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Hello! I will be very honest! This procedure is...

I will be very honest! This procedure is no walk in the park and you really have to put all your might and will into the diets and different stages, but going from a 48 pant size in MEN to a 40 IN A MONTH... I was blown away! Waking up from surgery was hell due to all the gas, but overall I do not regret getting this procedure. If you think this a "quick-fix" this is not for you! It is a life style change that you have to make immediately once you consider having this procedure done. May 11th 2016 will be my second month post-op and I am already excited about my "monthly pic" :) I love comparing and seeing the difference going on with my body. It's just amazing and more amazing is the hard work I'm dedicating to it, it's completely paying off! So ladies and gents, if you are considering getting Gastric Bypass - GO FOR IT! You will be happier with yourself and you will look forward to your monthly achievements and goals. Remember to always do your research and everyone is not the same so results do vary!

Best of luck to you guys in your journey to weight loss! God Bless!

Weight Loss Noticed!

Tomorrow May 11th will be my two months mark of having Gastric Bypass surgery! It's been a heck of a two months! I've learned so much from my body and pouch lol ???? Hope the rest of you darlings are doing great!

Two Months Post-Op! :)

First I would like to thank God for letting me get to this point! Without his grace and love I wouldn't be able to endure and comprehend the changes going on with my biota :) at this second month mark, I've come a long way and I'm looking forward to achieving more and pushing myself to do good!

Almost 3 Months Post-Op! :)


Happy 3rd Month Surgeryversary to me! ??????

Can't believe it! I'm so happy with the person I am becoming! Thank you God! ??????????

Feeling better than ever!

3 months post-op :)

4th Month Surgeryversary!

Just wow!

5 Month's Post-Op Success!



Guys! I'm like in tears! I hit my ONEDERLAND! Sooooooo proud of me! Woohooooo!


I'm on cloud 9! I cannot belive this is me! 93LBS gone!

6 Months Post-Op 2.0

God thank you so much in letting me get to this stage in life and how healthy I've become ????.

98LBS Down!

Someone please pinch me! ???????? that's a whole other person off me ????????????????

Unleashing My Inner Lioness ??????.

So I don't post personal things on here, just mostly about my weight loss, ( well really it is All about weight loss lol ). Guys... Gals... it's sad to say... my weight loss contributed to my relationship with my significant other failing due to him not being able to handle the NEW ME!

Guess what honey... if you couldn't handle me at my worst, you sure as h*ll can't handle me at MY BEST! I feel magnificent! So bye bye negativity! Welcome new Izzy ??

My Body. My Temple.

My face on the second picture describes my joy! And to think in the first picture I was "happy" with myself... but really was getting close to my heaviest weight yet. My health was becoming worse and my levels were crazy.
If you are considering this procedure I approve 1000%! I'm living proof!

Face To Face.

Need I say more?

Because I feel good and it's scarf weather!

Feeling like a million bucks!

I can cross my legs comfortably!

So this is something that I always had trouble with when I was bigger. I always wanted to be able to sit and cross my legs, (especially when you have nice shoes to show off lol). That never happens due to me always having big hips and thighs. I'm so happy! ????????????

Close to 8 Months Post-Op

You guys! 111.7LBS down! Someone. Pinch. Me. Now! :)

Thank you God! ???????????????????????????

Sexy Collarbone.

In love with my specs ???? Oh! Hello collarbones ????????????!

Sexy Collarbone.

In love with my specs! Oh! Hello Collarbone!

Stall at 8 Months Post-Op! Eeekk!

You guys!
So I'm having mixed emotions about it all! My. Scale. Does. Not. Want. To. Move! At least I haven't gained, right? Lol anyways here's what 111.7LBS down looks like!

Face To Face Friday's.

Proud of myself and my journey! What are you waiting for to make the change?!

Who's Ready To Do A Victory Dance With Moi!?

Yaayyyy! I BROKE my STALL guys! Officially 175LBS! Gooooo meeeeeeee! And YOU who is also working hard! Go US!

NSV Thanksgiving Edition!

Gaaahhhhhh! I am ECSTATIC! Guys, Gals... I GOT TO WEAR PUMPS FOR 3 STRAIGHT HOURS WITHOUT PAIN! And the beauty about it is I had bought these puppies for Christmas 2013... never got to wear them due to my ankles being so wide and also my feet. Now my shoe size has gone down to a whole half size! How cool is that? And can I stress the fact that I can cross my legs comfortable!? In heels!? I just want to hug the new me and never ever letting her go!
If you want this change, what are you waiting for!? Go for it! It's for YOU! Bring out the best YOU!

Excited In Being Featured On A Weight Loss Article!

Hello guys!

So about a two weeks ago I had a phone interview with a top-notch NYC writer. The story is now live!
It will be very helpful for people that are considering Gastric Bypass or any weight loss surgery procedure. Please take your time to read it through!

Blessed day to all!

120LBS Down! 9 Months Post-Op.

My health is rocking! My surgeon is very content with my results! And guess what... this little lady is too! I cannot believe this is me! Why did I wait this long?! From a 48 in MEN to a 32, possible 30 in the next to weeks... I can't begin to tell you how happy I am! Go me!

End Of Year Happiness!

#Speechless. Please read: I remember vividly waking up March 11th and being so nervous, questioning if I should go through the surgery... Dozens of fears about the unknown surfaced. I shook it off and told myself that I could do it! I carried two babies full term, so this was nothing! Now that I am 9 months out, I feel AMAZING! While I input my weigh-in for this week, I was blown away to read that I'm OVERWEIGHT and not OBESE! My BMI is almost at my target goal, I am 25LBS AWAY from my goal weight... I can just cry right now! I'm becoming a normal, healthy person and that is so valuable to me. The time I have invested in this for me has definitely been worth it! This is a good Christmas present to me from me! 124.7LBS down and I am NOT STOPPING!

Hola Mundo ????

When it's less than 48HRS to ring in the New Years and I decided that 2017 is definitely going to be mine and you cut all your hair off ???????? yes I did that! I'm in LOVE ?? Feel so SEXY! Since I'll be toning up in the next month and working out intensively I opted for a Pixie haircut ????????????.

Happy New Year 2017 Beautiful People!

This New Year I rang it with people that matter the most and most importantly my momma bear! I felt incredibly confident and I wore my arms out even though I have a lot of sagging skin ????. I hope this new year brings everyone they desire and may God bless us all ?????????

Almost 10 Months Post-Op

#Raw reality. So so soooooo proud of me! 8 days shy for my 10th Month Surgeryversary ????. From a size 20 to a 12, 40DD to 34C, from a 3X to a Large (fitting big a bit), from 289.7LBS starting weight to 258LBS on my surgery date... 160LBS today. I have tons of excess skin! Since I'm almost at my goal weight I am waiting to hit that 140LBS to start my workout routine ???? so far I got to do 20 crunches to start on my belly and got to do 10 push-ups... I'll be honest... that's the most I EVER go to do it without struggling or hurting. This guys, is amazing to me because I am pushing myself to do what I have to do. I was smiling the whole time while I was doing my crunches ????????.

Close To My Goal!

Almost 10 months out and I'm sooooo close to my goal of 140LBS! I'm on cloud 9!

Happy 10th Month Surgeryversary to Moi!

10 months ago I embarked in a journey to better my health and myself. I have pushed my limits to the farthest I could, done things and felt things that I have never done before. This year is my year of YES! Yes to anything that I haven't done before. Yes to adventures. Yes to a whole new career! The second picture on the right depicts my loose skin. I have it everywhere people! But I don't let that stop me. I know what I have to do and will do it. I am 12.2LBS for my 140LBS goal. I can't seem to grasp that I'm doing this in less than a year! So please follow your guidelines, stick to what works for you! Do this for YOU! I am so ecstatic lol so so soooooo HAPPY! #WLS | #GastricBypass | #WLSCommunity | #RNYLife | #10MonthsPostOp | #MoreThan100LBSDown | #BariatricBabes | #GoMe | #ImDoingIt

Because I Am In Love With The New Me!

139.5LBS gone, 10.2LBS away from my goal weight!

Slimming Izzy!

Rude awakening! Thank you Lord???????? for giving me the strength and desire to keep pushing! Thank you my Lord???????? for opening my eyes and knowing that my health was declining. Thank you my Lord???????? for always being with me and guiding me today and always! I owe it to You ?????????. #140LBSDown | #IAmBlessed | #IAmDetermined | #ILoveMe | #GodIsGood | #TooGood | #RNYLife | #GatricBypass | #WLS | #WLSCommunity | #BariatricBabes | #GoMe | #SuperDuperProud ????????

Transformation Tuesday's!

#TransformationTuesdays ????. 140LBS + gone! I have been dealing with a stall! ???? but I am working hard to move that scale! I know I will get there guys! ????????????????????. #ThankYouMyLord | #RNYLife | #GastricBypass | #WLS | #WLSCommunity | #BariatricBabes | #ILoveMe | #TooHappy

Flatty Boobs!

Loosing 141.9LBS in less than a year has totally taken a toll on this 5'3" body! Needless to say, I feel AMAZING! But really boobs?! They look like prunes!
I am embracing it all! From each stretch mark to my pool of excess skin!

Close To One Year Post-Op

Thank you my Lord! Finally broke my stall! 143.1LBS down! Only 6.6LBS away from my goal... 22 days shy from my #Surgeryversary date! I have made a bet with myself that I will reach my goal before March 11th. I know I will do it! I've got this since day 1! #GastricBypass | #WLS | #WLSCommunity | #RNYLife | #BariatricBabes | #GodIsGood

143.5LBS Gone! Now Dealing With Excess Skin!

I must have about 20LBS of excess skin on me. I have "bat wings" and my inner thighs jiggle like no tomorrow. I still embrace this body!

1 Year Surgeryversary!

First, God thank you for this magnificent year! It has been a great experience and I have found my confidence and happiness within myself, something I have been longing for years! Because only You, My Lord knows what I need! Amen!
It's been an entire year full of lifestyle changes and adjustments, I have zero regrets!

A Year Post-Op! 145.9LBS Down!

My weight-loss has slowed down SIGNIFICANTLY! I still eat healthy, try to get 10,000 steps a day, but somehow my body doesn't want to loose those extra 3LBS that I have to get to my goal weight of 140LBS! I feel so great and healthy, I can run without my chest heaving and feeling like I am going to pass out! So proud of me and my hard work!

Mother's Day Last Year VS This Year.

Totally in awe guys!

I Rocked My 30th!

I turned 30 on May 16th. I feel unstoppable and so confident!
York Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Monk is very professional and straight to the point. He was very clear about everything and was very nice to me and my family. His staff is very professional also and they always care about their patients. 100% he knows what he's doing!

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