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So my journey is similar to a lot of stories on...

So my journey is similar to a lot of stories on here. Three wonderful children, 23, 21 and 17, two grandbabies 5 and 2. After the birth of my first daughter I gained weight and gained and gained! My heaviest weight was (97 kilos) 213 pounds, after turning 40 and realising I needed to lose that weight or my health was going to be affected I decided to make the change so for the last 2 years I have been working really hard. I have lost a total of 55 pounds and now sit at 123 pounds (I'm 5"3). I have a few pounds I could lose, but not sure if I will be able to manage that before my surgery which is 4 weeks today away. So after losing my weight I have been left with a horrible stomach! Yuk! I hate it so much. I found my surgeon online and after meeting him decided to go through with it. I am a Kindergarten teacher (different to the USA as our ages are 3-5th birthday). So I'm very worried about the afterward part. I have 4 weeks off work and that will just have to do. I haven't heard from my surgeon yet, but will give him another week before I contact him. I too have been stalking the net and watched the YouTube uploads. I love all the helpful advice on here and have learnt a few tips. I wanted to write this as I'm in New Zealand and this is NOT common, I don't know anyone that has had this done so am all on my own.

Another week down

So I had to download the countdown app, so according to that I've got 2 weeks, 6 days, 10 hours, 12 mins and several second to go till my appointment. I got the standard book in booklet from the hospital, which said I have to be at the hospital at 7 am. I then sent a. Dry long list of questions to my PS which he replied to almost immediately. He doesn't think I'll need lipo, and doesn't like doing it with a tummy tuck as he thinks infections are more likely. He also doesn't think I need gel strips as, as there is no proven evidence they work. However, for me, the value of what previous TT's say on here means a lot. So I' m trying to find gel strips although finding them in New Zealand seems quite impossible so I've asked a good friend in Australia to keep an eye out for me. I'm also going to buy some turmeric as lots of people have recommended those. Had my first dream last night, wasn't bad, in fact it was quite good, I just remember seeing a flat tummy! I hope that happens! Oh year dr also said if I get 'dog ears' he will fix it under a local, yay, that's a relief, hopefully that won't happen!

Nine days to go!

Not long now! 1 week and 2 days says the countdown app! Today I bought some pills to help with the constipation afterwards, I asked our chemist (not sure what you call it in the states, drug store??) for MoM and they said, they don't sell it here anymore, haven't since the 70's or 80's as its old school! I told her that it has been recommended for a TT and she said I should try these pills. Hopefully they work! I have bought some second hand tops that button up the front, not really what I would normally wear and didn't want to spend lots of money so yay second hand shopping! My PS hasn't been in touch so I'm thinking that the pre-op might be done on the day. Might have to contact him next week. Although I'm sure about doing this, I am worried something will happen and keep thinking I should write letters to those I love, but then the other side of me keeps thinking, don't be so bloody stupid! My daughter had her school formal tonight, shes 17 and in her last year of high school. This is the first daughter (I have 3) where I have felt I look okay to have photos done. She looked amazing, love my girls to bits.

Off to get my mummy!

Only 3 days to go, and I'm feeling very excited. My husband and I are off to get my mum tomorrow, she lives 4 hours away and doesn't drive so we are getting her so she can keep me company for the first week. I can't wait to see her as last time was christmas so that's where most of my excitement is going at the moment. I got a phone call on Friday confirming my surgery on Tuesday so that made things seem a bit realer even though I haven't had a pre-op. I've sorted out projects for me to do; lots of knitting and crochet, heaps of tv recorded to catch up on, lots of DVDs, magazines and books. I'm always on the go so having to slow down is going to be a challenge. I've made some meals and frozen them, done lots of cleaning, I just don't think I'm going to get everything done in time! My husband bought me a seat home for the shower and I have a grabby thing he had for knee surgery so I won't need to bend over to pick things up. I done have a toilet seat riser so I hope I will be able to manage, being short its not far down! Lol

I'm on the flat side, I think

I'm one day post-op and am managing well. Pain is not to bad, and my husband and family are being great. Still not feeling hungry, and am trying to keep my fluids up. I only have one drain so I'm pleased about that. I will update photos soon.

Pre photos and measurement

Measurements: bust 37 inch: waist 33.5: hips 38: ribs 33, looking forward to remeasuring when everything settles down

Not so good today

PO day 3 was really hard, feeling very sick and sleepy most of the day. My family have been great thankfully, but after having a couple of good days I thought I was one of the lucky ones who was going to breeze through this. I have had a small BM but there is more there! Hubby helped me to shower again but it really takes all my strength. Luckily I'm sleeping really well, just wish this nauseous feeling would go. I have taken photos and am pleased with my results so far, going to ps on Monday.

Whose tummy is that?

The week has bought a mixed bag, some good, some not. I went to the PS on Monday and told him I wanted to go off pain meds as they were knocking me round a bit, nausea, sleepiness, and constipation! He said that was fine and to take panadol if needed. I had the drain out and that was fine, bit of an odd sensation but did not hurt at all. Then got a fit of the giggles when he touched my stomach as I knew he was touching me but the numbness didn't let me feel it. Over the last week I have questioned myself over and over again, and I know I've done the right thing, I just wasn't prepared mentally for feeling down. The reality is, I did it, I'm not looking back and each day will get better. It's okay to feel like crap, it's okay to doubt, and its okay not to rush round downing things. I want to heal well and so taking care has robe paramount. This week I've learnt a lot, I have an amazing family who love and support me in my choices and who will look after me when I can't. I hope my journey can help anyone who needs it, remember, you deserve it!

Feeling great! What a difference a day makes :-) or a week!

Wow, I can't believe how great I feel. I know there are so many others who are feeling really bad, and I was in that place such a short while ago. Each day I get stronger and feel like my old self. I am so pleased I made this decision. I had my three week PO check yesterday and my surgeon is really pleased with how I'm healing, he gave me advise about letting my scar breathe, and not always wearing my binder, although I did tell him I think I'm addicted to it! I am rubbing moisterising creme into my tummy in the morning and night, just being careful not to get it near my scar. I'm walking upright and this week started working half days. Next week I start back full time. I'm a bit nervous about this as I work with young children, so lots of bending, lifting etc. I will be extra careful about this though! I can also sleep on my sides! It does get uncomfortable at times, but oh how I missed sleeping like that. I haven't taken any pain medication since one week PO and haven't felt I've needed it. I know I'm one of the lucky ones. Before surgery I made sure I was in the best possible physical health by working out on my treadmill each day, I believe that's what's really helped me and recommend to all those having surgery, start at least a couple of months before. I've uploaded photos and you will see swelling above my incision and it looks like I have a pot belly. I swell in two places, one pocket on my right side above the incision and my vajayjay! It can get to the size of. Golf ball!!

Photos! Three weeks PO :-)

A bit of a hiccup

Last week at 6 weeks PO I changed my scar tape and noticed a small infection starting. I took a couple of pics and contacted my PS. He is amazing! He sent a prescription to my local chemist and I picked it up and started antibiotics. It needed to be uncovered as when I put the tape on it made it weep, I know yuk! Today, 7 weeks PO I have woken with a very sore spot, I don't know how to describe it really. On my scar site one spot is painfully sore. It seemed more swollen than the rest of my scar, but I don't know if I'm imaging it! If its still this sore tomorrow I will contact my PS. On a good night, I've started working out again on the treadmill and loving feeling almost normal. I get VERY swollen at night but still think its better than my before.


This week saw another small setback. I had a sudden onset of pain on Tuesday. On my incision line - no where near my infection. I made an appointment with my PS and he thinks the nerves are regenerating! So that's great news, however the pain could last for up to 6 months, so not so great! I am also aloud to continue exercising so really pleased about that. I had been going so well and even though there are a couple of setbacks I know it won't last long and even though there are small setbacks Its all going to be worth it!

Another week down... Week 10

Wow, 10 weeks down! The pain I had previously has gone away and I feel great. Everything is ticking along nicely, exercising as normal now, and all energy levels are what they were pre-op. I'm still wearing my binder at work because working with small children I feel I need a bit of protection still as I'm worried someone will run into me (which has happened!) I will wait until next term (semester) to go with out it. I'm alo swollen all the time, it doesn't seem to go down in the morning and I'm bait worried its not swelling but the 'new' me, gosh I hope not! There isn't a huge difference in photos, but you will see the swelling. I'm pleased with how my scar is healing but don't like my belly-button much, but its only a belly-button, so can't complain.
Charles Davis

Charles is a wonderful PS who is available to his patients at any time. he answered all my questions and was very thoughtful and respectful. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants a great doctor to look after them.

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