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Posting here because this site has been so helpful...

Posting here because this site has been so helpful in my BR journey! (especially @Topheavy, thank you!) I'm in my early 50's now, have wanted this till at least my mid 20's but was too scared of something going horribly wrong (in hindsight I think my anxiety was based on a feeling of 'not deserving' this rather than reality).

I'm now a week post-op and things couldn't have gone better. Almost no pain, great hospital, great surgeon, really happy with how things are looking even though it's early days. He took off a kilo! I thought my breasts would halve in size but I'd say they've gone down by at least threequarters. First few days I thought he'd taken a bit too much but I didn't really mind. Now my mind is starting to adjust back to reality and I can see that there's still plenty there! Just not used to normal sized breasts!

One of my great discoveries has been the HealthJourneys meditation audio (they call it meditation but it is really hypnotherapy) - there is a specific one for surgery that is used in US hospitals. It has a heap of five star reviews, one of which is from me now! It calmed me down a lot in the week before surgery and I'm listening to the post-surgery tracks now, twice a day. I'm convinced it's helping me physically as well as mentally - and that it's at least partially responsible for my very low discomfort levels (never went above a 2 on the 0-10 pain scale, surprising the nurses). I swam for the six weeks leading up to surgery and I'm sure that's helped too.
I was still anxious so asked for additional tranquilizer before surgery, and got Hypnovel, which was brilliant - basically remember nothing from being drawn on by my surgeon! You have to ask for it specially, though, NZers! Ask your anaesthetist if it's possible, if you're anxious about the procedure itself. Very happy I've done this! Can't wait to get exercising to get rid of my newly visible gut tho!

"A masterpiece"... "intimidatingly perfect"

Actual comments from friends on viewing my 9-days-post surgery breasts! What can I say... couldn't be happier. Thanks Mr Glasson!

A charity for your old bras!

www.upliftbras.org send bras to women in need, from Bali to Fiji to Cambodia. Among their comments on bras they would like: "E cup plus, any size, likely to be the only properly fitting bra a woman gets in her life"! Imagine that... Much better than chucking them in the bin!

I guess I have wound separation

I'm not sure if that's what it's called... anyway, I've got occlusive dressings on both my vertical incisions at this point. Haven't seen what R looks like but L seems to have become wider than it was before. Can see part of it through a clear plastic bit of dressing. Basically a dark red line a few mm wide. I've been told R is just 'a bit behind' in healing and I guess that's the same with L. PS has me coming in weekly to change dressings. Other incisions seem to be healing much better. Not really worried but I wish this was sorted already! Boobs are feeling a bit tender around vertical incisions, but the tenderness of horizontal incisions is gone. Last week there were a few days boobs felt a bit swollen around nipple/verticals but the swelling seems to have settled down. Just heal already goddamn it! Very happy with shape and size still, but I feel like I'm in a holding pattern for the celebrations till these incisions knit together way they're supposed to.

A few more photos


Another photo

Three and a half weeks later, incision slow to heal

So here is a glimpse of the incision that's not sticking together. I suspect the other one is the same but can't see under occlusive dressing and don't want to look. Has anyone else had this?

Four weeks later

Things are finally calming down and it looks like the incisions that seemed separated are mending. I was sore for a few days and getting worried, then I had a day that my boobs were tingling all day, and after that the tenderness has felt much less. Feel like I have turned the corner. The nurse suggested I look at the incisions while she was changing my tapes and it was not nearly as bad looking as last time I looked! Very happy with my PS and his lovely nurse Jenny. Impatient for my incisions to heal though... feel like I'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief then. But everything's gone pretty darn well, considering!

Four weeks post - Feel like I need a bigger bra

Strangely, I seem to be needing a bigger bra right now. I've been using an Annette seamless bra (which I love), and just today I suddenly felt it was too small. Thankfully I already had a bigger size on hand (online ordering, got extra sizes just to be sure). So now I'm wearing an XL to bed tonight instead of an L. Not sure what has triggered this feeling - I would have expected things to go the other way! I guess I'll see how things are tomorrow.

Today one boob looks bigger than the other

Just noticed this. Not sure if it has always been the case or if it is to do with swelling. They look different to the naked eye but not quite as different as they look in photo. It is five weeks today. Tenderness mostly gone but still feel activity going on in there

Now back to the smaller bra!

So I wore an XL for a few days... then it suddenly started feeling too big so I'm back to the L. Did I have a few days of extra swelling? Don't know.

Got bumped. Created wound separation?

Now I have wound separation in the other boob, in the vertical incision. Might be connected to a freak accident a few days ago when something heavy fell on my shoulder. That is the side that has been looking bigger. Swelling maybe? The wound separation is just under the nipple, it looks like it might affect the shape of the nipple slightly. Am feeling pretty glum about it because I've been so careful. The other incisions are healing fine at this stage.
Mr David Glasson

I have had major healing issues with my incisions and my surgeon just left them dry and did no debridement of the slough. I ended up with deep sores under my nipples. These did not start to heal until I asked for a second opinion and was put under the care of a district nurse who used Medihoney. They started to heal immediately at that point.

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