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I am writing this because I read so many of these...

I am writing this because I read so many of these reviews before I decided to do this and I'm hoping mine will help someone as much as all of the brave ladies stories I read on here helped me. Having a breast augmentation is something I have always wanted to do. I have had small breasts my entire life except when I was pregnant (never breastfed) and I knew that wouldn't last, lol. I always thought my breasts looked okay I just always wanted them to be bigger. I got serious about having this procedure several years ago and started researching and was going to go for it but didn't get to. Ever since I have been trying to find a way to make it happen and this year was finally my year! My husband has been so supportive through this whole process and has been almost as excited about this as I have, he was the one who encouraged me to get a free consultation after watching me obsess over this for so long. I'm sure he was sick of hearing about reviews and BA's but he never said so, bless him. So after getting my facts together I went ahead and scheduled my free consultation with Dr. Fakhre in February. I went to the appointment and I was disappointed I didn't get to try on any sizes but I was really pleased with the Dr. He was honest with me about one of my breasts being larger than the other (not pronounced but I have always known that) and the fact that one of my creases was slightly lower than the other too which meant 1 nipple was slightly lower than the other which I had never really known. I really respected that he was so open and honest with me and very clear about the fact that while he believed I was an excellent candidate for the surgery and that I would get lovely results I needed to know that he would not ever be able to make them identical twins (I already expected they would have slight differences as most breasts do and let him know I have realistic expectations). Also Dr. let me know he chooses the final size, I would choose my favorite and he would take 1 size smaller and 1 bigger and day of surgery he will choose which he thinks looks best on me. I think I already knew leaving the appointment if I could find a way to manage the financial part I would choose him. I loved his staff too. So I went home talked to my husband and after hearing about my appointment he was ready for me to go for it but I thought it would be best to at least get a second opinion so I went to a free consultation with Dr. Fiala in March and while I liked him and his staff too there were a few things about his practice that I didn't care for. I'll be honest though I think even then I already knew I wanted Dr. Fakhre to be my doctor and I really only went to the other consult to see what the Dr. would say and so I knew I had gotten a second opinion and didn't just jump at the chance to get this done. I should say too that I was interested in silicone implants not saline and I really liked the fact that Dr. Fakhre only uses the cohesive style silicone implants, also I was always thinking high profile and not moderate because of my body type. So after alot of discussion with my husband and sleepless nights thinking about it I finally decided I was going to do this for me. I called and bugged Rose with so many questions and she was so nice and helpful with every single one!! Paid my deposit and scheduled surgery for May 19 at 12pm (wasn't thrilled about the time but it ended up being fine), eek seemed like it was going so fast but so slow too. Lol. Before I knew it I was having my pre-op appointment and picking a size (which I agonized over) always thought I wanted at least 400c but ended up deciding I didn't want more than 375cc so I chose 350cc knowing it would mean I could end with 375cc or 325cc depending on the Dr.'s choice. I actually liked the fact that the Dr. would be making the final choice because I felt like he is the professional and would know best and that way I couldn't be too mad at myself for the final size, lol. It felt like the time crawled by (I was so nervous, excited and worried i had picked the right size which i had thought about changing several times) but then it was surgery day. I showed up at the New Tampa Surgery Center at 11am, signed a few papers and got my wristbands and pretty soon they were calling me back (my husband was with me and was allowed to go back with me) where I signed a few more papers after my nurse went over them with me and my husband and then I took a pregnancy test and changed into my lovely gown, put on my compression stockings and slipper socks and got my IV and waited for Dr. Fakhre to arrive which then of course felt like it took forever but of course didn't, lol. Dr. Fakhre came and talked with my husband and I again for a few minutes about the surgery and how he would call my husband when he was finished with my surgery (he made sure to get my husband's cell number) then he had me sit up tall flat on my butt on the bed and he made his marks with his marker and did some final measurements just to be sure he was satisfied and then assured my husband and I that he thought I would get a great result that I would be happy with and made sure we didn't have any other questions then told me he would see me soon in surgery. I didn't really have any questions just told him I was super nervous about surgery and he assured me that was normal and that he would take good care of me. Soon another nurse came and introduced herself as the nurse who would be in the operating room with me caring for me (she was so nice like the rest of the staff at the surgery center) and she verified all my information again. Next thing I knew an anesthesiologist was coming to talk with me and my husband and after 1 last kiss from hubby it was time to go ( I got to walk into the operating room). Got onto the operating table and they covered me up and got me comfortable then the anesthesiologist said he had given me something to help me relax and next thing I remembered was waking up in recovery (same nice nurse who had put my IV in was there). I was in pain but not a 9 or 10 when I woke up and the nurse gave me first some water (I had asked for a drink first thing) and then some liquid pain medicine (yuck) and some crackers to eat so she could give me more pain medicine (2nd round made me sick immediately). They brought my husband in and after what seemed not too long they helped me get dressed and took me out to my ride home. (nurse who did my IV and hubby were talking and something she said really made me feel good, she told my husband if she was going to have this done she would pick my Dr out of all the doctors that do this at their center because he's double board certified, which I knew ????). Didn't know it then (husband did because Dr. told him and he got the info card) but I got 375cc high profile Natrelle style 20 silicone implants!! I'm going to be brave as many of you ladies have been and post some before and after pictures. Will post more later.....

Before and after pictures

Seem to be having a real problem uploading pictures for whatever reason. Finally just posted my before pic as my profile pic since I could get it to upload there. Will try again later.

Before and day of surgery pictures

Trying to upload pictures has been challenging for me, doesn't load them for whatever reason. Here goes another try.

First after pictures

Here are the pictures from after my first shower. Had to stay in the wrap for 48 hours after surgery, had my follow up the morning after surgery and the Dr. unwrapped me let me take a quick look in the mirror (hubby was supposed to get pic for me but he forgot, think he was kind of busy checking out sponge bob square boobs, lol) then wrapped me right back up. I had surgery Thursday afternoon,my f/up Friday early morning and then had permission to take my wrap off and shower Saturday afternoon then start wearing my sports bra. Definitely needed help from the hubby with the shower and washing of my hair (I have long hair) which he was great about. Felt so good to get into a sports bra and out of that wrap. The Dr. chose 375cc (HP) when he did my surgery and I'm so glad he made the final choice because i know i would never have chosen that and my husband and I think it looks very proportionate on me. (when i went to pre-op appt hubby wanted me to do 325 but I wanted 350) Right is higher than left so far slightly.

Medication problems

Had some real issues with my pain medicine since surgery and I didn't realize until this past Saturday THAT it is was what was causing me so much pain. I feel like I'm a pretty tough person who has an extremely high tolerance for pain normally too so it really surprised me how much pain I was having. So finally this past Saturday after much thinking about it realized that was maybe the issue (feel like I should have realized this sooner since I'm a nationally certified pharmacy technician too but I just didn't think about the connection at first). Since not taking it anymore I have been improving so much more each day, still having trouble with my stomach from the medicine but yogurt is really helping me with that, and of course still some pain and tightness with the new girls but not about to take any medicine (even Tylenol has been bothering my stomach). I should say too I finally did break down Sunday and text Dr. Fakhre for some advice on what else I might try for pain because the Tylenol bothered my stomach too and he was really great about getting back to me with some great suggestions (like the yogurt) and he apologized to me for not getting back to me sooner (it was only about an hour that passed before he responded and it was his personal time so I really just appreciated his time, he is so great!). Wish so much I had realized my issue with the medicine sooner because I know I would be so much more improved than I even am now. Since stopping the medicine Saturday, each day I feel a little better. I'm feeling like I am in the 70% range or so right now which is wonderful compared to feeling in the 25% range Saturday. It seems later in the afternoon is when my pain/tightness gets worse, maybe because I still don't quite feel like myself but can tell I'm getting there.

Day 9 post op pictures

I was trying to include these with my last update but for whatever reason couldn't get them to upload. So finally here are the pictures. Will post again soon.

Week 3 post op and pictures

Since i'm trying to make this a quick update I will just post what I can and if you have questions please just ask, sorry if I forget anything. I was still dealing with issues with allergic reaction to my pain medicine but as far as physically healing I have been doing great. I had much more range of movement this week and am able to lay flat on my back on my bed. So thrilled with my results, seeing some changes already too. Since I want to post 3 week pics too I'm stopping now. Lol
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Fakhre or his staff! Totally worth it and would recommend him to any and everyone that asks me!

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