Best Wishes for Bad Botox - Wesley Chapel, FL

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In early February,i had the worst experience of my...

In early February,i had the worst experience of my life.I saw Dr.Yvette Suarez for botox. She injected middle of forehead with five or six injections and two injections under the the eyes resulting in 40units.I had extreme tugging down in corners of eyes.on 16th,she put more in forehead and 1 unit in left brow, 2 in right and 3 lateral to right eye.
Dr. Yvette Suarez MD

The physician who did my botox may have injected me with as much as 76 to 80 units. she did not record the amount of units she used when she reinjected my forehead. She injected large amounts considering the few injections she made. (large amounts in small spaces) the tugging down created wrinkles i didnt have before and stretched my pores into lines. It felt like my cheeks were going to snap of at my eye sockets. my left zygomatic muscle took hold and pulled so tight that ringing often occured in that ear. On the night of the 16th, i woke up feeling a if i couldnt breathe(like a panic attack i assume) days later, it became hard to swallow. My face looked and still looks terrible with various forms of asymmetry. As others heard of my experience, they began sharing their experience with me as well. I wish i wouldve done more research. The reviews on her are mixed, but those who hared their experiences with me didnt write a review on her, so this means that one bad review can represent many. How can a physician continue to operate like this?!

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