27 Years Old. 2 Child but Had Nothing To do with Stretched Labia - West Chester, OH

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I have always been embarrassed by it and often got...

I have always been embarrassed by it and often got yeast infections for extra skins. I would get punched in my panties. I am one of the lucky ones who got insurance to cover it. What can u say my obgyn is the best. He is the one who preformed the surgery and dud great. I only needed one side done and it was strictly just that. We used the trim method. I have slight swelling but no bruises so far. Way less pain than u expected. But getting worse

Labia minora reduction

Post op day 2

Day 3 after surgery

I felt like my pain was high yesterday because I was too active. So today I've hardly left the bed and I've hardly had any pain but that may also be because I haven't let the pain pills lapse. I also don't know how people could handle this without something stronger than Tylenol. My doc prescribed me Vicodin and offered stronger if I needed it. It is working good though. Still hardly any swelling. Some bleeding started last night and today. I'm not sure why and that freaks me out. My poor husband I made him look last night even tho he didn't want to, but I wanted him to make sure nothing is open or infected looking. He thought it looked better than expect.


Going good

Day 4

Pain is okay today especially considering I took my last pain pill abou 12 hours ago. Been sleeping or laying down most that time. I'm going to take just Tylenol today even tho I have a lot of Vicodin left. My biggest tip so far is if your in proscribed Meds start taking a stool softener with the first one. Being constipated really after labiaplasty really sucks. I'll feel like I have to poop then when I sat there I caught myself pushing when I didn't mean to. So worried I'm going to pop a stitch. All still seems to be going well. ????

One week since surgery.

Pain has been very low. Mainly just occasionally sharp pains. Basically the stitches are scratching me and causing burning sensations. I'm going through the very itchy healing stage. Still been icing everyday, hardly any swelling but it helps with the itching. Vaseline seems to also help. I've also starting taking azo yeast infection prevention pills to make sure that's not starting and causing itchy. No discharge like yeast. Just normal clear watery. Also been trying benodryl, helps with itching. Obviously all can see how much the itching had been bothering me by everything I've done to help it. Last thing I started using with dermaplast, seems to help alittle.

Pictures one week after

Slightly worried about the stitches and the red spot

I have been self conscious about my one labia...

I have been self conscious about my one labia being larger since I was like 12. That was before I ever had sex or child, therefore neither of those two factors caused the problems. I have searched for a doctor for years who would try to get it cover by insurance. Finally found one then my obgyn preformed the surgery. I was very worried about out the outcome would be and how painful it would be. My doctor put me completely asleep. So I felt nothing. Once awake I was in a lot of pain but they got it under control fast. I was sent home with 40 narcos. Only took about seven during my healing. First it felt pain then itching followed by some burning. Next all at once. I often looked then got paranoid about how bad it looked. Next I was happy with the results. Shortly sad again because I had two separations. Anyways I'm all healed now and worried if woman out there would be happy if this was their final results?

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