Dropped and Fluffed!! - Brazilian Butt Lift - Dr Stone - West Hollywood, CA. Thrilled with results.

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I have scheduled a much desired tumescent...

I have scheduled a much desired tumescent Brazilian butt lift with a Harvard Med School Grad/Residency Doctor in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been a doctor for 30 years, and yelp reviews are about 5 star average. . He did Lipo on my mom and results are as expected (she was very large, so the improvement is great). I, on the other hand, am smaller framed. 5'5" weighing 128. I have smaller hips, broad shoulders, and thick thighs and a butt augmentation would help me achieve my dream body. (see pics) He has planned to lipo my Arms/Axilla, Flanks (front and rear), Abdomen, and Inner thighs to place 500 to 600 CCs in each cheek. I have seen his before and after pictures (all were only 1 week post op, so it was hard to tell final results). I have had lipo before and know that real results are around 3 months in. They looked standard for 1 week but were mostly on heavier set women. As I am smaller, I can't help but worry that an uneven amount of fat, or rippling may be of concern. I also was searching his board certification and see that it's in anesthesiology. I spoke with him, and found that he has done lipo and fat grafting for only 3 years, and 300 procedures (50 of which are fat grafts)... This may be enough experience, or it may not.

My questions is, with the board certification in anesthesiology (I am still impressed, as he has to be a good doctor), and the fewer than 100 butt lifts, and my smaller frame, is this a greater than normal risk that I am taking with this procedure?

Also, I have been trying to practice sleeping on my stomach and find myself rolling over in my sleep. Any ways to help me stay on my stomach and protect the newly placed fat?

8 days left !!! Can't wait

I'm going to be under tumescent anasthesia which brings the cost of my procedure down a LOT. I still am worried that I didn't see any before after pictures of women that were closer to my body type. And oh- how the heck do I sit on a boppypillow ????

Many Doctors are telling me to get a second opinion - Seeing Dr. Hughes today

So I posted a question in the forums and see that it in my best interest to at least get a second opinion in the matter of my butt augmentation. I am not too nervous about the liposuction, since my original lipo was done by a Physician's Assistant (not a Dr!) and I had amazing results. I was less informed at the time and perhaps I got lucky. Dr Stone has great credentials, (Stanford, Harvard, USC) so I trust that he is not unable to give me great results. But what I value most is experience, and an artist's hand. I have read great reviews on Yelp and see that Dr. Stone cares to make all his clients happy. But it will be stupid of me not to get another opinion. So Dr. Hughes! I am excited to meet you at 1PM today!!!

SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!!! Met with my second opinion - Dr. Hughes in LA.

Dr Hughes was very pleasant, and actually funny! A hint of cocky, but this can be expected from the most popular BBL surgeon in LA. He advised against my arm lipo and thigh lipo.. but as Dr. Stone initially said, Dr. Hughes agreed that I didn't have as much fat on my body as I thought I did. Grrrrr! a gift and a curse! I refuse to gain weight for this procedure, as I prefer my fat cells to be small and shrunken at the time of transfer, preventing them from accidental lysis when handled, as well as more fat cells per CC transferred, so in the future - weight gain will show more on the ass. I have actually lost about 8 pounds while waiting for this procedure. Hoping I can relax and have a steak afterwards!

Another thing that stood out as a great difference between the two doctors, was that Dr. Stone seemed more humble, and scientific (using growth factors and platelet rich plasma in his grafting technique) - while Dr. Hughes beat everyone because his vast experience and great results. I do believe that a larger cannula with general anesthesia may pose more risk for dents and deformities- and a smaller cannula with tumescent lipo (though removing less fat) will produce better results.

Dr Hughes also recommended a mini tummy tuck. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't want that huge ugly scar! I can't do that. I didn't mind having a tiny one here and there from lipo and fat grafts, but no way. No TT for me. I really need to think about this. Dr. Hughes even offered to take me in on Thursday to accommodate the time I had already taken off work. UGH I have so much to think about!!!!!!

Saggy Thighs???

I hear that inner thigh liposuction may result in excess skin (especially because this skin is so thin)..... Dr. Stone recommends RF (radio frequency treatments) to help tighten this area up after the face. Anyone use this? please share your experience.

Dr. Hughes wants me to be his doll! Dr. Stone has his BBL clients tell me about their results

but a picture says more than a thousand words!!! I had budgeted $5400 for this procedure. But Dr. Hughes will only do this under general anesthesia and it will cost him at least $7500. That's over $2k more than I planned on spending. I mean, I have a great job that pays well, but I don't want to sink into credit card debt so early in life. also - this is MY BODY!!!! it's also worth it!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I NEED TO MAKE A DECISION BY TOMORROW. (possibly still lose $250 deposit)

I am thinking maybe just get arms and bra area done with Dr. Stone, then take some time to save some more money and do BBL with Dr. Hughes?

Last few before pics 3 days left!!

Here are the last before pics!!! Weight 130lbs bra- 36 waist 28 hips 37

2 DAYS!!!!!!! OMG Bought my Waist Trainer Corset + (wish pic)

Just found out Bernice Brugos is 36-25-40 measurement! I may be able to achieve this!!! (With proper waist training. I bought my waist training corset today! (Size small) I have seen some of you talk about waist training after 1 week post op.

Other doctors are calling me and scaring me!!

I am not sure if this is because these doctors care, or because they are ready to snach a client from another doctor. But I have gone in for consultations from Dr. Stone, Dr. Hughes, and Dr. Stoker (phone). Stone seems the most honest and has the best price. Dr. Hughes, I cannot afford $7500 for what I want, but has excellent results. Dr. Stoker did not have that many before and after images that I liked, but also ranges around $9k. I didn't want my positive vibes to be ruined by these consultants calling me to tell me that I am making the worst decision of my life... wtf. I have had lipo with local anesthesia before, and I can survive it. I have had lipo done by a PA, bot a PS even (before I knew the importance) and my results are great. But I know that it is very important to not be headstrong in this situation and let the pictures and facts lead me to my decision. .... ..


I CANT BELIEVE THE DAY IS JUST TOMORROW! please pray for a safe surgery for me, as I pray for all you ladies... please pray that there are no complications and just smooth sailing to my DREAM BOOTY!
I will be staying with my mommy for one week post op... last time I had lipo I only took one day post op before I returned to work!!!! This time I am having many areas done, possibly including inner thighs so I will need more time off.
I also CANNOT WAIT TO MEET MY NEW BOOTY!!! Its like I am having a baby or something.... (take no offense, moms out there, I know childbirth is not anything to compare to a BBL) but I feel like I finally get to meet a part of me that I always wanted, and accept that I will have to go through pain to have it!!! (weird?)
Got my prescriptions this morning, picked up some multivitamins, Arnica, and Tylenol PM (in case).

LADIES thanks so much for being there for me through this!!! I cant imagine if I didn't have you, I would have no one to talk to !!!!

Getting ready for surgery today!

Since I am doing this under local anasthesia I was told to have a light meal this morning. I'm gonna have some oats and a banana then take a nice long hot shower- shave everything .... Then pray pray pray !!! I have 3 hours before I hear over to see dr. Stone!!!!! Ladies please pray for me !!!! I am so emotional right now!!!

Tried on my Squeem waist trainer last night - man it's tight!

Just trying on my Squeem - practice getting that damn thing on!!!

I am ok!!!

On the op table before discharge !

1 day after op - tired

Trying to keep you ladies updated but sooo titrdz . Have naseua and dizziness. Sleeping on tummy in hard ,,,, miss my boyfriend ,,,, haven't really been able to look at my ass yet. Seems tremendous ! Love handles are gone

I woke up like this!!

Girls I finally am able to feel better and update you on my BBL with dr stone ... All I can say is wow .... I was awake through the whole procedure and he made me very comfortable ... We started with arms then bra roll then flanks then abdomen (lower only) then I waited until he processed the fat .... Then finally the most painful part was the injection into the butt ... Oowewwwewwewwew!!!!! I was screaming like a little girl but I said don't stop until my ass is perfect!!!! He was able to get 1400 out of me and put 700 in each cheek ! Woohoo !! My mom is helping take care of me for noe - posting some 2 day pics

Help !!! I am bored and can't get comfy

Ladies .. Since it is a secret that I had a bbl now I am locked up in my room to heal :(. My mom is doing a great job helping me out ... I am super mad at my 11 year old sis because I threw a pillow at her because her morning alarm was HONKING away, as she slept through it!!! She threw the pillow back and it hit my ass !!!!!! Owwwwwwww!!!! Then I tried to "fake sit" at the breakfast table and again OWWWW! Ugh so I decided to lay on my tummy in my room again and my arms kept going numb! Wtf is there no comfort for me!!!? Also - I had seen some lumpy bumpy areas on my tummy and knew this was because of the faja- so I put on the open butt garment that smoothed out my tumy since it has no zipper or hooks. Then idk how but my mom and I pulled on the doctors garment over it ..... Then I felt better about having smooth sides and no creasing ! And now I am just laying in bed ......

Too much back pain

Neck hurts ... Back hurt .... Face swollen .... Ass is hard and burning. AND I CAN'T TAKE MY GARMENT OFF ANYMORE BECAUSE MY ASS IS TOO BIG! I am scared to try - in case I hurt my ass pulling it over..... Please help meeee


Haven't pooped in 3 days...... I usually poop three times a day!!! Lol I know I am like a bird.... Will take some magnesium to help . I am a little displeases because Dr Stone didn't want to lipo over my rib cage area because he felt that it will not make a difference in result but I want it done !!!! I'm going to probably go back to tackle this area plus inner thigh , but also maybe once the swelling reduces and all sets in .... I will be the dime I saw just after surgery before I became a ballon !

OMG pressure relieved!

For 2 days - the open butt garment I was wearing under my molded butt garment was cutting off circulation from my butt!!!!!!! Omg I hope I haven't ruined my chances of fat survival!!! This is my fault if I did because I did this on my own .... I removed the garment and now I am praying that all is well with my new booty!!!! Please survive!!! I don't understand ..... Some doctors prescribe open butt garments - I don't get why they would if it causes so much ass swelling ! My ass can finally breathe now .... I am drinking water and massaging my sides now .... :(

Every day gets a little easier!

I slept pretty well last night- aside from the burning pain of my swollen vagina! Was able to lean onto my bed from my knees to read a book. And taking off the inner garment helped a LOT . No creases in my CG all smooth ... Ass still big 42inch .... Btw I think I will wait to waist train as it hurts my ribs at the moment.

40 inches!!!! I lost 2 inches !! :((((

Damn this sucks - I wonder how much more it will go down ? I started at 37.5 (doc measurements ) I would love to stay at 40 and not less !!! Yikes!!!

Went outside today !

Friends came over and took me out for frozen yogurt on a hot day - I put on some leggings and a top - BAM!!!! Booty everywhere! Ha to be on my hands and knees in the backseat of the car .... And once we got there I was so paranoid that people would bump into my butt or I would back into something by accident... Anxiety. Then we walked over to a clothing store and my friends said that they couldn't stop looking at my ass and others couldn't stop looking either lol. I hope that I can maintain my weight and look this great for the long run ! Can't wait to get back in the gym and tone up!

Vagina and thighs ......

Are heavily swollen !!!!!!! When can I expect this to subside ? I am hoping within the 2 weeks ..... Sleeping on belly is getting old .... Doc said I can lay on my sides but it hurts when I try so I avoid it

More pics! And I think my garment is giving me a crease

Dolls, do any of you have experience with garments getting creased and leaving indentation on your body? My doctor says that this in only temporary as that area pushed the swelling out into other areas of my body and it will all heal with time and massage ... But I don't want that crease there at all!! Temporary or not! How can I prevent this ? See pics

Some before and after pics did by side!

Looks good

Day 5 pics... No change?

I weighed myself and am at 147!!?!???!? How the hell did I gain so many pounds post op????? I am gonna have to get serious once I hit the 2 week mark about the gym and eating clean again. Eeeeeek! Miss the gym.... Keep looking at Bella-Stella ass and getting jealous but I have to remind myself that I had zero ass to begin with and she has a nice one. Plus now I am thinking I need bigger boobs??? I have no kids though - maybe having a kid will help me gain a cup... Speaking of kids - I was due for my period on the 4th (day of surgery ) and am now 5 day late! Hope I am not pregnant and maybe the stress of the surgery pushed back my period.

Lumpy Bumpy Lipo Areas

As with my previous lipo experience - I have a lumpy bumpy lower abdomen. My flanks are already perfect and look like they are healed. (if there is still swelling then woah! it may get skinnier) but I KNOW THERE IS SWELLING DUE TO MY WEIGHT GAIN!!!! tomorrow I have to return to work so I am a mlittle nervous... I showered really well today so I can be gross and take a shower next on friday. Butt is now 40 inches. waist is 28. I am a perfect .7 waist to hip ratio! wearing my abdominal board so that my tummy can be nice and flat. Back pain is terrible every single night... .dont think this can be helped until I am able to sleep as I naturally do (on my side and back and tummy always moving).... my friend is driving me home to my apartment tonight, and luckily I live a 15 minute walk from work!! I will just walk to work tomorrow morning and walk home and Friday night my boyfriend will pick me up and drive me to my moms house. :) love my booty!!!!!! couldnt find my phone after my shower so no pics today - but I am considering changing into this faja so I can take it off myself. For the last week I have not been able to get this on and off alone due to SO much tenderness of the butt and I cant stand to roll the tight Faja over my ass. Opinions?

First time having intimacy after BBL

Let it be weird that this is the first thing I am doing as he grabs a sandwich but I wanted to share my first "encounter" after surgery. I back in my apt and bf came over to help me out if I need... So I try on some dresses and he gets excited about my shape. One thing leads to another and I mention that my faja is open crotch. Position was doggy , I had knees on the bed and he was standing (sorry to be graphic) ... It was gentle until one point then I stopped him :p lol we handled the rest in other ways !! Lol sorry dolls I was excited and wanted to share !!!!!

Back at work / sitting

I'm 1 week post and working again! TGIF !!! It was super hard to make it through the last 2 days at work ... Sitting in the car was hard I slammed my arms into the side of the car (bf was driving me) and hav some serious bruising (had Lipo there ) ... When I sit at work it's on a reverse chair .. My coworker think i have hemmoroids.... Ugh! I have to stick to my tailbone story. My legs are so swollen that I don't recognize myself !!!! So fat!!! Huge cancles and thighs!!!! Also my appetite has been bigger lately too ! I can't wait to get home to my moms and shower ! My new faja arrived I am gonna try it on today !

Pics of Lipo areas and 9? Days post BBL

Hey dolls ! Here are pics you asked for - arms are more bruised now ( I think bc I have been thrashing around like a fool). Belly is lumpy bumpy but this is ok bc I know that it will go down ... Booty is not that big. :( I want Bella_Stella type booty!!!!!! Notice the dent in my side from the garment ! Arghhhhh I hate it! I have been driving very carefully with a pillow under my thighs and by upper back pressed against the seat to hold my butt in the air. Let me know what you think! I am still 40 inches today ... If I make it one more week without losing I may have a good chance of staying at 40 inches ! Feet still swollen like CRAAAZY should I go to the ER? Btw ALL THESE PICS WERE AT MY MOMS HOUSE IN MY LITTLE SIS ROOM

Feelin FLOSSY in my Faja

Got 2 days till my stitches come out! Love how I look in my faja - hope I look this good naked !

Filling out my old shorts


Ok one last dress up pic today!

I just love my results !!!!!

Emotional post: I am pregnant ....... This is horrible

I was due for my period on the day of my sx which is why I stuck a huge tampon in during sx... I figured that the stress of sx made my period late.... It turns out that I am pregnant. I can't stop crying... This is not what I wanted and I am not even 2 weeks post op!!! Dolls... Pray for me. I have a hard decision ahead .... I'm 26 never married no kids great job and independent .... I wanted to me married and a little older ... I am going to sleep I have cried enough....

Hey Dolls - Going to see Dr. Stone today.

He's going to remove my stitches and then we will talk about some of the matters that have been on my mind. My body is healing, there is still lumpy areas that are very sore, there is still bruising on my upper body. I still feel pain when I sleep every single night. My vag and lower body is super swollen and fortunately the swelling of my feet has gone down. I have been able to work every day and even "fake sit" with no problems. I can drive, and I can walk fast. My butt is 40 inches as of last time I measured. I hope it is still 40, Dr. Stone will measure it today. Thanks for all your messages ladies.... this is a hard time for me but I have to make the decision that is best for my health and recovery. I am just praying... :(

Saw the doctor and the Gyno

Both are concerned to the high levels of anasthetic exposure, even though it was local. Gyno said I am 6 weeks and 2 days but was unable to detect a good shape for embryo. This is not going well so far ... Boyfriend wanted to get married and have a baby... Fuuuuuuccckkkk this would have been so perfect if it were not NOW! It is so sad. I may not even have a choice here. Boyfriend seemed really upset when I started explaining my concerns and the risks for this pregnancy and the thought of an abortion broke his heart. But I have another appointment with my preferred Gyno tomorrow and I will get a third opinion.

Butt at 39.5 inches

ugh! I hope that this butt just shrank because of my measuring error. The last thing I need right now is my money gone to waste with a shrinking butt. I really need to hit up the spa or something to relax. too bad I cant lay down on the facial table :( Oh well! Every day is a new day... This pregnancy is not going to work out for me and I am going to be very sad... but it is what it is. I choose my health and my recovery. If I am blessed to have another chance to get pregnant in the next months or years then I will welcome it. ... (Please don't send me judgmental inbox mails, I really don't have the emotional strength to deal with that kind of stuff. I know you ladies mean well)

2 week booty

Lookin good... Still swollen but I start my diet Monday to get lean

Before and After pics - oddly true

I have noticed before and after pics from BBLs when I was shopping for a doc that all the before pics the camera angle and posture was one way, and the after pic the camera angle was closer to the butt and posture was of them sticking out their butt a LOT!! this made me paranoid.... but now, I took before and after pics (above post) with a same thong comparison I made sure to stand the same way and have the camera in the same place... and BOOM, since Dr. Stone did a "back scoop" it just always seems like I am poking out my butt!! my booty is no longer square, and looks delicious. The BF has been wanting sex every single day, and not getting sick of the same old doggy style LOL!!!I kinda want perkier boobs now....... thinking fat transfer to breast... hmmm?????

Same bikini comparison

Looks great !!! Remind me to crop out my face lol

WARNING- may be graphic -

Yesterday was one of the biggest struggles I have ever gone through... in my life! I chose to terminate the pregnancy, after lots of thought and discussion with my partner and my friends - It was not the best time for me or baby right now through the personal things that my BF and I have gone through as well as the fragile state my body is in, also with the drugs that I have been taking for pain. I chose the medical termination, which was administered by taking a pill at home. May I say that this is something I never want to experience again. It was emotional and painful. I found myself crying and sobbing hysterically on the toilet while my insides were churning... it lasted about 6 hours... NOT EASY, as I did not expect it to be easy. my BF showed up with some food for me towards the end, and I was thankful because I had no food that didnt require cooking in my apartment - I usually do not keep snacks around because I eat them all - but we had a quiet dinner and he rubbed my back. This morning it just feels like the first day of my period, so I am OK now. ... wow. what a roller coaster. Other than that!!!! the booty looks great, its seeming a little smaller. I am into my 3rd week and have slept on my back last night as my surgeon allowed... and I have been able to sit. I am careful to listen to my body - if something does not feel right I dont do it.

When can I wear a bikini out already????

I love by body, and it hasnt been 3 weeks yet so I can start wearing my garment at night only at the 3 week mark. my VAG is still really swollen...... it shows when I wear a tight dress....... wanted to take my body out for a show... thinking a quick trip to vegas or something???? I wanna be one of those SEXY girls poolside... fuck it I will spend the $$$ to take this trip. thoughts?

Butt shrank....

Hello all - my butt is 30 inches today. My boyfriend noticed that it has shrunk but I mean, that was to be expected for the first 4 weeks...... I went from 37 inches (before sx) to 43 inches (day after) to 39 now.............. I wanted to at least stay a 40... I am thinking round 2 already but I want to wait and see... there is still a beautiful difference in my body and I love it but I will give it a full 3 months and add workout to this routine to see the additional changes that I can make .

39 inches!!!! last post was a typo!!!

I am 35, 28, 39.. I look amazing but not ghetto booty.... lol.

Waist training ...... For that Kim K hourglass

Hey ladies i wanted to post a pic of my booty without pants.. Looking nice and round !!!! Woohooooooo!!!!! I don't wear my garment anymore (stopped after 3 weeks BC I hated it so much ) and now I just wear a waist trainer when I can /... I love how my body looks in it

At a party..... my gf's get quiet. "WHEN THE F* DID YOU GROW AN ASS!!?"

I went to a birthday party saturday. I have been hitting the squat rack like a madwoman trying to get some volume back, and THANK LORD JESUS I gained back an inch!!! back at 40 inches!!!! I put on this pretty blue and black dress (tight but knee length) and I had on my faja with my waist trainer underneath. I looked like a perfect hourglass.... booty looked perfect, but not crazy. I have been known over the years to be resentment for my small butt, as the girls are Dominican, black, puerto rican, and other flavors of south america and african american. They all have BANGIN BOOTY. and dont mind throwing their asses around. ... so as they have been tracking my fitness progress on facebook and at the party we were taking about K Michelle's big fake booty. I got up to get a drink and the room went silent. "GUUUURL, WHAT EXCERSIZES HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THAT ASS???" and "IS THAT REAL??!?!?" and I was like - yeah I have been busting my ass at the gym for this, I am glad you guys see a difference! Go ahead and feel it, no implants! hahahah... (I dont think they knew about fat grafting) I loved their reaction. I am soooo happy with my body!

almost 2 months

looks OK :)

I am amazed at my results... I am so happy...

At the one month point I was not sure if I got the results I wanted, but now I have been working out for another month... and let me tell you, the transformation is AMAZING. my swelling is decreasing more, I still have hard areas but they are decreasing (mostly in arms and love handles). I can wear anything and look like a freakin VIDEO GIRL! I have posted some halloween pics. and... how did these HIPS appear out of nowhere? Dr. Stone did a great job reducing areas in order to naturally accentuate other areas. My bf is wild about my body these days.

You may notice my pics are gone...

Hey guys took my pics down when I discovered some PEOPLE THAT KNOW ME WERE BROWSING THIS SITE!!!! I had a heart attack!!!! If you want pics please private message me.... I love to help you guys but not really down to have everyone know I had work done as many of my friends are judgemental about things like cosmetic Surgery ... By the way ladies - I don't know now long it's been but my ass is still at 39 inches and I have a personal trainer that is helping me achieve divine ass. Closing statement. Worth it? 100%!!! Pain? For me it was like a 3 out of 10. Cost- excellent!!! Doctor? I love him and will recommen him to anyone !!! Skin? Please invest in palmers skin firming cocoa butter. Smells horrible but works. The man thing ladies PLEASE WORK OUT AND EAT A GREAT DIET IN ORDER TO INCREASE AND MAINTAIN YOUR BLESSINGS!!!! I could not be happier with my body, I'm turning heads everywhere i go, thank you doctor Stone!!
Dr. Joseph Stone

Dr Stone operates under "FRIVA MEDICAL" if you're looking for him. Please find him on yelp. My BBL results with Dr Stone are nothing short of FABULOUS! he underpromises and over delivers! I found him because He first did lipo on my mom, (flanks, upper/lower abs.) and he was very informative, and helped her feel comfortable. 5 stars for him with our experience with my mom's lipo. He was caring and great bedside manner. She looks great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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