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I've been researching this site and you tube...

I've been researching this site and you tube procedures for ages and finally telling my story! I have wanted a tummy tuck for years; I've had three large babies resulting in
Alot of stretched, sagging skin and a large muscle separation of my abdo muscles. I've been at a good weight for sometime now 123 pounds or 56 kg and am healthy and excercise at the gym etc three times a week. I finally decided in February to have a consult with a PS and he agreed I was a good candidate..I felt extremely comfortable with him..he was very easy to talk to, thought about it for few days, booked it!

LEADUP TO SURGERY: life was very busy with work, moving towns etc but I was very excited about surgery and nervous the closer I got. I focused on continuing my fitness, I took high dose vitamin C, arnica, ate well and drank lots of water. I bought some comfy pj pants, big granny undies ( the kids thought these were hilarious!)

The day befor surgery : busy day and so, so nervous, worried about the pain and what if something goes wrong with the anesthetic etc...all normal anxieties I guess but I was really feeling anxious ( never had surgery for anything, apart from tonsils as little girl)

DAY OF SURGERY: OMG I was so nervous that I just wanted to cancel! So scared but my lovely man kept reassuring me. Checked into the hospital late morning, PS did his wee drawings on my soon to be gone tummy! I checked that he was having a good day lol but he was great at putting me at ease. Wheeled to theatre, awesome staff, had my IV and something very wonderful in it that made me feel super relaxed and good..then I woke up! Wow I couldn't believe it was over! Felt tight but minimal pain and they kept giving me pain relief so I didn't feel much pain at all...yay!


I got up slowly to pee that evening and that was ok, left hospital next day and walking around more each day. Have had a few outings to the shops even! My man is being a great nurse! I am loving my tummy, it's flat and tight...wow!
I can honestly say at now day 5 that my pain has never been higher than 4-5, And mostly now is only 1-2, i keep to a strict timetable with my meds, and I don't wait for pain but rather get onto it before it hits.

I have no regrets at all, I am so happy I did this and I am managing so well after and feeling much better than I thought I would.

Photos pre & post

Day 6
Saw PS and Alls good, got to see the new BB...cute

Pre op

Post op

Day 6

Day 8

Feeling really good, I just get very tired, needing much less pain relief now...swelling and a little bruising started yesterday but it's not too bad

Two weeks PO

Able to sleep on my side now, moving around well, only occasional painkillers ( usually end of day), started driving again today! Swelling definitely kicking in & is very annoying :( , I get very tired still and last few days emotional ! !! Wow what's with that? Apparently all very normal stuff. Can't wait to start exercising again, this week's goal is to get out for some nice walks

Two weeks

Three weeks

Wow..feeling so much better, really pleased so far with results & all looks to be healing fine. I'm out walking now and just moving around so much easier..laughing, sneezing still a no go zone...ouch! Swelling still persists but it seems to be easing up... No regrets it's awesome :)

Day 6

Oops stop muddling up the pics

Five weeks & feels good

Back to the gym yesterday.. Felt good but man my body has definitely become sluggish after the break! Can sneeze now with minimal discomfort! My scar is flattening out now which is good, I'm keeping the tape on for now as its not irritating and I think it's helping to iron out the creases lol . I'm feeling like energy levels in the past week are nearly back to normal and I was surprised at how extremely tired I was for the first month post op!


Well I thought swelling would be decreasing by now but it's almost worse some days particularly just above incision, feels so spongy and puffy. Maybe I should go back to wearing some compression?? I also am getting intermittent pains on one side which I think must be nerves reconnecting etc. I think I'm getting over critical of myself too , analysing things to death lol I should of had lipo yadayada ...
The scar is good thin red line and have had no probs with healing and bb is good. I just can't wait for swelling to go, everything I wear leaves imprint of waistband on my tummy :(

9 1/2 weeks

Swelling better this week... Weird pain on right side , feels like muscle pain ? Maybe overdid the gym? I feel so much better on low swelling days :)

9 1/2 weeks

9 1/2 weeks

Six months

Can't believe how quick the time flies! Loving summer and being able to wear a two piece..have to choose wisely though as my scar is bit higher than I would have ideally liked and lots bikini bottoms are too low..I'm fine with it though and still love my results and totally happy! Still get few muscle twinges and can feel tightness at times and little swelling still occasionally.
Dr Charles Davis

I am so happy with the care I received from Dr Davis and from the hospital. he is an excellent doctor and very easy to talk with !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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