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I've wanted to do this since I was 15yrs old and I...

I've wanted to do this since I was 15yrs old and I was told by a Internist my mom took me to because I was trying to lose weight to lose my boobs, don't have it done you will have horrible scars. So that was put in my mind and that was the end of it.I have always been a small person 5ft and 108 lbs with D and DD size boobs( one of each). I went to a 34G with each pregnancy(3) and BF my last for 3 yrs at the age of 40. Never in my wildest dreams thought I'd BF that long. So now 44yrs old and with big, saggy, uneven boobs that I hate and have my whole life, I decided to have a Breast Reduction and was going to pay for it. I had a free consultation and found out I met the criteria for my insurance for it to be covered ( weight and height and how much he could take off). Now if that's not and invitation to have it done, right? So here I am at 4am( surgery at 11;30am) because I couldn't sleep and looking a more pictures and reading blogs I decided to write one too. I have found them so helpful in what to expect. I am very scared but excited also, I just keep thinking of what they look like and problems I have with buying bra's, swim suits, tank tops ect.ect..and I know this is right.

Day 5 post-op. Still having some discomfort more...

day 5 post-op. Still having some discomfort more around the sites where the drains were, and when I've been doing things all day. I am trying to limit myself but it's hard when you have 3 kids. I go tomorrow for my 1st post-op appointment, I have to ask my PS if I will get a little bigger in the front of my boob and drop down and look like a boob. Right now they are smooshed and swollen across my whole chest and very tiny, I have the surgical bra on that I think would make Dolly Parten look small . I know he said I would be a B but my 13yr daughter who is a 32A seems bigger right now. Insurance covered it, and I know I had to have a certain amount removed (around 268) one boob was right on the verge of what he could take out and the other he could remove more, being that they were a cup size difference but the PS said I would be a full B, small C at first, then said a B after it was done. I just hope they drop and have a boob shape, instead of a pubescent girl. I can deal with having little boobs and buying push-up bras if I want to have some cleavage but not with just some swelling and a nipple on my chest. Did I make a horrible mistake having this done? I have been taking 1 pain pill/day, it's Tylenol with codeine and I am constipated, I also have been taking a stool softener 3 times a day but not really helping, so I'm bloated and crabby. I have mixed feelings about having some of the tapes removed tomorrow ,I want to see but then I just want to keep things covered until they look like I want them to. I guess I'm in denial, I haven't even shown my husband yet. I know people have said you can go through a mourning process after having something like this done and I definitely feel I am doing that. I'll check back tomorrow after my appt and let you all know what the PS has to say. I have a pic pre-op but none post-op yet, I'll take one today.

Well it's been 13 days post-op and I absolutely...

Well it's been 13 days post-op and I absolutely love my new boobs. The first few days and probably up to day 8 or so I was freaking out. What have I done now I'm flat, because it really looked like I was smaller than my 13yr daughter who is a 32A. But day by day they have grown on me and I fit into a 34B soft cup bra (just tried it on for later) didn't quite fill out the very tip since I still am high and swollen and hard but that will soften and drop into a boob shape even more. I had looked at every ones pic's after they had their BR done and they still looked like boobs, where mine had looked totally flat. But they are not and these are the boobs I was meant to have. I can't wait till summer to wear all the cute tops and strappy sun dresses that my boobs could never wear and buy bra's ( a lot of them lol ). I think I am healing well, it is still painful mostly on the incision under the breast going to the side, and just starting to sleep on my side. My nipples are very sensitive still and my right one is slightly smaller then the left, I will see how that looks after it heals ( my other nipples didn't match either) and if it bothers me that much maybe get it fixed. I am using Palmers on my breasts, the PS said to wait on any mederma or scar stuff. I see him at 3 weeks and I will let you know what he says. Everybody who is post-op, hang in there if your not quite loving the new boobs it's a big adjustment and you will go through a mourning process and then they grow on you the more you see them and you realize they were meant for you :)
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I ran into someone who had a lift and reduction and she was so happy she did it. She said it couldn't hurt to get the free consultation and gave me the name. I am so glad I did.

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