26yo did Invisalign x18 months LOVED IT

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I'm a 24-year-old guy on my way through Invisalign...

I'm a 24-year-old guy on my way through Invisalign right now. I started my treatment two months ago and I've been taking a picture of my teeth when I put in each new tray. I love it to death. I've been extremely self-conscious about my teeth for a long time and finally had the money to take care of it. At first, the lisp was a bit tough - lasted maybe a week, but that's because there's a new appliance in your mouth you aren't used to. After the week, it's gone. In fact, I'm so used to having it in now that my mouth even feels a little weird when they aren't in! It also hurts a bit at first, but this is totally normal. I don't want to say each new tray HURTS, but there is some slight discomfort for the first day. Nothing a motrin won't take care of. And you'd expect it since it's now pushing on your teeth a little more. I'm only two months in and I see some real progress already. You'll never hear negative things about invisalign from me. As an adult, it would really be a bummer to have braces in.

I'm from CT and I went to Dr. Lashgari... highly suggested! I still have about 10 months of trays left, so with this kind of progress so far, I can only imagine that the results will be fantastic at the end! Notice in the pictures that the overbite is significantly reduced already and that the overcrowding is beginning to adjust. The snaggletooth in the front has been pushed back a good amount so far. I'm on tray 5/25. Another side note is that because of the lifestyle changes you make with invisalign, there are a few other side perks! First, because of the incessant brushing you have to do, your teeth do get a bit whiter as you do it. Also, because it's sort of a pain to brush/floss/rinse after every time you eat, you snack less - drop a bit of the layer over that gut as well!

One thing to be wary of is the attachments. If some of your teeth need to rotate, they'll put a small bump of basically filling material onto your tooth so that the trays can apply a rotational force to them. Those start off a bit rough and they do cut your inner cheek a bit if you leave the trays out for a long time. Don't worry about that... in a couple weeks, they get smoothed down just from the dynamic movement of your mouth and the aligners. They get better. I have about 8 attachments and they don't bother me at all any more.

Will update every month or so!

26yo 1 year after Invisalign - LOVED IT

I just realized I never came back here to post my results! I'm several months out now and I am so unbelievably happy with my results. It's weird to think that self consciousness about my smile was even a thing, because it literally doesn't even cross my mind any more. I'm so much happier with smiling now. Here are some pics with the end product. Even though its several months out, I still love looking at sandwiches after I bite them and seeing that beautifully straight bite mark MMHMMMM! I do still have to wear the retainers at night. I finished in February (So I'm 4-5 months out now?) and if I skip a night, I definitely feel it the whole next day. It's just off and uncomfortable... not painful or even really noticeable on a gross level, but the discomfort is there. Not sure how much longer I'll have that, but even if I have to wear the retainer for another year or more... it's so routine now, like brushing your teeth, that I don't care. I highly recommend it! Not to mention... patent's up soon... so it's gonn' be CHEAP
Dr. Lashgari

HIGHLY suggested. He's a great guy, great office staff, and I'm already clearly convinced that they produce results. I am going to be away for a month this summer and they, without hesitation, just gave me the trays I will need for this time. Seriously great people!

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