned out perfect so Im happy because of that :))

My current pictures are posted.

My current pictures are posted.

Update pictures on weight gain

Update pictures on weight gain



Post op! Day 3

Well hello hello lovely ladies of real self, I must say day 3 is moving really slow but I am really happy with my results. The first and second day I spent all day sleeping, eating, peeing lol..... I am still in soreness mode so I'll make this short and to the point. Today I feel sore and i'm walking like a duck hahaha now that I have something behind me. I would describe the feeling of my butt as tight, hard and sore. I don't have pain, I am just uncomfortable because of all these foams and the itchiness of this thing i'm wearing. I'll attach pictures so you girls can see my progress, ask me any questions :) I'm sooooo bored at home...

Day 4 Post Op- I forgot how I use to look Buahahahahaha

Just posted two pictures of how my butt use to look a day before my surgery. I was a little flat hahaha now that I compare with what I have now. Everyone was able to tell, Crap lol

Day 8

I finally changed to my new garmet and it feels sooo much better because I am not itchy anymore! I still have some brusing in my butt it looks so much better :) I love it!

Bruising is almost gone! Day 17

Alooooo! So my bruising is almost gone, I just have a few left. I can't wait for it to go away completely!!!! My scars are looking pretty good too so far. So far I am really really happy )
My butt has been changing shape wise, it looks more round and my tummy is finally loosing the swelling.
Ah can't wait for summer :)))))))))))))))))))))))

26 Post Op pic

So I feel like my butt has changed in a million ways haha. The shape is so much rounder and my waist is great. I feel back to normal, my butt is still hard but not like the first weeks of surgery, it feels like I worked out in the gym hard. I hope that does not change because It looks and feels very nice.
So if you girls have any questions just let me know! :)

How I am doing since my surgery

Hello girls, so ever since my surgery I have been feeling super great! My butt is doing sooooo much better. It finally has a perfect shape and feels as natural as it did before surgery. I am working out now and doing some swimming. I have not lost any volume it seems like most of the fat stayed, its probably because the doc put pure fat. My waist is getting smaller as well. I think that the lipo part gets better with time. I have been wearing bathing suites and everyone compliments on how amazing the shape and projection looks. My butt looks better in person and feels so awesome like you have no idea! It feels so nice and full. I truly happy with my results, over what i expected ) yey!

More butt pics hahaha)

Forgot to add these

Update on how i am doing after my bbl )

So it's been a few months already and I must say I am impressed I still have all the fat, no volume loss. My butt feels completely normal, the shape is so perfect and my waist is smaller than ever. I really don't have anything else to say but how happy I am with my results and I should have done this a long time ago

Months laters :)

Just wanted to update 2 quick pics so that you girls can see months later how my butt is doing ;)

Still the same, no volume loss. Super plump yey!

My pictures are back!

It's been a while since I logged into RS. I am back to share my experience with any of you who might be thinking of getting the procedure done and have questions. Ask away!

BBL list of things you will NEED after surgery :)

A lot of you girls have been sending me private messages so i'm going to post the list of things you need for bbl surgery, from most important to least.

1. A really good surgical garment (mandy colombian brand- amazon)
2. The BBL Pillow ( - It's the best one, firm so you won't put pressure on your butt. This is a life saver
3. Lots of water, coconut juice (hydration) pineapple juice (helps with brusing)
4. gauzes, bandaids, tape, baby wipes
5. go girl to pie or just an empty water bottle and cut it
** all the other stuff like iron and vitamins are only extras the real

Essentials to do's before your BBL surgery:

1. Get all your pre op paperwork/ medication/ payments completed
2. Make sure you have most of the things in the above list I have- be prepared. Any online items buy ahead of time- don't wait until the last minute
3. Make sure you speak with your doctor if you have any final questions
4. Clean your house and plan all errands accordingly
5. Make sure you have a ride for surgery and be early
6. Make sure you are stock with food and water at home
7. Have someone to take care of you
8. If you are super nervous before surgery talk to your doctor to see how he can help you
9. Have a night stand next to you and a light to put all your post op items
10. Have warm comfy clothes, and fussy socks
11. Lastly, remember that every doctor and every women is different so don't worry about the results. We hope that you did your homework choosing your plastic surgeon. ;)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go to Dr. Bruno for my surgery because he has all the qualities that I am looking for in a Plastic Surgeon. x)

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