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I went in for my BBL Wednesday. Im a little...

I went in for my BBL Wednesday. Im a little nervous after finding out I only have 340 cc's in each cheek. Im 5'9 and 175lbs and have med to large frame. I truly like my doctor and the staff. The first day I really need assistance and thank goodness for a friend that helped me. I will be posting pics soon. I definitely see my contoured body shaping but just worried about my butt projection. I will wait to see further results before naming or rating my doctor.

Wednesday, tomorrow I go in for my week check up....

Wednesday, tomorrow I go in for my week check up. Im so disappointed in my flat butt. Ive researched and read about women getting more ccs and had less fat than myself. I cant wait until 6 months so I can get revisions.
Ive been active, walking a lot. My legs are really swollen. I have a lot of bruising in my thigh and upper legs. I swear I walk like a pregnant woman. lol. I bought arnica gel and tablets so I hope they are working. My appetite is back in full swing, ugh! Just posted pics of post surgery I will get copies of my pre surgery shots from doc due to the ones I had I took before I lost 15 lbs. Update after doctor visit

Finally One week. The pain is bearable. I still...

Finally One week. The pain is bearable. I still have swollen feet due to getting lipo of the knees, the blood drained downwards. I am closer to saying NOT Worth it! I just feel I paid too much money not to at least have at least half of the body I wanted. I see too many women on here at the same time frame Im at with more visible differences in contouring, projection etc. I think its important for Doctors to take into consideration the height/weight of the client. Its clear that at 5'9 I had to at least have 500-600 cc to see a noticeable difference. Doctor should also note areas that should be contoured to make booty pop. My back thigh clearly should've been liposuctioned. So everyday I go thru this agony I get more teed off that I have to find the time to go through it one more time, ugh!

13 days post op. I posted new pics today. Im still...

13 days post op. I posted new pics today. Im still not happy with my results and Im really not happy Im out of 8500. I left town without my arnica so I still have a lot of bruises. My feet is still swollen. I had to drive yesterday and I tried to not put any pressure on my already flat butt. Then again, I feel like what the heck, its already flat why am I going through all these precautions. Ive been getting people asking who my doctor is. I really hate naming him because the patients Ive seen before and after me look good and this is the reason I went to him. Im trying to see what revisions he is willing to make before I put him on blast.

I'm still not happy with my results. New pics...

I'm still not happy with my results. New pics posted soon

Finally 3rd week. I'm putting a little more...

Finally 3rd week. I'm putting a little more pressure while sitting but I'm still mostly standing. I'm in Vegas and able to walk around. The swollen have gone down a lotbut still a little tender. I still feel a little numb and tender in my thighs. Now I'm just countingdone the days for round 2

Its been 1 month post operation my thighs are...

Its been 1 month post operation my thighs are still a little numb and still a little tingling in my butt. My stomach is still swollen and somewhat hard. I hope I don't have that fat necrosis. I'm sill not satisfied witu surgery. I still have fat on my bra strap area and love handles. Some might say I'm not realistic about how I should look. I never wanted a huge butt just about 450-600 cc worth. Well wishes and Happy Mother's Day to all.

Still pissed with my BBL

No one even noticed! PISSED

I went back to my hometown for 2 weeks seen family. I also spent time with some of my girls and not 1 person said anything about my butt . No one noticed a difference in my $8500 body. I never wanted a big butt. I did want a hour glass body! Can't wait until round 2

why would he place stitches here!

If I had a beach body I definitely couldn't show it! My potential scars can visibly be seen. He couldve went a little lower at the top and a little more in on the sides to be hidden under a bikini. Granted I did gain about 7lbs afterwards due to my swollen legs and ankles,my stomach looks bigger now than before surgery. My butt is dented not at all round. My summer have been ruined. I can't lose wait cause I have to have round 2 and I dont have the $8500 I spent on this stupid surgery

2 month check up, ugh

So I went in for a 2 month check up because I didnt go after 1 month. I was so upset I told them I will wait to see if I see better result. The answer is no I havent! I told him how disappointed I was. He appeared to care and he rarely hear this from his patients. I was told to come back in 6 weeks which now is about July 10th. Most docs wont give me a consult until 3 months post and cant have surgery until 6 months. Im not sure if Im going to let him do round 2 or not. My gutt feeling is saying no!

3 1/2 month update on bbl

Ive noticed I got the fluffing I've read about. The problem is it appears at the top of my buttock so now my dimples are more visible than when I had a flatter butt. I still have no roundness at the bottom of my butt. I plan on going back to doctor next week to see what he says but Im almost sure I wont get any revisions from him. I just resubmitted my request for a quote with Dr. Leon Campos. I was instructed to resubmit after my 3 month post. Hopefully I can get this done in Oct or Nov.

6 months and a definitely NOT HAPPY

I will try to add new pics but trust me it didnt get better. I called Campos but he wont touch me until 9 months after my surgery which is January. Im suppose to have revisions with Bruno end of month or Nov but Im still not certain. My revisions will cost $2,000 and Im not 100% he can do what I need. Then I would have to wait another 9 months to have Campos look at me which will cost maybe another 7k. Plus he wants me to gain more weight!

bbl 6 month post .smh

I think I rather have my old body back and my $8500. I weighed 177 pre-op now 184 still with no boot. Sorry about junk on floor at a friends packing for a trip. I can't describe how disappointed I am. He needs 2k for revisions. Im thinking not!

4 months pics doctor took in his office, little difference

I have been busy but I wanted to post the pics the doctor took in his office 4 months after my surgery. Im suppose to go back to have revisions 1st of the month but still uncertain. Im still leaning on Campos but i have to wait 9 months after initial surgery. Im suppose to take a class and dont know how I can not sit for 1 month again..ugh!

I reached out to Dr to see if I can get money back, BUT

Ive informed Dr I will not be going back with them and to see if I can get any of my money back. Its been 2 week nothing back from the doctor and I emailed coordinator a week ago and still nothing. Im about to send a certified letter Monday. I refuse to let him keep my money then spend $6500 with Campos. They are so sweet and attentive at first but when things go wrong they cant return phone calls or emails! I want a partial refund!

7 months post

It hilarious to me that people on here would ask me who my doctor is then go run and show my inbox messages to the doctor. I really can careless. Im the one that spent my hard earned money on this surgery. Im the one that is not pleased with my surgery. Some of you got what you wish for from our doctor, I didnt! People talk about garments and reusable fat. I wasnt contoured regardless of how much fat I had or what could be used. I had previous lipo 8yrs ago and had areas that hadnt been lipo'd. Im glad I started posting right after my surgery so there is evidence to my claim. I didnt seat on my butt. I wore my garment! I have the right to my opinion. Im actually a very lovely I avoid conflict when possible. I dont start trouble but please dont mess with my money. I think its best for people to accept responsibility and not point fingers at others. Anyways, Ive been in touch with the Doctor, I hope this can be resolved. He is a nice guy and his staff is lovely that is why I picked him but unfortunately that doesnt make me feel better when I look in the mirror or look at other people he have done that looks amazing. I tried not to name him but unfortunately I was on my cellphone and I thought I was answering a message but it posted on my page. It was never my intention to put his name on my page but I feel I have the right to answer inbox questions openly. Im not telling you not to go to him. Ive seen amazing results from his clients. well wishes

Closer to Round 2

Ive never been so happy that the next year is almost here. Campos team said I can have revisions in February. Im still in talks with previous doctor we shall see how that works out. Hopefully now you see me and now you don't. I have new depression pics to upload this evening. Ive gained weight for my revision which is depression in its self. I cant wait to get this weight off and have a hour glass figure!
Hit my inbox I shall tell


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