Have Been Ready for 30 Years! Now It's 2 Days Til Surgery - Wellington, NZ

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I am a 60 year old with a story like that of many...

I am a 60 year old with a story like that of many women on this great site. Big breasted since puberty and never happy about it. I am finally at a point where I can afford both the surgery and the recovery time - and have the courage - (any surgery is a risk).

I wasn't aware of the emotions I was going through until last week when the hospital called at 9.30pm on Tuesday, the night before my 8.00am Wednesday surgery to cancel the procedure. Yes, you can imagine what that was like - you psyche yourself up so much (consciously or unconsciously). As soon as I was off the phone I burst into tears. There was a problem with a piece of equipment in the theatre my surgeon had booked, hence the postponement.

So now I am two days away and have been avidly reading everyone's stories. The big takeaway for me is everyone's experience of surgery and recovery is different so I have to take it as it happens for me. I tend to expect everything will be great, so I have to make sure my expectations are realistic. It does seem that even though some people have some post surgery problems, eventually everything evens out. And 99% of people are soooo happy they have had it done. My surgeon told me his most satisfied patients are breast reduction patients.

I've tried posting a photo of the current state, but for some reason it imports upside down! I will work out what's wrong and post before and after photos later.

Tomorrow's the day

This time tomorrow it will all be happening. Feel a bit nervous, but excited. Thanks to everone on this site who has shared experiences, it has helped prepare. Just went out and bought throat lozenges, Cetaphil, arnica tablets, Vitamin E cream, frozen peas!


I'm back in the ward and now 4 hours post op. Feeling great (probably thanks to pain meds). Have seen my lovely surgeon and he said he took a total of 1.15kg off. He did a lollipop incision so I'm thinking that's good as there's little under breast scarring to heal. My breasts have NEVER been this high!, he says they'll settle over 6-12 months. I really hope so cos they look a bit odd so high on my chest at the moment.

Have had some soup and a small omelette, now feeling tired. And a bit woozy, so hope this makes sense!

Have been discharged and on the way home

Feel pretty good except for virtually no sleep, despite a sleeping pill. No pain but just couldn't drop off properly. They stalled me in glad wrap (Saran wrap) and I had a shower and change of dressing on the nipples.

Nearly 48 hours post surgery

Woke up quite sore at 6:00am (hate sleeping propped up. How long does this need to go on?) so took my painkillers and it's better now. It's10am and have just had breakfast in bed. Thanks hubby. Will post some photos after my shower. Shape seems odd - too perky! And kind of boxy, but there's still swelling. I must say the lollipop technique must be less invasive as I don't feel too bashed about, just tight.

Good vibrations - I hope!

I'm no 4 days post surgery and pretty much off the pain meds. Had a shower this morning with no plastic wrap over my boobs, then just patted the dressings dry and gave them a little blow dry with the hairdryer (as instructed by the surgeon). All good.

I have been sleeping with my upper body elevated but he said it's ok to lie flat, so that'll give me a better night tonight I hope.

I have been getting these weird tingly vibrations in my right breast, but from reading other posts I see that is a normal part of healing. Thank goodness for the combined wisdom/experience shared here or I'd be totally freaking out!

Will post more photos when I have my check up on Friday.

8 days and looking good (so says the surgeon)

I had my first follow up and a change of dressing today. The surgeon was pleased with progress and healing ( even if he did say it looked a bit like a shark bite at this stage!).

The right side is more bruised and swollen so looks a little bigger, but he says don't worry as it will be at least 3 months before you even get an idea of the final look.

The left side has a bit more fluid under it, but again this will dissipate over time. It is under the new inframammery crease and above where the crease was before.

I keep looking at tops and dresses in the shops and thinking "I can wear that now!" I can't wait to go shopping when things settle down.

Every time I look at my before photos I almost weep. What took me so long to do this? Best decision ever.
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