Getting New Boobs for Xmas - 310/335cc

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First of all I want to thank every women who has...

First of all I want to thank every women who has posted on this site. It's not till going through the process myself did I understand the courage it takes to under go a breast augmentation - and hearing your personal stories have really helped me to go through with this decision.

So I've never had much up top, at my heaviest a 12B at my skinniest (the last few years) 10A, They're also somewhat asymmetrical :( . I'm 27, 5'6 (166cm) and 128 pounds (58kg). I'm very athletic and fairly muscular.

My goal size is a 12C /small 10D

I've done tones of research and consulted two Surgeons both were lovely but they both offered very different solutions...

The first Dr charged just under NZD$10k ($8kUS) and suggested 270cc round mod profile under the muscle but he didn't really take much notice of the asymmetry - which while small is definitely noticeable. He said they asymmetry did not warrant different implants.

The 2nd Surgeon I saw Dr David Glasson charges NZD$12,700 ($10kUS) really impressed me with the physical examination - he was very thorough and carefully analysed my asymmetry. He also had VectraXT 3D imaging - He took the photos and used the VectraXT Software to take me through my anatomy and showed me how a round implants would compare with an anatomicals in my body.

I have extremely thin tissues with no fat on my upper pole/chest area and so he strongly recommended Natralle 410 anatomical implants, up to 350cc, under the muscle. He gave me a bunch of info to read and get this - a box of sample implants to take home! I had some much fun with these trying the different sizes at home in my own clothes. I even wore them to work in a sports bra to get a feel for them, it was awesome!

He also carefully went over all of the risks (to the point where I kinda freaked out after hearing them again). But you need to know about the risks - capsular contraction, infection, lymphoma etc, etc. You need to know you're signing up for a number of future expensive surgeries. You need to understand that your breasts are sisters not twins and while improvement is definitely achievable, perfection is not (espec if you're asymmetrical to begin with). If you consider these facts and still think it's worth it, than you're ready for the operation.

2nd consultation and size choice

By the time I had my second consult I'd worked out I wanted approx 310cc implants. The thing that really impressed me about Dr Glasson was that in between my consults, he'd used the VectraXT software to try different implant combinations to reduce my asymmetry. When I came in he asked me what size I'd liked from the implants I had at home and when I said 310cc he gave me a big smile and told me he'd been working on a similar sized solution for me. Dr Glasson's suggestion was 310cc full height MOD profile for the right and a 335cc full height HIGH profile for the left.

One thing that is great about the Natralle anatomicals is that the mod profile ones are the same height and width as the slightly bigger high profile implant so they are great for asymmetric breasts ( I checked the size guides of mentor and sillimed and neither were matched as well as Natralle).

I also requested the newer Softtouch or TruForm 2 gel implants as these are a lot softer the original TruForm 3 Natrelle 410s (the original has a rep for being too firm). I found out about the option via the net and requested it, I'm not entirely sure if my surgeon would have mentioned the soft touch option to me or whether I preempted him by asking about it, but anyway he said he doesn't use them as often as the original 410s but was more than happy to use them for me. Sorry ladies in the States, the Softtouch implants are not yet FDA approved so you'll have to per usual...

We then tried a whole lot of implant combinations using chicken fillets in a bra to confirm my size and sure enough the 310-335 looked perfect - It gave me a very noticeable increase but still maintained my athletic shape.

I also have to mention Dr Glasson's nurse Jenny, she is so sweet and lovely. She made me really comfortable and was great at reassuring me that I had made the right decision about size, and that I didn't need to be nervous etc. I love her already!

I also have a surgery date - 10 December! Very Very Soon!

Why Anatomical implants

This was a tough decision for me. There's pros and cons to both anatomical and round implants, but these are my thoughts based on what's important to me.

- I'm super slim up top with not much breast tissue or coverage for the implant. I run a high risk of having a overly full upper pole and visible rippling, even with the implants placed under the muscle. Form stable silicone Anatomical implants are far less likely to ripple and have a subtle more natural upper pole

- I am worried the anatomicals (even the Softtouch ones) are quite firm compared to round implants. But I feel like I've made a small trade off with the firmer feel for a better shape.

- Form stable highly cohesive implants (textured) have the lowest complication rate to date. While there is a chance of the implant rotating, this chance is so low that the overall complication rate is lower than other implant types.

- Form stable highly cohesive Anatomical implants have been used for a decade in Europe, NZ and Aus - many of our Drs are experienced at using them. This is completely different in the States where these implants have only been FDA approved for a few years and many Drs aren't yet comfortable enough to use the new technology.

- I am a little weirded out that when I lie down the anatomical implants will stay upright, they won't fall back on my chest like the round implants tend to do... but again the pros tend to outweigh the cons for me in this one...

I've attached a video showing me squeezing a Soft touch Natrelle 410 - check it out.

Can't wait to fill out a bikini - more before photos

More before pics! Can't wait to ditch the 2+ cup size push up bras!!!

Finally got the courage to put up a nude "before"

It's not like I hate my boobs... I'm just sick of tight uncomfortable push up bras and barely filling an A Cup. I spend so much energy finding/making padded solutions so I look proportionate!!!

VectraXT virtual before and after!!

This technology made me way more comfortable with my decision. Even if your surgeon doesn't have it, it might be worth paying for a consult with one that does just to see what you're getting!

Handling the boob job with a boyfriend...

I love my boyfriend, but the one thing I always struggle with in relationships is having to consider someone else's feelings when making personal decisions! I've had a really hard time convincing my BF that this operation is a good idea... there's been a lot of arguments and tears shed over this decision.

He wants me to wait...wait...wait - I think it's a procrastination strategy... He says there's nothing wrong with my little boobies and that if he loves me the way I am then why do I need to change. I love it that he feels that way - it's great to be loved just for me, but this is something I want to do as soon as possible.I've told him I really appreciate the way he feels and that if he felt any different (actively encouraged plastic surgery) he wouldn't be my BF....

We've gone over his concerns which mostly are about my personality changing after surgery - I.e major post op depression on one end of the spectrum to showing my new assets to all his mates at the other end lol. Post op depression is a possibility - but showing my titts to his mates is down right crazy!

Another thing that really concerned him was that people will assume the surgery was his idea...I do really feel sorry for him about this, because the truth is some people will think this. He knows a lot of people in our city and for awhile (before me of course) had a 'Player' rep and as a gym junkie went through a stage of being very image orientated (you could call it vain lol). So I'm sure there's more than a few people (burnt exs espec) that would love to believe this about him. Our friends know that the BA is my idea... But haters are gonna hate yo..

He is being more and more supportive leading up to surgery and says he'll support whatever makes me happy (or whatever makes me shut up about boobs lol). Once he saw the VectraXT image of my new boobs I did see his eyes light up ;) He thinks the image looks great and finally admitted he is a little bit excited about them! Haha.

To tell or not to tell....

So when I first started looking into getting a BA I wanted to keep the op a secret - I wanted to believe that most people wouldn't notice and it seriously stressed me out to think that people might 'find out'. My BF told me I was being unreasonable but I wouldn't listen.

I finally told one friend, and you know what, she was totally supportive and made me feel really great about it. So now most of our group of friends know, admittedly some of them noticed when I started wearing the sample implants in my bra lol - I'd figured they wouldn't notice because I always wear huge padded bras... But obviously the implants are a lot bigger! Shame lol!

All my family and friends have been completely supportive and have made me feel great about the decision.

Plus because now they know and I don't have to worry about them finding out, I decided on a bigger implant!!! Iv gone from thinking 240cc to 330cc! I now felt confident to get the size I want rather than choose a size I could hide.. :)

So for those of you worried about this issue, I suggest you tell one or two people you trust and see how you feel, because chances are you're unlikely to be able to hide it for long anyway...

Emotional roller coaster for the countdown

With less than five days to go, I'm pretty up and down emotionally. I'm mostly excited and joking around about my new boobs with my BF, but then I'll suddenly get a grip of fear about something - am I going too big, too small, will they be too hard! I think I'm really being a big baby, but it's a pretty intense decision.

I've already pulled out once with nerves ( wasn't confident about the 1st surgeon) but that was good because it showed me how much I wanted this. While I was initially relieved I cancelled, I was soon completely gutted that I would be doing yet another flat chested summer! Luckily, the surgeon I wanted managed to squeeze me in before Xmas :D

I haven't been sleeping well the last 3 days so pretty tired. I asked my surgeon for sleeping pills at my last consult to help me sleep leading up to surgery - so I'll start taking them soon I think.

Overall, I'm feeling really confident with Dr Glasson so I'm just trying to keep up the positive vibe! I really can't wait to be healed and start dressing up my new girls :D

Implant video: here is the Natrelle 410 TruForm 2 implant

Natrelle 410 TruForm 2 implant
This implant is waaay after than the original Natrelle 410s

Not thinking not working lol

I've been trying not to think about the op... Unfortunately it's impossible. My latest thoughts have been about why I want this done and what 'influencers' have resulted in my decision. Niomi Wolfe author of The Beauty Myth compares Breast augmentation to sexual mutilation and to some extent I get her point...but if I followed her philosophy, I wouldn't wax either...the reason I'm getting a BA probably has a lot to do with Shame and embarrassment, but one thing that's surprising is that it's women (myself included) who make the comments that make me feel unhappy about my size... Not men.

Men love women in all shapes and sizes. If you haven't seen the naked photo shoot of Keira Knightly lately I suggest you check it out - my BF thinks she looks dam sexy and was quick to point out that I didn't need big boobs to be attractive.

I'm still dead keen on my decision and can't wait to get my new boobs, but I think it's good to think about the motivators behind your decision and make peace with them.

2 sleeps till Titts-mas!

Well it's not long till I'll be rocking my 'Big Knockers' (mums words, not mine lol). I've been just trying to stay calm. I've stopped all research and just trying to focus on making sure everything is organised for recovery.

I'm going to have a bra party on Tuesday night to say goodbye to my bullet proof vests (2+ push ups bras). I can't imagine what it'll be like to actually have room in my underwear draw with out those monstrosities clogging it up!

I know I'm committed because yesterday I gave my expensive Victoria secrets push up bikini to my sister... It's the only thing that makes the beach bearable and there's no way I'm paying for another one to be shipped to NZ!

Do any of you have tips for recovery? I've got a tri pillow, straws for drinking and laying out everything within reach... Did you girls only wear button up tops at first or are loose pull overs ok.. I don't have any zip/button ups and I don't really feel like buying a whole lot...?

The reasons I ALMOST cancelled...

There were two big barriers that have almost stopped me from going ahead with my BA over the last few weeks...

1. Admitting to everyone that I was insecure about my boobs! This has to be the no.1 reason I was reluctant to have surgery - because cosmetic surgery advertises your insecurities. For better (or most likely) for worse - I'm a perfectionist. It's important to me to look successful, happy and like I've got my sh*t together. Having a BA advertises that I'm not perfect (naturally). But, you know I've recently realised I'm not expected to be perfect and by showing a vulnerable side you can (ironically) come across as a more 'real' person :D

2. Being 27 and in a committed relationship a big part of making this decision was whether or not to wait till I'd had kids. But I can't wait, I've worked so dam hard for my body and really feel like my BA will be the cherry on the cake. If I wait till I have kids chances are my body will be thrashed - the BA will be less like the finishing touch and more like the conslation prize! I've got at least 5 years before putting a bun or two in the oven, and then a couple of years of nursing on top of that. I figure my boobs are going to sag the same regardless of the BA so what I'll be left with after pregnancies will be no worse or no better, and if the implants are fine then a lift might be all I need... In the meantime, Im gonna enjoy my new look. This time I'm not leaving it up to the genetic lottery to decide my fate :)

On that note I'm going to go burn some push up bras - not for the cause of feminism but for the joy of cosmetic surgery :D

26 hours to go...

I've got one more day to go and I'm feeling pretty good. The only anxieties I'm having are minor - 'are anatomicals the right choice?' 'Is the bigger implant on my left going to make that boob waaaay bigger?' Just have to trust the professional- he's made these recommendations and he knows a lot more about BAs than I do...

Does any one have any tips or info about hiding my new tatas at work. I work for a software company made up of 80% young men and I really don't want them knowing about this or all hell will break loose lol. I haven't worked here long and it's been winter so I've been pretty covered up... But its technically summer now, so warm weather is on the way...

Surprisingly relaxed... Thanks to the sleeping pills ;)

Well I've been so busy cleaning the house and packing my things I've hardly had time to be nervous.

I feel like I need to take the time to appreciate my old boobs before they're replaced, I mean this is literally the last night I'll ever have them! I've taken a whole load of before photos and I pulled out all of my padded paraphernalia - I can't wait to get rid of them! I especially hate the chicken fillets! Yuck!

Overall I'm feeling great my decision was made weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to my life with boobs. I forgot to mention that I actually moved house over the weekend! I'm loving our new place but thinking that perhaps moving house and getting a BA in the same week may have been a bit over the top. I have to admit I've been stressed the last few weeks- my face has broken out, I've got a whole lot of tension pain in my shoulders, I've had a tantrum almost every day for a week and I've lost about 2kg (stoked about this one!). I'm literally a crazy person right now, one second I'm fine next I'm a lunatic... I seriously hope I'm not the only one who got this wound up about boob implants?

Anyway I'm feeling calm tonight and I'm sure come tomorrow any last minute nerves will be more to do with resistance to change. Change is dam hard. Staying the same is the easy option, but it means the same old disastisfaction! I think this change is worth the risk... :D

I'm coining a new term 'boob brain'

'Boob brain'
Definition: the obsessive complulsive behaviour exhibited in patients leading up to a BA.
Symptoms include: surfing the net looking at more titts than the average teenage boy, driving loved ones nuts with constant updates on your mammaries, constantly obessessing over implant choice and completely incapable of choosing between two almost identical sizes!

Like if you've got Boob brain lol!

Let me know if I've missed any symptoms!

Ta ta little tatas...

Well it's the morning of B-day... I actually feel really good, yes a little nervous but I'm relaxed.

I keep flashing myself so I remember my old boobs - not that it matters too much, I've got a couple thousand before pics anyway lol!

Kinda can't believe it's really happening....

Thanks for all the well wishes girls - see you on the other side xx

Feeling fantastic!

I can't beleive it! I've officially left the itty bitty titty committy!!!!

I am totally stoked!

I was surprisingly calm before surgery, my amazing sister was by my side the whole time cracking jokes and generally distracting me.

Post op the worst bit was feeling groggy and double vision when I woke up - not because it was particularly awful - but because I couldn't wait to get to see my new girls!!! Lol

I had a bit of a burning sensation at first so had some morphine, I also got nauseous after sitting up to quick trying the sneak a peek lol! But I've tried not to have too many drugs because I really wanted to be alert when my BF came in to visit.

The pain is generally ok ive got a moderate ache and the occasional sharp pain. I feel really tight and when I woke up I was really tense down my back and chest, but that has eased now :)

I was a little worried about loosing sensation in my nipples, but I can already feel them, as far as I can tell nothing has changed :)

Mentally, I'm feeling really good, very positive and I'm feeling much more myself now that the pre op stress has lifted. My blood pressure was pretty high pre op, but the nurse has said its back to normal now, so my body is reflecting my change in mental state.

Now for the results - obviously I can't see much, but they seem to look good, the nurse told me they are 'beautiful'.... but I bet she says that to all the girls haha.

In these new pics you can see just how asymmetric I was pre op. Having never taken a photo at this angle I'd never really noticed how different they were - if most boobs are sisters then mine must be distant cousins lol! My PS said my collar bone and everything is higher on he left side boob included, he also kindly pointed out that I'm 'droopier' on the right lol. Thanks man!

I'm feeling overwhelmingly positive and relaxed - I actually wonder if they've slipped my something or perhaps I'm just euphoric after living in a stress cloud for the last month - whatever it is, I hope this sets the mood of my recovery :D

Post op puppies

falling in love already :D

Don't call them fake - they couldn't feel more mine!

I'm day 2 and feeling good - very glad to be home from the hospital.

Too be honest I've had very little pain so far- but I think the worst might be to come tomorrow or sat... I took some morphine and tramadol in hospital but now I'm just on panadol and voltaren.

I'm very happy with my results - I think Dr Glasson has done a superb job at minimising my asymmetry and so far I couldn't be happier.

They are riding a bit high - especially the side with the bigger implant, but that will settle down over the next month or so.

I've had a huge change psychologically already, while I used to be PAINFULLY embarrassed about my chest - now I can't wait to show it off - my sister and mum have both had (more than a few) eye fulls and every single nurse who came into the room had the pleasure of seeing my new twins haha - I'm like a proud mum! They are by no means perfect on day 2, but boy what an improvement!

The other thing worth mentioning, is that I don't feel fake at all. In fact after a decade of trying to create cleavage out of thin air with stiff push up bras, my new boobs couldn't feel more real.
Gone are the days of unclasping my prostheses and ditching them in the laundry basket along with my self esteem!!!!

I'm inpatient, so I've tried on some bras this arvo and it looks like I've reached my goal of a 12c/10d - provided the swelling doesn't zap my volume - I tried a 10c which was waaaay to small, so that's promising!

I did have a weeee bit of boob greed this morning... I wasn't really given the option to go bigger- so it's not like I had a lot of choice anyway - the next size up was 350/375 which seems quite a bit bigger! I'm sure once my muscles relax, they'll drop and fluff a bit :D

I've got a long way to go before I see my final results so it's time for me to be patient... Overall I feel I've reached my goals of having a proportionate, still athletic figure! And OMG I now actually have a waist! Totally stoked with my new figure!!!

Day 3 - tight, swollen and bruised!

Hey ladies, not much to report today. Im just feeling really tight, super swollen and my ribs are bruised.

The pain is ok as long as I don't do too much, so pretty much spent the whole day in bed watching tv lol - the couple of times I did try to do something, I ended up crying - no reason, just post surgery tears I guess lol. So I'm just resting up.

My boobs look the same today so no need for photos. I have to wear a compression bandage 24/7 - it's so tight, especially now I've swelled! But I better listen to the surgeon and keep it on.

I'm also really tired, I just want to nap all the time, but I guess that's my body trying to heal itself. On that note I'm off to bed.. Sweet boobs!

Day 4/5..

So it turns out recovery is pretty boring... I'm going stir crazy staying inside and my boyfriend is using his best 'Dad' voice to make sure I don't over exert myself!

I've snuck out a few times to see some friends - all of whom can't wait to check out my boobs lol. But I find I get tired really easy so can't stay out long before I just want to be back napping on the couch.

I actually went to the shops today and tried on some bras! I didn't buy anything because I'm still swollen but it was fun all the same... Right now I'm measuring 10DD/12D!!!! I know this level of swelling is short lived but I still loved every moment if it haha!

I'm not back to work till Wednesday and I also have to start wearing an underwire bra from then so will actually go in and make a purchase in a few days :)

The girls are still looking pretty torpedo like - cone shaped, like Madonna's signature cone bra! But the good news is the BF loves them! If you've read my earlier posts you'll know that my decision to have this op caused a lot of tension between us - him not wanting me to go through with it. But here on the other side it's a lot more peaceful - he loves how happy I am and has no complaints about my new curves - it's win/win :D

Hope everyone if recovering well/keeping nerves under control xx

Post op tips and Week 1 photos!

So I've made it to one week post op. My recovery seems to be going well, and all my hormones/emotionality has gone back to normal. I went back to work today, freaking out that people would notice! I went in with a loose sweater and acting all suspicious, but I don't think anyone even noticed lol, obviously I pay a lot more attention to my titts than my work colleagues :P

Anyway, everything's going well and I thought I'd share some observations/tips for recovery:

Recovery observations:
Pain: it was not horrendous - it was incredibly uncomfortable though. I had a lot of muscular pain down my back and shoulders, this was probs the worst thing. I also got very swollen and sore around my ribs about 3 days post. A week on and I'm still uncomfortable and tight, with the occasional burning in my incisions, I'm still taking Panadol a few times a day.

Nipples: at first I was super glad I could still feel them.... Now I wish they'd been surgically removed - they are mentally sensitive and erect - having a tshirt brush
them is enough to make me cringe, they're pretty painful!

Feel: the new girls were rock hard at first. They are softening up everyday, but are still very firm. They are still swollen too which will be adding to the firmness.

Size: my surgeon wanted me in an underwire after a week, so I've gone and been sized as a 32DD to 32E. They don't look huge, but they're measuring a fair bit bigger than I expected. I'm sure I'll loose some volume when the swelling goes down, but hopefully not too much because I'm LOVING my new size!

When you buy bras after implants make sure you get one with cups wide enough, implants tend to be wider than natural breasts so you may need to go up in cup size to get a wide enough fit. Make sure your new underwire is not siting on or squashing your implants!!!

Dropping: I've noticed anatomical implants look a little different during recovery than round ones, mine haven't had the large swollen square look that most girls get, yes I've had a lot of upper pole fullness, but they've looked somewhat normal from the start. They've still dropped a fair bit in the first week. Especially, my left boob which was smaller and got the larger implant has had a lot of stretching to do. It's getting better everyday, but it is riding higher and looks less natural than the right boob.

Other words of advice:
- watch out for constipation
- morning boob is a real thing, they feel tighter and sore first thing
- use a heat pack if you've got sore muscles
- a tri pillow has saved my sleep! It has allowed me to sleep comfortably on my back and stops me from rolling on to my implants!
- get straws to drink with so you don't have to move your arms as high when you drink

I've got my post op appointment tomorrow and get to loose the sticky tape! Cannot wait! In the meantime check out my week 1 pics xx

The big reveal...

Well... I didn't realise just how much boob was being hidden by my bandages...

Had my post op appointment today! Dr said everything was looking good - rekons he was right about the different sized implants. He also said I'm lucky because I didn't swell much up top.

I am tighter on the left side so the most change will happen on that boob...So just got to be patient - let them fill out at the bottom and soften up!

I'm really happy with my incisions too - I thought they were going to be nasty going from the blood on the bandages - but they are clean thin lines and on my albino skin I think they'll be hardly noticeable.

Feeling good :D

More pics - mucking round with bikinis :D

1 1/2 weeks post op :D

So white you can't see my boobs!

heres another pic... I'm having issues getting pics of my boobs where you can actually see the definition and I've realised it's because I'm so white!!!! Here's a pic in low light where you can actually see the difference the implants have made!

I'll be cracking out the fake bake for Xmas!!!

17 days post op - feeling blah..

I guess I just can't wait for the pain to go away - I've developed some mondors chords under my boobs that are quite painful. They are only temporary and are not terrible just really annoying and making me super grumpy!

On the plus side my boobs are softening up - the right side is looking and feeling really good - it has lossened and rounded out at the bottom and is actually projecting further than the left which is still sitting high and tight and is lacking lower pole fullness - I'm sure it will change too, but it will just take longer, aswell as being the smaller breast it's my dominant side to boot, so the muscle will be well developed.

I've been a bit irrational I guess - I know it's normal for your boobs to change at different rates, but I do get worried they're going to heal differently.... I think I'm just paranoid though...

The blaaness I'm feeling also has to do with the come down after the op - I was so wound up and excited about it and now it's done and dusted im sort of like... "Ok, now what?"

I also have been going through some boob greed - I didn't consider going bigger pre op, but post op, I feel like I should have gone for 350/375 this was my absolute max and is only 40cc bigger so probably not worth worrying about. Espec when my outcome has been so good.

I'm just crazy I think - that's what my BF thinks - he says they're huge and I'm crazy if I can't see it lol. I'm trying really hard at the moment not to drive him crazy with my craziness - I wouldn't be surprised if the poor man never wants to see another boob in his life lol.

In terms of movement etc - I'm about 60% back to normal - I can do most things (except grate cheese ;) lol) I can drive, reach for things, lift small things off the ground, I can also sleep in my side (but it does get a little sore after awhile). I definitely cannot run yet, I can't pick up my 4yr old step son and if I lie on my stomach I'm stuck there like a stranded whale!

To end this post on a high - I went to the beach yesterday and I felt a million dollars in my bikini! A far cry from how I use to feel in my padded togs! It really brought home the reason I had this op - not to look like an overstuffed barbie doll, but to feel confident and feminine in my own skin.

Happy healing everyone xo

A couple more pics... :)

Nothing cures the blues like a good shopping spree!

Yesterday when I updated my review I was pretty grumpy. So thought I'd better up date now I'm in a better mind frame!

I woke up this morning still in the same funk and thought screw sitting around all day - how about a shopping spree with your Xmas cash ;)

Seriously trying on on of these different clothes made me feel superb! All the lovely clothes that I wouldn't even bother picking off the rack are now happily trundled off to the changing room! I've added a photo of a new clubbing dress I got in today's haul ;D

3 Mind blowing facts:
1. Clothes now look amazing regardless of whether I'm wearing a bra
2. Low cut tops are suddenly 'Da bomb'!
3. Playsuits still look horrendous on me lol (but not because of my boobs)

After today's shopping I've realised I've been a bit crazy - my boobs are actually pretty darn big! They look great on my frame without making me top heavy. Plus do I actually want to fit bigger than 10DD. 10E bras are not that easy to come by, nor are they sexy!

I've also noticed way more guys checking out my rack these days. My BF likes to jab me in the ribs and tell me every time he sees some conspicuous connoisseur catching an eye full lol.

A couple more things worth mentioning:
- I think my bad mood has a lot to do with not being able to exercise. I am used to exercising for 1.5hrs a day, 5 days a week - so I'm def missing my endorphins! I'm going to start walking to work and back (40 mins each way) tomorrow to try and feel a bit more normal :)

- I'm not in too much pain anymore but it does come and go. The worst is still my overly sensitive nips - I actually want to scratch them off some days!

- I'm still numb over my lower poles, from just under my nips. It's the only bit that feels alien. I don't like to touch it... it feels gross!

- Push up bras are not working for me yet. I can move my boobs around a bit, but they're still loosening and healing so I can't manipulate them too much. Plus the push up bit is right where I'm numb and tight so it doesn't sit right. Too be honest my boobs are still so perky a bra (even a push up bra) doesn't make that much difference lol.

- It's weird how I've still got my existing breast tissue lol. They are not completely new boobs - my old boobs just sit on top now lol

NYE... The girls debut!

I was super excited for NYE... A chance to dress up to the nines and get the new girls out for the evening :D... But I have to admit the excitement was a mix of nerves and happiness.

I was totally stoked to have big boobs in my non-padded bra, rather than the double bra monstrosity I'm use to wearing (note: if you're awaiting your BA - wearing 2 bras: one push up bra, with another moulded bra over top creates cleave out of anything!!!)

Anyway, chose a pretty boobylicious dress to debut the new girls in....

I was fine at the house party in front of our friends - they all know about my surgery and they were really respectful...

But 'in da club' was another story... I felt like people - girls and boys could not stop staring! I spent half the night with my long hair over my boobs just to stop the 'whoas!!!' from guys who walked past me and the very sweet 'you're so hot' comments from a girlfriend of a friend lol. Perhaps I was being oversensitive...I'm use to a certain amount of attention pre op, but this felt insane. At one stage a group of guys came up to my BF congratulating him for 'catching me' (AWKWARD... But kinda funny because my BF thinks he's hot shit haha).

Too be honest I'd prefer to think it was the wicked job I did curing my hair or my smoky eye make up that drew the attention... But I don't think that was the case..

I didn't really like the extra attention and I was glad I was with a group of guys, BF included to keep the leering at bay. I have to say, I was actually astounded at the impact a good old 'rack' has! I know people like titts, but really? Mine aren't even big! I feel just a tad naive!!!

Earlier I mentioned the nerves. I was kinda anxious... I was really happy with how I looked, I'd really gone all out for the occasion. But I was worried I looked 'fake' and I felt like EVERYONE could tell. Not that anyone said anything or probs even thought that!!! I have to remind myself us girls can be a little cray cray sometimes!

In reflection, It's funny how in some ways I've just spent $12k to trade one (small breasted) insecurity for another (fake) one... It really makes me think... But then I remember how much I love them haha :)

Overall my first night out was a strange experience, I had a great night! And while I'll be keen to get girls out in the future, I think I'll be a little more conservative with my choice of dress next time... ;)

Happy healing xx

5 week update

Well it's been nearly 5 weeks since my op and everything's going well.

Recovery is still a little slow. I'm still sore around my incisions, but it's getting better. Nips have gone back to normal sensitivity - thank GOD!!!

They don't look too different to me from the last few weeks, but I know anatomical implants although look about normal right away, take a long time - 6-12months to properly soften and give final results - so it's a waiting game for me.

Re size - the boob greed still rears its ugly head from time to time, but everyone says the look big and I'm crazy lol. I have to admit, the size is good for my body and they look great.

I've realised its kinda to do with the let down of excitement after surgery - the fact that I just look 'normal' now rather than $12k better than everyone else haha. I'm sure this bullshit will pass, because that's all it is!

It's particularly funny how quickly you forget how far you've come since pre-op!! I quick look at pre- op photos fixes that quick smart.

Other than that not much to report. The BF who was originally so against the op now tells me he 'loves them' lol. I love seeing my DD bras in my draw and I can now wear and feel hot in any bikini, dress, top I can get my hands on! It's awesome.

To any one still on the fence about having this op - just do it, if you're anything like me you'll wonder why you waited so long!

How do you handle 'The Question'

I had a beautiful day out at the races yesterday! (See pics) Beautiful weather, great company and a new dress especially for my new boobs ;) Thank you Dr Glasson!

I am really pleased with my progress. My boobs are softening up really nicely (who said anatomicals are hard???), the bigger (pre op) boob feels pretty much natural and the smaller one is softening and stretching everyday. Plus, my boob greed, was only temporary - it's gone! Yay-ya!

There is one thing I need advice on though. How do you ladies handle questions about your boobs?

Twice this week I was asked about them and both times I was completely caught short. I didn't know what to say.... So I lied, but even to my ears I sound unconvincing lol! Cringe!

The first instance was a female work colleague I'm quite close to. She asked after a mutual friend spotted me and casually said "Rach has lost weight, but her boobs are way bigger..." lol, snapped! I lied when she asked me, but the "new vitamins" excuse can only get me so far! So I ended up telling her the truth.

The second instance was at the races. Now my boobs look natural in a bra, and they look amazing bra less - too amazing it seems...
When I wear a dress like the one pictured above I don't think you can tell I have implants at first glance. But any woman who spends 30 mins in my presence can see my girls staying perfectly in place despite the barely there bra less dress (no readjustments required!). They soon realise something is up with this girls gravity defying boobs.

Anyway, that's what happened at the races. A girl I had just met eventually asked me "Are your boobs real? They're perfect!" And my response.... A fake confused look, followed by slowly repeating the question, then "Of course they are! Honey, haven't you heard of celebrity tape..."

The lie just popped out. Arrrggghh! It's not like she was being mean or anything! Plus, the worst part was the rest of the people we were with know I've had surgery! So silly!

So girls how do you handle it? What do you say? How do you feel about being asked? I'm sure some of you might suggest I cover up a bit to avoid the attention... But why would I pay all this money just to cover it all up? Keen to get your thoughts xx

Finally allowed to exercise...3 month update

Well I'm finally allowed to exercise..... Who am I kidding, this gym junkie was back at the gym after 6 weeks - I know I'm terrible! But no exercise makes me anxious. I promise I took it easy, just enough to take the edge off ????

Sorry I haven't updated in ages, but I guess I didn't feel like there was much to report. Anatomicals settle differently to rounds, they don't drop much, so in terms of look they haven't changed much after 1 month. But they take way longer to soften and become squishy.

Every few weeks I notice a big increase in softness and squishiness - the photo shows me in the same push up bra after one month and then after three months, you can see they can be pushed closer together now! I'm totally stoked with my new found cleav and I'm hoping this will continue to improve as my muscles relax and the skin stretches.

I also posted a pic from the NZ Sevens - NZs biggest costume party/rugby game - was a great day and my boobs were great - but note the wide cleavage gap - it's great to see this disappearing since then, I feel like they look a lot natral sitting closer together.

Scars - they're ok, one is quite big and lumpy and you can see it side on. It's not ideal, but I don't care that much either. I'm fair skinned and I scar well, so evertually it will be all but invisible.

The other thing I'm adjusting to is my booby dance party trick (animation deformity) - the way my muscle contracts on my boobs when I use my chest muscles. It's truely weird and the only thing that makes me feel fake - I look just like Arnie Schwarzenegger! I had pretty tight well developed pecs to begin with, So i guess it's not surprising I can manipulate the implants so much. Lol it's great for entertaining the BF lol - hilarious!

Overall, they just feel like mine now, I don't think about them as much as I used to and I've really just adjusted to my new look and feel. I'm waaaay less insecure and I feel like I just have one less thing to worry about these days. Verdict - totally worth it x
Dr David Glasson

Dr Glasson was amazing. Very experienced and incredibly precise - everything you could want in a breast surgeon. I felt like I was given a custom fit solution for my somewhat challenging starting point, and I really cannot believe the degree of symmetry and nipple alignment Dr Glasson has managed to achieve with the use of two different implants. If you're not happy with your current breast volume and shape and want more than just 'bigger versions of your current breasts' book in with Dr Glasson.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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