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Hi girls!! so i am currently 16 days off my BA...

hi girls!!

so i am currently 16 days off my BA and im feeling quite chilled about it. have spent the WHOLE DAY looking at boobs (ive defo morphed into my hubby!) and i think ive decided on the look im going for. Pre Children i was a 32DD and they were gorgeous.....Post children im a 30C but with no tissue up top and when i lean forwards without a bra on they look like udders!

ive had the whole "youre gorgeous as you are" and "you dont need them" but when you know you know......and i know!!

so after a fair few years of dreaming and researching i finally decided on the Wellness Klineik in Genk, Belgium and i am having Dr Luc Damen. i have heard of and seen some fantastic results from ladies on here and other forums so im really excited.

I am travelling from the UK and we are having 4 days in disneyland with the kids first and then going over to Genk for the consultation and surgery. we are driving (my husband will be driving back) and that is the only bit i am really nervous about....the 6 hour drive home!! :(

I want a natural looking boob and as i only have a 30 back i dont want them to look out of place BUT i know my skin is more than capable of holding a dd as thats what i was before having my kiddies. im thinking D or DD and i want round cohesive gels as im not keen on saline or silicone and defo dont want tear drops as it would be my luck the bloody thing turned! so i have attached a "current" boob pic (much to my disgust) and cant wait to get there and get myself back to mrs boobalicious!!

for now....... i will keep you posted....

wish me luck/!! :)

less than 2 weeks to go!!

So i took myself off to Victorias secret to try and find a front fastening sports bra as ive heard theyre the best sort. they only had one with underwire which is a no no so ended up scowering the shops with no luck. M&S had a fluorescent pink one in but only 34B :(

will try ebay i think. I get a bra from the clinic but im not sure if its a sports bra or a proper compression bra with the strap across?

on a lighter note, i laid on the sofa lastnight stroking and squeezing my boobs imagining how they are going to look with implants in. i am so so so excited to see how they look when theyre done and will not miss my "now boobs" one bit!

For Now.......Laters xxx

found a bra! yay!

hi ladies. 10 days to go!

FINALLY found a sports bra and it was in a sports shop hahaha! what are the chances..... LOL

had no idea what size to get as i am usually a size 6-8 UK so bought a 10. theyre supposed to be tight fitting though right?? hopefully my gorgeous new boobies will squish in to it!

next week is going to fly as im working away monday to thursday, friday i am tying up bits at work ready for my week off and Saturday we are off to DISNEYLAND with my girls so its all go go go.

for now..... laters

Clare xxx


I'm soooooo distracted at work because I can't believe I'm getting new boobies NEXT WEEK!! So exciting. Not feeling nervous one bit. I'm not really a nervoussy person anyway to be honest and I know this decision is the right one and I trust the surgeon and the clinic I've chosen so all is gravy baby! :)

Updated pictures of my "now boobies"

Updating my "now boobies" for the last time before surgery next week! See ya saggy maggys ????


So it's exactly a week to go till surgery. I've had my email through explaining what I need to do/bring etc. Apparently my surgery will be at 8am and it is their view to discharge me within 2-3 hours of coming round so should be back at the hotel for 12 with surgery only taking 30-45 minutes. I am booked into the hotel ECRU in Genk if anyone is wondering. Not only is it the closest to the hospital (5 mins in a car) but the hotel itself looks really nice. I'm slightly concerned that we will have our two children with us as we have Disneyland prior to Belgium and the email says NO CHILDREN are allowed in the hospital but I'm sure it won't be too much of a problem if my husband drops me off (with kids in tow) and waits at the hotel for a phone call to say I'm ready to be collected?? Will have to call the hospital to find out.

Anyway ladies, will update Wednesday after my consultation with some more pictures hopefully before the big day Thursday :) xx

Tried Ricers!

So tonight me and my hubby had a giggle trying Ricers. I didn't try any other size than 400cc. I would have done if I wasn't satisfied but I figured that if start with what I thought I wanted and work it from there. I loved them! I loved the look of them and size. I am wearing a UK size 10 sports bra here which is definitely not needed on my before pics! I'm definitely going to go for 400ccs! :) yay!

Ricers Pics!!

Last attempt at updating my ricer pics!!!


Oh my god wow! We have had the best 4 days in Disneyland as a family. We've all had such a good time we didn't want it to end but it now means that it's ME TIME!!!! Today I have my consultation. I have bought my sizer to show Dr Damen and the clinic rung me yesterday to confirm my time of arrival etc. Not nervous yet but I think I will be tomorrow although luckily my op is at 8am so no time to stress. The hotel ECU is AMAZING! It's 5 minutes from the clinic and is so beautiful and very cheap!!!! Definitely recommend! Anyway..... I will update everyone later after my consultation and then hopefully tomorrow too xx

Operations 12 hours away!!!

So I had my consultation with Dr Damen. Tried on some sizers and because of my frame the Dr recommends 330ccs which he anticipates will take me to a DD. I wanted 400ccs but he said I would lose the naturalness from them so I trust what he said. Asked lots of questions and tried every size up to 1100cc (just for a laugh). Operation is at 8am so this will be my last post until the other side. With reads to the clinic, it is extremely relaxing, clean and welcoming. They have a free drinks machine and lots of bilingual magazines on offer. The meeting was very informative, he took my stats, weight, height etc and we had a lengthy discussion about my end goal. I feel really at ease about my op tomorrow and I'm just so excited to get them done now!! :)


On our way home

So I made it! I am now part of the perfect boobies club. So far it has been a breeze and I've only had anti biotic a and paracetamol. The 2&1/2 hour drive to the ferry was absolutely fine. I only get bad stabbing pains in my scars when it's cold and I think that's when I tense up. My lovely hubby and children have looked after me so much, being my little helpers and pondering to my every whim. I've been told to keep on my compression bandage for 10/14 days which is killing me as I just want to see them!!! Anyway, will kee the updates coming as and when there's something to report :)

Not sure!!!!

So I've unwrapped the puppies to put on a sports bra and they look disgusting! I hope they will hurry up and look normal as they're RANK!!!

Before & 2days Post Op BA

Day 4 po

OMG ladies yesterday I slept for 20 out of 24 hours!!! I obviously needed it!! Woke up for my Indian take away and then straight back to sleep. Crazy! Have attached day 3 PO but these were taken 5 minutes after waking up so they were very stiff from laying flat for 20 hours haha! Xx

3 days PO evening

Bought a couple of new sports bras today..... So annoying though as I have to step into them because I still can't lift up my arms. They've really improved loads in 24 hours and are getting rounder by the hour!

DAY 4 PO update

Slept for 9 hours Lastnight. Been sleeping flat on my back with 2 pillows and I find that's the comfiest for me. I did try sleeping upright but that was a no no for me. Boobs are improving day on day and considering in only 4 days PO I'm very happy with my results so far!

So far.........pre op to 4 days post

4 days PO

I see ladies on here with pretty bras on 2/3/4 days PO so I thought I'd give it a go with my trusty Topshop bralet. Did have a pile of "to try's" but still tender so just tried on the one and sent it to hubby who is at work (good job he wasn't driving!) excuse the state of my bedroom, we just got back from Paris & belgium so there's crap everywhere!

Feeling fresh after my bath!

Day 5 PO

So my right boob seems like it the stubborn one! It's not attempting to drop and still seems quite square from the side. Very happy so far though as its only day 5! :)


They're soooooo nice!!! I am so happy with my front on and "in bra" appearance already!

Day 6 PO

Well day 6 is here. Not overly loads of change from yesterday except less morning boob burn this morning. Xx

Day 6 PO Layed down


Slept on my side Lastnight! Perfect!! Seems like I've had these babies for a lot longer than a week! In love with them!!

My scar is INCREDIBLE!!!

So my nurse friend just came round to look at my scars and WOW!!!!!!! She is in theatre day in day out, sees hundreds of mastectomys every year and she said it's the BEST scars she has ever seen! This is just one week post op!!!

Before to now!

8 days PO slight dropping maybe?! Or wishful thinking!!!

Can see a very slight change in them this morning although it might just be wishful thinking. Started massaging lightly at the top of the implant yesterday to encourage them to move a bit so hopefully over the next few weeks I will see progress!

Day 9 PO

It's the weekend!!! :)

Feel FANTASTIC! My boobs are amazing! They are dropping more everyday and finally seeing a more natural slope starting to appear.

Fully getting 10 hours sleep every night on my side now which is lush!

Softening up a treat too.

Happyyyyyy :)

Been measured in VS!!!

Oh my god I've just been measured in vs and I'm a 30F or a 32DDD in their bras! What the hell!! Hahaha! I would never think I was that big! Jesus!!!! :) :) :)


Before and 9 days PO comparison!!!

10 days PO

10 days PO! My skin feels quite sensitive today. I took off my bra and as I put it back on it felt a bit sunburnt almost. Not painful just a bit uncomfortable when things rub on me. :)

In proportion!!

11 days PO

Today I've been to my nurse so she can snip my stitches that are left. She said it's the best boob job she's ever seen and my scars are amazing and almost gone already! I've spent 6 hours driving today and I fee absolutely fine. Tried on some old bikinis and swim suits and boy do I look different!!! So happy with my results xxx

2 weeks PO

So it's my puppies 2 week birthday today! I am over the moon how well I have healed! My left is dropping slightly faster than my right but that's expected seeing as though my right side is my dominant one.
No pain, get the odd nerve twinge and excise the TMI but had sex with hubby lastnight and as I orgasmed my boobs really hurt! I think it was because of how tight my chest was! Maybe just let him beat me next time and fake it for a bit haha!

Been premature shopping!!!!

Two weeks Pre Op and Two weeks Post Op

16 days PO

Oh good Lordy my nipples are SO SO SO sensitive to touch and cold it's crazy! Anyone else had this?!?

18 days PO

Can't believe I've had these for just 18 days! It seems so much longer! Sensitivity wise I only have a couple of "numb spots". My right is just above my nipple and my left is just under my nipple but it's literally 1cm X 1cm so barely anything!

A few random pictures :)

Old 32c push up mega padded bra

25days PO

Lingerie fun ??????

5 weeks PO

Hi ladies. So my puppies have fully recovered from surgery. My scar is barely there and I have no pain. I still have a tiny bit more sensitivity in my right nipple but I quite like it actually haha! I'm going to look get a bra this weekend. I feel ready and there's only so much you can wear with a sports bra underneath so I'm ready for some silk and lace! They're really soft now and are dropping still but I'm happy where they're sat at the minute too! Can't wait to go swimwear shopping as that was my main issue before, being so visible in public! Now I'll only need to buy bottoms!! Hahaha :) xx

5 weeks 1day PO

Took my boobies out for their first play!

6 weeks post op and I feel amazing! ??????????

14 weeks Post op

So my boobs are fully settled and dropped now and I've gotta say I LOVE them! No pain, scars barely visible, fully resumed all activities. So happy!!
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