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I am having my surgery sat. Nov 29 th. Was...

I am having my surgery sat. Nov 29 th. Was supposed to be the 20th. So I'm going out of my mind right now. My primary doc says don't back out. It will be worth it. I M so nervous but excited at the Same time. I just want the weight off of. My breast. They hurt and I'm so uncomfortable. I wish for no more rashes and embarrassment.

Before. 34/ 36 dd

Breast reduction

Waiting for all my ins stuff to be transferred to my new doc. I'm so nervous I wait everyday for the phone to ring. Been a month now. Still waiting. I think the other doctor screwed everything up and that may be why it s taking so long. Omg. Everything happens for a reason. So glad he didn t so my serger you and I found this doctor. She was way better. Just waiting now Ahhhhh

Post op. Feb

Still waiting for that phone call. Everytime the phone rings I check to see if it the doc s office. Seems like it s taking so long. I have a lot of time to change my mind but when I look in the mirror I see why I shouldn't I almost feel forgotten

another before pic. Feb 8

big Bo ba's

Mean while

still waiting.

Wardrobe nightmare

ready to be over it. This gives me anxiety just posting it. I fall out of my bras. That used to fit me before menopause.

starting to give up

i haven't heard from the doc office since 1st week of January. Starting to give up on my journey. Feeling depressed.

been al lSt 2 months now waiting

i cAlled the doc s office this week and was told they
Just faxed more info to them. I do know that bobs was updating their system. So maybe that is what is taking two months to get my authorization transferred. Anyway I have met some really nice girls on here and we are all in our 50's. Supporting each other. I just love it cause I haven t told any family members. They. Seem to judge more than support. So I feel alone sometimes but again it is my very most private decision. That I have ever made. So im ok with that !


mirror mirror on the wall These rashes hurt after all

Mean while I wait 2 more months A little humor!!!!!!!

do your boobs hang low. Do they wobble to and fro. Can you tie them in a knot. Can you tie them in a bow. Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continatel. Shoulder. Do your boobs. Hang low??

My birthday is Saturday

so I will turn 57 on Saturday. Still post op for 5 months now. All last week I had signs of getting my period. I am menapause since last May. But for over a week I had signs of getting my period. I started spotting. Now light bleeding. I googled it and it s not normal. Called doc Friday. Never heard back. Gonna call Monday. May be a lack of estrogen. Or even cancer. I don t need this on top of waiting for br. Sucks.

Called ins today

so I told my husband about all of you and how everyone is coming in after men and getting done before me. And about the ins situation. He told me to call again. So It was about 11:45 I got done work. Was gonna call doc office but they take lunch at 11:45 till 1 so I called. Ins. I found out this new doctors office has my authorization. It is good from feb 1 st till may 1 st. So does that mean they've had it since feb 1 st??? I called feb 16th and office mng said she had to fax something. So anyways I go to call doc s office after 1. Go figure. On Friday. They close at 12. LoL. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm gonna try to have a good day will make some calls Monday. I don t know what s going on?? Does the doctor want to do my surgery? I look at her page often she is board certified!! ?? Any thoughts????

feb. 28.

Happy birthday to me. I wonder if I'll have another birthday before I find a doc to do this surgery. LOL. BUT NOT REALLY. LOL. :(((((

March 5 th After waiting 8 weeks

Sent an e mail to doc office on feb 28 th. After waiting 8 weeks. got a call back. Surgery is scheduled for April 21 st!!!! Been a long road for me. From sept 29th. To this I am scared but excited. And we lol see what happens before hand. Please pray for me to have this done and to not have any other events stop it

April 21st. Is my surgery date

I say this with reservation because of what has happened with the other Doc. Although I feel much more comfortable with this doc. And I'm feel blessed to have my guardian angles make all this happen Please wish me luck for a positive out come on this very long journey

Hospital called today

they called to take all my info and down payment. ahhhh. Made it all get just a little closer I am keeping my mind frame of the medical reason why im doing this. I'm so sick of these rashes heaviness. Shoulder grooves not looking good in anything. And just over all uncomfortable . I keep reminding myself. Over and over again. I see doc again April 6th for last covo before surgery. I will feel better then. I have lots of questions. I wonder if I'll remember. I clam up when I get nervous.

4 weeks to go

oh boy. Here comes the count down. I think about this every day. I read everyone's reviews. I am so ready to put this journey behind me. It has been a longer journey than I ever expected. Nov. To april . Wow. But everything happens for a reason aNd I thank my guardians Angels for making this work out the way it did. I'm really nervous about my nipples being symmetrical. And my size. Next appt with doc april 6 th. I have been writing down all my questions. So until then. Hope everyone is doing well

lots of questions

will my nipples be symmetrical. Will my boo ba's be too small. Or too big. Will I be in Lot of pain. Do I need scare ointment. Will I get an infection? Do I need tape. Or scare ointment. And what meds. Ahhhhhhhhh. I am writing down all these questions for my prep op appt april 6 th. I Haven t seen this do. Since dec 22 Nd. Tick Tock.

Hello April. 20 days to go

i can not wait to put this behind me. I watched a video and the doc said out of all the plastic surgeries. Breast reduction is the easiest. That was good info. I have had a long road when I first started. I wish I could change my first review. Cause it say I was having it November. So I feel like everyone looking on here isn t really noticing I have not had it yet. I am scared. Nervous. My heart pounds. At times and my appetite is getting smaller. But I just keep thinking. About how my boo ba s will be out of my way!!!!!!! I wonder how busy plastic surgeons would be if men's penis s. Got too big a saggy and they couldn't be comfortable everyday.

april 6 th 2015

Just saw Doctor for last time before surgery. Went over everything & any questions i may have. One of the girls took me into a room & went over some stuff & took my temp & BP . My BP was crazy high ( of course) . but when Doc came in she didn't seem to be too worried about it.. May have to have blood work again .. cause it took too long from last time...I got my prescriptions to be filled. she told me to go to target & get a comfy bra 36 c and some other things . I will follow her orders down to the last word... She said i don't have to sleep sitting up but if i can prop my self i will feel more comfortable.. So now i'm just gonna try Yoga for breathing & wait.. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!

is anyone using a scare cream that works well & not over too pricey?

my doc suggested this Bio Corneum...spf 30 Reviews were not so great on Ebay..

12 days to go

I got my blood work done today at my Primary Doc office & my re op testing done over the phone.. So i think all is done.. Just hope blood work comes back good. I have had alot of anxiety today . I keep thinking about it.. I need to keep busy. I know I hate this heavieness i carry in the front of me. I know i will be fine.. I know how uncomfortable these rashes get & how i look squished in a bathing suit top at the beach.. so embarassing.. i know that everyone loves thee results... So why am i so nervous!!!!!!!!

April 13 th. One more week

trying to relax. And hold on to all the positive responses I am getting !! And having a complete trust in my surgeon!! Still hard to shake the nerves!!!!!! Thank you Everyone for reminding me I will feel so much better with this extra weight off me. And put my body in more proportion & being rid of back & neck pain. And I hope I look better in all the tops I look bad in now!!! Thank you for all the support It means so much!!!!

Tick Tock. I'm on the clock My next post will be after the surgery

today is Friday. Tomorrow is sat. Then Sunday I really prep for this. Take all jewelry off and nail polish off. Get the wash ready in the shower. Monday' I fast after dinner. I know my bp is running high this past week. I've been exercising. a lot and doing yoga. Trying to calm the nerves. I don't want to bore anyone. With being to long. So until then............ Bye......

surgery was today. 4/21.

Everything went very nice. except when I woke up and got very nauseous from the meds. Even with iv for it. I still got nauseous. It took a few hrs for me to it out of system. I'm home now. It s about 9 pm. I feel much better. My boobs don t hurt. I have compression stockings on. I ate some crackers. And drinking water. I'm gonna try to take only Tylenol extra strength. Cause I hear the oxi can make you feel nauseous. And I had enough of that today. I'm keeping my legs moving. And small walks. Hope I sleep ok. So until tomorrow............

2nd day after

feel a bit nauseous. And more tender , had to take durolax to get things moving my stomach felt so bloated !! My throat hurts I think that tub is why! I m doing the breathing thing they gave me. I feel tired today so I'm drinking lemon wAter and took the nauseous pills. I have the patch but I think it comes off today. I feel squished in this surgical bra. I am going to relax today and go with it. Here is a pic of my bra

4 days post op & so glad I found this Dr!!!

well I got so itchy. Drove myself to Doc s office . I am having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. I just want to rip off the bra and scratch away! Haha. So now some new meds and a little Benadryl. But I get a nervous feeling when tAking that So just a little at a time. Other than that. I have only taken Tylenol for pain. I rest a lot. Stay out of out doors. Cause the humidity is not good makes me itch more! Hubby s been great. ! I took a peek at my boo ba's today. And oh my goodness...... They are so perky!!!!! Not too small or big. Dr Aya-ay did a great job! Day of surgery I was scared she wasn t gonna come like dr alb ear did to me! Then while I was in the room she came popping in and said. WELL I MADE IT ! With the biggest smile on her face! And she gave me a hug!!! I will see her Monday for new info and bandage change!

News I Didn t expect

I went for my one week check the nurse removed and refreshed all my dressings. My boobs look great! When my doc does these surgeries,, she send all breast tissue in for pathology to examine! Good doctor ! The doc came into the room and told me they found that I am high risk of breast cancer. Some tissue seems to be growing faster than it should or something like that. My head was spinning. I was shocked! And now I'm scared. I have to see a breast surgeon may 8 th. so until then....... Did anyone else have this ???

10 days post op

get tired very easy. Healing pretty good. Itchy like no other. Benadryl is not helping. Today I feel like my ribs are bruised. On both sides. I don t see bruises but it feels so bruised. Tried on bras at Walmart today. Frustrated. Found a nice Hanes flex bra I got but it keeps rolling up under my ribs. But it s the best one I have found the genie bra's suck! See doc Monday. And the breast surgeon on Friday. I am hoping this atypical loubulus hepertasia. Is something I don t have to worry about. Nothing like being excited about your reduction. Then being told your at high risk of breast cancer. So I will up date after my appt. God bless everyone.

2 week check-up. Amazing!!!!

the nurse came in and took off all my bandages! The doc came in and they were both amazed at how much I have healed they both said it looked like I was healing like I had it 4 months ago!!! Doc said lets start on scar cream and I can't how out my surgical bra!!!and I will see her in a month!!! They left the room and I put the surgical bra right back on. LOL. Like it s a security blanket!!! I bought the cream she has. Because it s a scar treatment with spy and silicone. All in one. Pricey. But this is my biggest investment so I got it! She handed me a mirror. And then said I. Could stand up and look in the floor length mirror ! I was so nervous to see them. But there they were. All perky & my, scars are hardly there!! No red. Just a faint line. I could t believe it!!! I am so happy with my new Boo Ba's. Dr. Melonie Aya-Ay. Is the best!!!

Here is a picture of me before and after

in this pretty shirt I have had for years ,,,but looked horrible in it . All boob. !!!
so glad I saved it. Look at me now!!!

breast surgeon tomorrow. Not happy

after my pathology report came back saying I am at high risk for Brest cancer. I made an appt with a specialist recommended to me by my PS. I go tomorrow morning. I have been sick over this. But I'll get more answers after seeing him. Need some prayers. Please and thank you.

Breast cancer info

First I want to thank everyone for your support. I was so scared. I saw the breast surgeon yesterday! He said it's pre cancer. But it s very pre. I guess meaning on a lower scale and because I have no relatives who have had breast cancer I am at a lower risk. He did say that family history is really only a 12% factor. I don t have to take any meds. Again because no family history. And don t need to get the BRAC test . But I Do Need to get my mammograms With a different kind of screening. And this kind of cells (if ever) could turn into cancer over a 10-15 yrs time. SO I AM RELIEVED. JUST HOPE THEY MEVER FIND IT. BUT IF THEY DO IT WILL BE CAUGHT EARLY!!!!! Thank you for your prayers. I needed them!!!!! Now I can enjoy my new boo ba's. They are healing very well. The breast surgeon said they were perfect for my size and could t imagine that I was a DDD!!!! I'll post before and after soon

3 weeks.Before and after photos. And ouch.

i feel like this week has been the worst. I for healing. I get this stinging feeling in my nipple area and feels like some one is holding a match to them. It s quick. And sharp and off and on all day long. . I realized after days. Of dealing with it. Aleve has helped. I forgot about taking. Anything. Dum. Gonna keep paying attention to this and take something. Not just try to deal with it. Are these called zingers ??? I heard the nerv s will be re attaching. Ouch !!!!!! Non stop.

4 Weeks /Picture and my boo ba's

it crazy to think how fast the past 4 weeks has gone by! I have had no pain just some sensitive nipples but all of a sudden they are almost just about gone ! I am so surprised how painless this whole process was. The worst pain was the waiting !!! I had my share of itchy. I still sleep on back but those bodybpillows are great for some side positions. I took a Tylenol yesterday. Cause I felt tender. I think I am healing pretty good . I put bacatracin on a couple of times a day I wash them each time before I put it on. Washing feels good Like a massage and then air them out. Before I put bra back on in place gauze over bacatracin cause it s like vasLine. To protect bra ! Overall. I am still in shock I have different
boo ba's !! I can feel I am healing on the inside. Stitches will take about 4-5 months to disapate . I am use caution as I heal. I have no more lower back pain. That part amazes me!!! Everyday it hurt like a static nerve. No more !! So now I take time to heal and Enjoy how different my shirts look on me!! Here is my one moth post op picture .

5 weeks post op

I am 5 weeks post op. I am sore and I have had two spots that broke open like a pin hole and rash. That hurt been putting ointments on. On. The back sleeping is fun huh??!! But I was thinking as it is an a it wrinkle trick. My itchy is getting better. I have been allergic to everything. I'm healing good but I think I have over doing the arm reaching. I have t exercised since and feel like I'm getting fat. But I can t. My boots hurt and are sensitive It s hot here in Florida. So I can t be outside very long without sweating and getting itchy. It s so hard to take it easy.

6 week 's. Post op

I am healing good except a few small areas got red and irritated . Doc said there are layers of stitches inside and sometimes they try to exit to the skin . I have a few doing this. So I'm back on antibiotic s. For a week. Just in case any infections try to start . My zingers just suddenly stopped. The itchy is off and on. My breast are still perky and feel firm. I still need to sleep on back with side pillows and slightly slanted . It s not uncomfortable. I go back next Monday so she can keep an eye on the irritated areas. I have faith and trust in this doctor so I know it won't get bad my side areas where there was puckering is almost all gone. So happy cause at first I was not happy to see that but it was normal at first. I'll post pictures soon .

6 week photo& showed hubby

i finally got the nerve up to show my husband my new girls! His eyes lite up with a big smile!!!!!He said they look great. I showed him my before pictures ! He said wow big difference !! I told him that Even if he didn t like them I did. So I hope you like them and then I pulled my shirt up and he smiled from ear to ear!!!! I'll post some before and pic from today

week 7

not too much has changed from week 6 except i think they are settling??. My left boob likes a little different then the right one. I heard someone say they change everyday! ? Can anyone else give me info on this. I have been happy the whole time.. but now they look different. I had my surgery on april 21 of im just 7 weeks.. was gonna take pic but they didn't look photo ready LOL

8 weeks post op

today marks 8 weeks since my surgery . Since then I would like to share my experience .i have had my share of being itchy and still do but not crazy . My breast are still tender and some what sore . I still sleep on my back and try for my said elite body pillow , other wise no way still not ready without support. I have tingling and burning feelings at times. Yesterday I got this sharp pain in my left breast that was pulsing. Really hurt. But didn t last ( thank goodness) . They are still firm but I can see they are reshaping everyday. One day I had a dent on my right outer side. The next day it was gone. So I guess our breast will change while they go thru all the healing I don t have anymore stitches trying to exit so . I was able to get in the water yesterday. While I was in the water my boobs always float then when I would get out gravity would hurt . I did not have that yesterday so that was a bonus!! It was one of my first signs of not being so big. I actually still think I am till I look in the mirror.my scars are healing more everyday. I use bacatracin and scar cream and some coconut lotion. I switch it up . Here is my 8 week post op photo. Sometimes the lighting can make my skin look a little different . Over all I think my Doc did a great job and I'm great full for that!!!

omg!! Look at my scars at 8 weeks post op

I have noticed over the past few days Lot of difference in how my scars are healing! I took a picture to show all of you who are about to have your procedure Look at them now! My surgery as April 21st.

12 weeks post op & pictures

saw surgeon for my 3 month check up. Got the go ahead to exercise without restrictions. She is amazed at my healing. I see her in one year !!!! Here are some pictures to share .

3 months post op & had to have a mammogram. :((((

after my Breast reduction. The pathology report came back. With high risk for breast cancer . I have what is called. ATYPICAL LUBOULUS HYPERPLASIA. It means abnormal cells in the milk ducts. So the breast specialist I was referred to said to get a diagnostic mammogram with an ultralight sound if needed. I and to do it I. July since that will be 1yr. Since my last mammo. I was very anxious about doing this. I felt like wasn t the pathology report good enough for now. At least till December??? I thought it was insane to be squashed only 3 months post op. Hell. I am still healing. So I had it done. And it was somewhat uncomfortable. But later the day and last night and all today I am in so much pain. More then the day after the surgery!!! I took Tylenol ex. And it really didn't t help much. I hurt so bad. I feel swollen and so tender . Could not get comfortBle all night. It makes me feels upset and emotional. The only good thing is. My test showed all clear and. I have to have another one in 6 months. And from now on every 6 months. All I wanted was a nice breast reduction. Not all this crap... Sad and sore and upset.

4 months pic. Post op

it has been four months since my surgery. I am healing slowly but surely . I am still tender my scars were just about gone and had to have a mammogram which made them read again and set the healing back ,,,,but here are a few pictures at my four months postop I still sleep on my back. The bottom half of my breast are still tender

5 months post op

5 months and 2 weeks post op

I am having so much pain in my right side. On the cut that is under neither. and my nipples are hurting me. Everything kind of hurts. I've been working out. Maybe I need to take it easy. . I. Did really well. Except for itchy in the begging. But now at 5 months my breast just hurt all day . I have been wondering if it s this nylon bra. And sleeping on my side hurts so bad now too. It feels like they are pulling. Ouch. Anyone else have this at this point ?

This is my 6 month Boobaversary!!

It almost seems impossible that 6 months a gone by since I had my breast reduction. I am still some what sore. I am healing nicely on the outside. But I still feel the healing going on everyday on the inside. Can almost sleep on stomach with some pillow support. I think my boobs are 100% better than they were . I like my nipple placement a lot!!! My boobs were always like jelly. But now they are a lot more firm. They have soften up since the surgery. But not into jelly. I try to be patient with this healing going on... But time heals. I have met some amazing women on here that have helped me through so many un answered questions and you all have given so much information that helped me in so many ways. REALSELF ROCKS!!!!! Here are some pictures of me now.

One more pic that wouldn't t load. Bra less @6 months

I don t go bra less at all but one more picture that didn't load to show
Dr Aya-Ay's work!!!

a year ago.....

It was been one year yesterday that Dr Albear never showed up in the surgery room to do my Breast reduction.. I left devostated.. I thank my gardian angel's for not letting Dr Albear do my surgery & finding one of the best Surgeons in my area..
Dr Melonie Aya-ay,,
I waited so long and it took everything out of me to actually JUST DO IT.
I count my lucky stars..Everything happens for a reason.. I am 7 months post op now... and everyday as i heal... i feel so lucky things worked out like they did... It's been hard to get over that situation... but with my breast reduction results from Dr A... I was Blessed.. she did a great job.. still can;t believe i went through with it....

9 www months post op.

I feel pretty good. I wear my bra 24/7. . I still have tenderness. But not really bad. I keep pulling my boobs up in habit from when they were so big hang hanging. Only difference is. They don't move from my waist linebacker into bra. They are a perfect size for my frame. I just hope they don't sag in time. . I still need to take it easy exercising. Mostly doing burpees. And I haven't found a really good sports bra yet that will keep them from moving at all when exercising. Any suggestions??? Ok well here are my photos of me now.

10 months. Post op

Hard to believe that 10 months has gone by. I still have tenderness .my scars are very light . I still put e oil on everyday. I finally found a sports bra that keeps the girls from moving when I exercise. I makes such a difference. I still wear a bra to bed . I feel like I need the support . Here are a few photos I took today. . My surgery was on April 21st.

Today i had my 2nd Diagnostic mammogram since my breast reduction 10 months ago,,,

Well everything came up good. IT hurt ..Yes cause i am still healing... They can see a few Staples on the right side... must be why that side get super tender at times. But non on the left. Not sure why.. I go for another test in 6 months again.. in Aug.. And if everything looks good then i can go back to yearly.. I was so scare waiting for the results... But I just know my Guardian Angels were with me... The Tech took one look at me and said "WOW your scars are just about invisible.." and she said she has never seen anyone who has had the reduction look as well as me!!!! Yes!!! Made my day...

One year ago today I had my breast reduction

This time last year I was having my surgery!!!! I can't believe a whole year has gone by!! I had quite a journey in the beginning with a surgeon not showin up . But everything happens for a reason and I ended up in very good hands . I am still a little sore . I prefers to wear my bras to bed still. I still use E-
oil and argon oil everyday . I sometimes think I would like to be smaller. But I am told I am now in proportion with my figure. It s just that I was so big and my boobs were looked at first before my face and having them not stand out Would be a good thing. I think because I lived like that for so long it s in my head that I'm still Big !! The waiting for the surgery was worst than the surgery it s self. I had no pain at all after I didn't need to take any meds for pain at all. So ladies. .. If you need it done. Do it!! I love that my boobs don't lay on my stomach anymore my nipples are much smaller. And they don't look like torpedoed and feel so heavy. ( love that). And no more back pain. ( bonus). You heal very quickly and it s all Worth it !!

19 months later

No more scars.

24 months ago today I had my breast reduction !

I can't believe it s been 2years today since I had my surgery. This was by far the biggest thing I ever did in my life . Seems like yesterday . I'm still a little sore to lay flat on stomach. My right end gets sensitive. It might be scar tissue that I never worked out. I want to try and go bra less. But I'm scared they will sag. LOL . But here are what the results are after 2 years.
Lutz Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Melonie Aya- ay is a perfectionist in my opinion . She is very clear and explains everything . I got so very lucky to have found her to do my breast reduction. I highly recommend her ! I do have to wait a little long sometimes but she is well worth the wait !!! Her office is in Tampa. Near the saint Joseph north hospital. Everyone in the hospital Spoke so very highly of her . She has a great reputation

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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