50 Y.O. Finally Getting the Tummy Tuck & Lipo I Have Wanted for 32 Years !!! Clearwater,FL

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I went to my consultation, kinda nervous, I have...

I went to my consultation, kinda nervous, I have spent so many years trying to hide the belly that I now had to show to my Dr. and assistant, but they both really put me at ease, Dr. Albear really is caring , and understanding, he completely explained the whole procedure, I go in this Friday December 27th to make payment, and get my pre op info and required testing info.Thank you to my awesome husband who bought this for me for Christmas, he is a PT so recovery will be a bit better with someone who handles post op patients all the time, being my guy is a plus !!! I will ad photos soon . Nervous and excited all at the same time,!!! Looking forward to the Flat side in 2014 !!!!

Excited and nervous !

My stats are 5" 6" 160, down from 215 , my goal weight is 145. Tomorrow I go in for finalizing paperwork, list of tests that need to be done, what to do and not to do pre-op, pre-op photos.. why does that scare me most ? I had a tough time just posting the ones on here , I keep thinking next year this time I'll be wanting to show my photos !!! Excited and Nervous !!!!

Down pymt and pre-op blood work

When back to Dr. Albear's office today to make pymt for surgeons part of surgery, met one of his office staff Gigi !! awesome lady so friendly and caring, she took the before pics, now here I am in front of a long mirror in bright lighting with my hubby standing right there.. he hasn't seen me in my (nude) self in bright light in years.. I seen how bad my thighs hips and buttocks are, not as bad as tummy, but it's the first time I had really seen myself. I contacted Shyra, to see how much it would be to add this, I am hoping we can afford it...! I would really like to get all this done at one time to recover only one time.. Anyone else do this too ?

Planning and preparing

I heard from Shyra today concerning possibly more lipo..., I didn't realize she is out of office until next Monday, at that time she will let me know about additional costs.
Had my pre-op blood work done, making my to get list, making meals to freeze, hubby is getting walker from work, have raised toilet seat and chair for shower coming this week. And thank you thank you to all the wonderful ladies giving me support and understanding, truly means the world to me !

Question ????

I am getting things around to wear for after TT and Lipo, Dr. has told me I will have drains, so my question is, what do you wear to hospital that will work with drains and is easy to put on ? I have an hour trip home and really don't think PJs are a good option, but maybe they are I don't know...what do you all think any thoughts? what did you wear ?

I got my OK for all my procedures TODAY !!!

I just heard from my PS office scheduled for January 10th, TT with muscle repair, lipo of flanks waist hips thighs and buttocks . I am so excited that I couls afford the additional procedures I really wanted to do !!! I just came in from my usual 45 minute walk, now to the Beach Body 10 minute Core Cardio and a good round of upper body weights to keep strengthening that upper body for post surgery WOO HOO ! I'm juiced !!!!

Final prep day ... thoughtful introspective day

Tomorrow is my day, I'm feeling excited !! I have stressed a lot, worried.. went back and forth, but now I've decided to just go with it and believe in my PS believing that it will all work out well.
Cleaning organizing like crazy. I still don't have a time on my surgery , hospital to call sometime today. I will be glad to have the time and know everything is all set.

This is a strange situation for me, back story... my husband,( Awesome Man !!! ) He is a type 1 diabetic, since birth.... I have seen him through numerous seizures, surgeries and recoveries over the years I really only know how to be care giver. This is the first time I'm doing something for me, feels kinds selfish, but exciting all at the same time!

Here ii is !!

Ready to head out today is the big day ! or I should say little LOL !!! Looking forward to doing this and coming home to the recliner. Exciting, and hoping for the best !!!


Resting@ home Things went well Tt Mr &lipo hips flanks inner thighs. Such a wonderful facility and especially outstandingstaff ! Sore and so glad to be in my recliner 2 drains ..I haven't looked at belly yet really tired I add more info later thqnks so much for the well wishes !!! Super happy to be on the flat side!

So far so good!

Slept well easier getting up & sitting some swelling pretty sore but hey ....I had a BM funny what makes me happy right now! Thank you for checkin in on me ! Sure means alot


My care giver in my situation is my husband. Doing so much to help me and keeping up with pets and general chores. I am so grateful to have such a totally caring umderstanding care giver. Ladies do remember the caregiver who is by yoir side throughout this whole rollercoaster journey.... that is Love !!!!

Drain removed

Went to PS to have drains removed only one removed i right drain still too many cc , a min. No infection all looking good at this point. I had troubles getting in and out of car ... using walker at home but didn't take or a pillow .. ugh ..2 hour round trip. I am in so much pain today felt like I pulled
stitches loose also several quick stops made seatbelt hit scar really hard. Trying to stop pain pills took tylenol no relief all nite, not wanting to get up and walk at all with the pain. I took painpill this morning helping alot able to walk each hour , but worried I will run out of painpills, I called PS to se if I can get another script for pick up when I have 2nd drain out Friday ..


Finally adding post op photos, I had computer issues. Feeling better still numb tummy I had right drain removed Friday, but still very sore. as well as belly button, hoping not infected. General soreness from Lipo waist hips and inner thighs. Tomorrow I have check up with P.S. I will post additional photos soon when all glue is off incision area


I had a op visit @PS I was worried about redness and sore belly button area PS sez I have some necrosis below belly button due to prior belly button ring scar being pulled lower . To have stitches removed this uocoming Wednesday.

Had to Reschedule

Was to have stitches out and check with PS about necrosis, but car dead and as I forgot to post flat tire, with an hour one way trip no time to fix snd make it in time. But with some research I have been applying salt water to infected belly button and light lymphatic massage that I found on you tube necrosis seems to ne lessened and belly button less oozing and redness. On the other hand, was walkinh outside with my dog, she ran infront of me and I wiped out on cement patio really scraped up hurts more than belly lol !!!


Soon I will update and add photos, my hubby had a diabetic seizure this morning, he is a type 1 diabetic, I have seen him through many seizures, but today I am still so weak and sore I cannot help him, such a helpless feeling, I helped him around as mich as I could but I am hurting so much and exhausted.

More Photos

Finally adding new photos taken today You can see the belly issue with possible necrosis, also a prior scar, kidney removal, PS did laser there to help flatten looks better already than prior sx my thighs still swell and hurt everyday, but have gone down quite a bit with the lipo. Belly incision still red and swollen, right side still hurts a lot with random stabbing pain, but getting less each week, over all I am happy so far !

Feeling very happy!

Walked my doggie girl blew out all the leaves in back and front yard, took hot shower and time to relax feeling happy and so accomplished today this jas xure improved my mood !

I wanna tub bath

I fogot to ask my ps yesterday about taking a bath I am 8 weeks po Friday, I am so wanting a tub bath anybody else know?

2 month pics

Seen po wednesday he thinks I am doing well necrosis seems to be slowly resolving on it's own ps taking a wait and see, Im not thrilled with my thighs hoping its still swell, pics I took in afternoon showing all the swell, will do more next week in am pre swell

Incision Issues

Ugh.... woke up this morning to a busted bleeding area washed it put on antibiotic cream and bandaged it, freaked me out.

Incsion opening pics

Keep having issues with incision opening not remaining closed, sorry I haven't posted in awhile trying to rest as much as possible, Ill keep posting pics evry few days with updates. Thanks so much all my real friends for your concern and well wishes, I am certain it will be fine in no time !
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I really could not be happier ! From initial consulation, pre op procedures and paperwork, surgery facility , post op, office visits, absolutely everyone across the entire spectrum have been so friendly, caring, understanding and so willing to " Go the extra mile" to insure my complete ease and confidence through this entire process. My husband and I cannot say enough about Dr. Albear and staff ! We both look for ward to addtional procedures with this amazing medical group.

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