42 Yrs Old SCARED Lipo Mini TT No Muscle Repair!!! - West Bloomfield, MI

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Hi Ladies My surgery is in 10 days I am having...

Hi Ladies
My surgery is in 10 days I am having some lipo around belly button and upper abs as well as a skin removal below the belly button. I have had 3 breast augmentations all under General Anesthesia. I am very scared. I have lost around 80 pounds I have had 3 kids 24,22,16 and Two grandsons. I have been working out 5 days a week for a year and my husband finally agreed that surgery was the only way to fix my 90 year old looking belly . He loves me regardless BUT I HAVE WANTED this for sometime. My step mom is supportive but my MOM and some others call me vain and told me to accept the fact that I am a mom grandmother and I am getting older. I am so scared that something BAD is gonna happen. I have always had some anxiety issues and fear death. WHY AM I SO SCARED?? IS IT NORMAL ?? HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN THIS SCARED?? also I have read some people saying how painful it was I thought a mini was less painful with no muscle repair and I was under the impression that Tumescent lipo is not painful. My doctor said I could go back to gym and walk after five days after 10 days very very light work outs and resume in about 2 to 4 weeks. PLEASE HELP!!!!

one week to go Yikes! !!

So one week be for my mtt lipo no muscle repair. My OCD is still kicking but I do find myself getting excited at times too. I have wanted this for sometime I actually had lipo scheduled at the time of my BA reversion a few years ago. Yhe doctor who did my reversion (different dr that did first BA) said lipo would tighten my skin and I would not be happy with scar cause he could tell by my attitude :/. Needless to say i had the same type of anxiety OCD as I do now. And the morning of surgery I chickened out of both. A year later I went back to him for the BA reversion but opted out of the lipo. The cnra was amazing got me high and had surgery. Since then i tried red light therapy to tighten skin and loose the little fat i have. It worked for a few days but was not permanent . So here I am a year later and scheduled for next monday. I find my self looking in mirror asking do I really need this? Is it worth it?? How much pain?? How long before I can be back in gym?? Then I pull the skin taunt and imagine the little bit of fat gone and for a brief minute I gwt excited and say d amn I will be hot ;) . Then intrusive thoughts vicious cycle. Any ways I told my husband if the dr called tomorrow and said they had a cancellation I jump at it just to STOP THIS RIDICULOUS OBSESSIVE THOUGHT S. I have told a lot of people I am not ashamed . Well that's all for tonite gonna look through some reviews and check on sone people I have been following. Good night ladies .


Ok actually sent an email asking if I could cancle had an anxiety attack and my grandma has been admitted into icu as well not a good day today :(

're scheduled

So my anxiety got the best of me and I am currently waiting. Not only was it anxiety but my grandma has been admitted to icu. My mom has been a complete basket case as her and my grandma are extremely close. My mom has a hard time with sickness and death since my baby sisters un expected death a few years ago. So I cant be there for my mom or grandma if I am nervous or recovering. At this point I will wait till end of summer so I can enjoy my pool and the lake. As well as my grandson coming for the summer from AZ. I will keep following you all and watch your progress. Pray for those getting ready thanks ladies
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