36 Yrs Old,mother of 3, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction of Lower Back Inner and Outer Hips - West Hollywood, CA

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36 years old, 5'7", 155 pounds, pear shape. Mother...

36 years old, 5'7", 155 pounds, pear shape. Mother of 3 kids including twins, full time RN with busy schedule. I exercised whenever I could, but not enough to have the body I had before having kids. I had a bulging stomach due to hernia, muscle separation and stretching, that people often thought I'm pregnant! Hated my stomach with passion and I finally got the courage to fix it. On sept 3rd, I went for hernia repair, muscle separation repair, full tummy tuck, lower back lipo, inner and outer hips lipo.

Post op day 6

Still flexed and swollen, can't stand up straight.. Lost 5 pounds. I'm down to 151 pounds

More post op day 6 photos

Post op day 8, tubes are out, still flexed, worse back pain but I look amazing

Couldn't go to the doctor yesterday, day 7 postop, to get my tubes out, so they rescheduled me for Saturday. I was inpatient and couldn't stand the tubes for another day, so I pulled out myself. It was uncomfortable but being a nurse made the process smoother.
I'm still flexed, my back pain isnt get better , I guess until I can stand up straight. My stomach and thights are itchy, numb and tingly. The black corset is starting to feel loose on me as my thights are not swelling up as much. Overall, despite all my complaints I'm a happy woman!!

More post op day 8 pictures

Post op day 8 pictures

Photos update, post op day 11, posture improving, swelling decreasin, love my new body

Post op day 11, my posture is improving so is the back pain, getting there, hopefully soon I can stand up straight. Brushing from lipo getting lighter, the numbing and tightly feeling all around my thights are subsiding as well. Lost another pound, down to 150.

Day 15 post op updates, posture keeps on improving, back pain decreasing

Day 15 post op, abdominal swelling, tension and tightness decreasing, as a result, my posture is improving so is the back pain. Steri strips out and embrace silicone dressing on. Lost another pound I'm down to 149.

Post op day 19, almost standing up straight, feeling good and looking good as well!

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Day 21 post op update

Swollen today, posture improving, I'm about 90% standing up straight!! The tummy tuck incision is low and thin but not smooth, dog ears on both ends.. Hopefully with time things will smooth out!!! On the other handy belly button looks amazing!! As far as lipo, flanks, back, inner hips and knees looking smaller, outer hips looking smaller too but I noticed the left hip got a little more fat than the right side... I can tell he worked the right side more than the left...I'm going to address this to him on my 1 month post op visit.... Despite everything, I'm still one happy lady, loving my new body and can't wait to put on a sexy pair of bikinis!!

Pictures of before and 1 month post op

Feeling great, standing upstright at times and slightly flexed at others, depends on how tired I am. Lost another pound, I'm down to another pounds, I started at 156 the day of the operation and I am at 148 pounds today. Tomorrow I go back to work, I definitely miss working but I'm dreading going back to work :( posting some before operation and 1 month after operation pictures, huge difference!!!

Pictures of 1 month post op

Love the results!! so worth all the pain and discomfort!!

1 month post op pictures

5 weeks post op update photos

Looking good and feeling good too.. I'm not as tired this week at work as last week.. My posture continuously improve, I can stretch my arms further when I wake up in the morning!

6 weeks post op update

Feeling much better, still a little stiff especially going from sitting to standing position, and swelling above the incision by the end of a long day at work. I started walking and light stretching exercises.. My outer hips lipo still look a little uneven, I will end up with a little revision eventually.. My flanks and lower back lipo looks great, But I get lumps and burning sensation there, doc told me massage and heating pads should help with these symptoms. Incision getting smoother and healing well. I still use embrace scar therapy silicones for another 2 weeks..my current dress size is 6, jeans 8. Previously dress size 8 and jeans 10. Overall I'm a happy woman!

2 months post op TT, incision looks good.

Some 2 months post op pictures, embrace did miracles on my incision. My Lipo and drainage scars are getting lighter as well.. I lost total of 10 pounds since my surgery... Down to 145 pounds and size 6.. Which translate to cleaning out my closet and lots of shopping! . overall I'm feeling fantastic!!!

10 weeks update post TT, hips and flank lipo

My scar is healing well, thin and pink, getting lighter everyday... One the other hand, my belly button scar started itching and burning last week and the scar got thicker and darker... I'm assuming I'm have a hypertrophic scarring in the belly button area :( I applied coco oil,performed pressure message and put scar away silicone strips to the area to help minimize the scaring...I might need steroid shots to the area to stop the growth of the scar... Hips still look slightly uneven, I have a little lump on my outter left hip that hurts to touch.. I can't tell if it's fat or just a tender swollen area.. I have my 3 months appointment in the beginning of December, I'm going to discuss my concerns with the doc... Overall I'm still very happy with results.

10 weeks photos


3 months TT update, hypertrophic scarring !

Hi all, my TT scar and belly button were healing beautifully until week 10 post op. The scars started to get itchy, red, thicken, rise and inflamed. Currently I'm using Biocorneum silicone Jel and got my first round of steroid injection ( belly button) into the thickening scar. After the shot, the belly button scar stopped being ichy, burning sensation stopped as well. I have to message the scar and apply ear blug into the hole to prevent it from closing up... while all this happening, I became lactose intolerant, so I stopped all dairy products which I use to consume heavy every day, consequently I lost more weight down to 143.8. Despite all the problems I'm going through, I'm still happy with the surgery.

6 months post up

11 months post op tummy tuck

2 years post op tummy tuck and small scar revision

2 Years Post Op Tummy Tuck

2 years post op tummy tuck. I experienced a keloid scarring on my belly button and center portion of the scar, so I went back after a year from the intiial surgery and got a small scar (belly and tummy) revision and minor lips around the scar. So far, I love the results especially after I have started working out and building a nice definition in my stomach and thoughts. Highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of their look and want to look close to what they were before having kids...

2 years post op tummy tuck

Updated photos of 2 years post op tummy tuck and lips of thighs. Revision was done on scar after one year of post op due to keloid development, some of it came back after revision but I'm just going to live with it, I don't want any more treatments!! Overall, happy with the results
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