48 Mother of 5 & a Ganny! Ready for a Tummy Tuck - West Bloomfield, MI

After years of dieting and exercising. I never...

After years of dieting and exercising. I never could get rid of my kangaroo pouch (as I call it). I've put this off so long because I had to take care of my family. Now that everyone except one child is grown and on their own. I'm ready to make me happy and take care of me. My goal is to get a tt. I really would like advice and support from the real self family.

Getting Ready for Hour Glass Tummy Tuck

So tomorrow I have an appointment to pay for my tt in full and get fitted for my compression garments. I feeling excited, nervous, and anxious. I was told earlier by one of my PS staff to get a shower chair. toilet chair, and a walker ( good I kept mines from my back surgery 11 months ago). I have a recliner but is it really necessary? Did anyone sleep in their bed instead of the recliner? Any suggestions on other very important items I will need to make my recovery time as comfortable as possible? I will be shopping this week. My husband and sons will be here to help 24/7...My son and husband work different shifts. So that's a very good thing. I will be posting before pictures very soon.

Before pics

Dr Gray

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