Breast Reduction Went Well...Except My Nipple is Going to Fall OFF! - West Bloomfield, MI

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I've had large breasts my entire adult life. Same...

I've had large breasts my entire adult life. Same story as most women; back problems, difficulty exercising, constantly uncomfortable. I researched surgeons and chose a well recommended, board certified plastic surgeon. I had the procedure done 3 weeks ago. The procedure itself was fine. Minimal pain, significant bruising and swelling, nothing too major except my nipple turned black and is in the process of FALLING RIGHT OFF!

Within 24 hours after surgery I noticed that my right nipple looked a bit purple. I called the surgeon and a nurse answered the call. She mentioned that the doctor had noticed a discoloration during the procedure (which no one told me or my husband about). I was told to place cold compresses on the right side (it was very swollen). That seemed to help with the swelling, but in the course of a few hours my nipple became even darker.

I called the surgeon back later in the evening and spoke directly to him. He mentioned that he removed a significant amount of tissue on my right side and that he "thought this might happen." Long story short, after several post ops the surgeon told me there is nothing that he can do. It basically looks like a big black scab that is going to peel off.
Also, there was a random cut on the left side of my breast. Up high, not near any incisions. No mention of this by the surgeon again. I'm frustrated and upset. I didn't realize that this was a possible side effect and it makes we wonder if my surgeon screwed up. :/
I don't smoke, I'm young, healthy, and exercise (I completed the Insanity workout a few weeks ago). The shape of my breasts is great and the reduced weight is wonderful. The procedure was still worth it, but I obviously wish my nipple was intact. I'm scared and nervous about what's going to happen and what it will look like when it does fall off.


I had a post op yesterday and the surgeon reiterated that the nipple will fall off. He stated that he didn't want to debride it because he didn't know how deep the wound is. So basically, I just have to deal with this until the scab falls off in 2-3 weeks. It's gross and annoying that the healing process is taking much longer, but it is what it is. My husband is sick of me talking about it, so I'll just come on here if I need support. :) Thanks everyone for your kind words. It really makes me feel better since this isn't something you can casually bring up in many conversations. Haha.

Still Healing

I've had several post ops with my surgeon since my last post. He is confident that everything will heal within 2-3 months. After that, I plan on getting a tattoo on the nipple area. It doesn't hurt, but the affected area is getting larger. The doctor wasn't concerned about that at my last visit although it freaked me right out. It looks terrible right now and I'm having a lot of emotional distress about it, however, I know that in time it will be fine. Thank you everyone for your support. I'm planning on continuing to post throughout my healing post so that I can help anyone else who goes through this.

Still going through a thoroughly disgusting healing process.

The healing process for losing a nipple is gross. And emotionally tough. It's hard to look at everyday. I know the end result will be fine, but right now it looks horrible. I'm including some additional photos so if anyone else goes through this they will know what to expect. That's been the hardest thing for me. Not knowing if what I"m going through is normal. My doctor has been very helpful in explaining things to me, but it's still scary and unsettling to see my body going through this And it was obviously not what I expected to happen going into this procedure. The surgeon says I have about 6 more weeks to heal completely.

1 year Later

It's a little over a year since I had my reduction. I no longer have back pain attributed to my large breasts, but am very unhappy with the aesthetics of them. I will post pictures later. I have also gained a lot of weight due to the emotional stress that I went through while recovering & being unhappy with the results. Sigh. My doctor has recommended doing a lift where he can reposition the scar tissue so that it is lower and does not show when I am wearing a bathing suit (which has been super annoying this summer) and then I will get a tattoo. Definitely not ideal, but just dealing the best that I can with the results of a crappy situation.
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