My Life Transformation in 15months - DVT&PE Survivor - 100lb Weight Loss - Breast Reduction @ 33years Old - Wellington, FL

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Wow - so where do I start. This has been so much...

Wow - so where do I start. This has been so much more for me then a Breast Reduction it has been part of my journey to find myself and feel as amazing on the outside as I do on the inside.

I have always had big breasts,in 6th grade, I was already a C cup. In addition to large breasts, I battled with my weight in a family where my parents and siblings were so skinny. I was always the funny one who had great hair. I now know that me being funny on the outside was to cover up how much pain I was going though on the inside. It was a vicious battle and it seems easy right? Don't eat as much, you will lose weight and all will be OK. Wrong, you look in the mirror are so sad and unhappy with how you look and you eat to deal with the pain. I never wanted to be overweight, but I could not help it. I was getting comfort from my food. I battled with my weight into my 20s. I had my first son at 21 and I swear he needed a lot of oreo cookies and whole milk to be healthy...After his birth I stayed at almost 300lbs for 3 years and then decided to do something about it. In 1yrs time, I dropped 97lbs I looked great I knew it and people told me all the time, but it wasn't enough. It did not make my ex husband love me more or did he even seem to care what a great accomplishment I had achieved and the weight crept back on over the years. I had my daughter in 2010 and again was creeping up to 300lbs and a size 24.

My life changing moment occurred in January of 2013. I traveled from South Florida to Phoenix via airplane and while in Phoenix @ 32years old I noticed a pain in my leg. I ignored it, but the pain was unbearable by the end of the week and when I went to the hospital, I had a DVT, that eventually moved to my lung and I had a Pulmonary embolism that was caused by a flight. I was in shock. I spent the next 14 days in AZ before I could come home. I truly believe that the DVT/PE saved my life. It was a wake up call to take control of my life. We all have one chance at this life and we should be happy in whatever we do - WE ARE IN CONTROL. A lot happened in the next few months. My weight loss journey started in June of 2013 and I told my husband that after 12yrs of marriage, I could not be his wife anymore. He stopped me from being the free spirit I am and our relationship was not healthy. The weight continued to fall off and even with working out, I was left with super saggy boobs and a saggy tummy of excess skin.

In June, I started meeting with plastic surgeons and on July 30th I met the 3rd one and I knew he was it. He had a cancellation and I scheduled my surgery for August 12th!! I am crazy!

OK - going to add some pics and then will post about all my pre-op fun and surgery

PRE OP - Who has time for that??

I don't remember if I mentioned but I was a 44F at my heaviest and was down to a 40DDD. My goal was for a sexy D :-)

So my surgery date was 8/12 and all kinds of things needed to be done but, I was traveling for business 8/3 - 8/8 and needed to find time for my pre-op visit with the surgeon, a mammogram, and my blood work up. I went to my PS on 8/31, my mammo on 8/1, and visited an urgent care on 8/3 before my flight to get clearance. While at my visit, they informed me I had a UTI and gave me CIPRO for 5 days and I would need to go back to get checked again on 8/9 to make sure that it cleared. This was really starting to get stressful - I did not have time for a UTI right now! I spent the next week in PA, not being able to do anything in regards to surgery, but was so busy with work, the time flew by.

On Sat 8/9, I was cleared for surgery and thought I should start getting bras, supplies, etc. Honestly, I imagine this is overwhelming for anyone, for a person with ADD it was crippiling HAHA - I think I walked around in circles in every store! Thank goodness for my mom! She kept me in line. Saturday I still had no bras - this was the most stressful, I have NEVER worn a sports bra before and could not find anything that I thought would work. We went shopping again on Sunday for Bras

I can not recommend the Bali Comfort Revolution Bra enough! It is soft and supportive and just feels good. I love having it on. I bought M and L and ended up needing an XL for the first few days, but have since settled into a Large. It is great!


I had an EPIC panic attack. I was literally freaking out. Here I was ready to fulfill a dream. I had accomplished so much - I had done it! I lost the weight and it was my time.....I was crying, didn't want to talk to anyone, and was wondering why in the world I was going to alter my body....It was not pretty.

Then it happened...I found the XANAX, and I had 2. I passed out, and woke up at 5:30am, an hour before my alarm. I started getting ready...I think I was in shock.

Post more about surgery day in a bit

Surgery Day!


So my mommy took me to the hospital. Yup my little 120lb mother with a 32 took her 190lbs 40DDD daughter to get a breast reduction! Her daughter that she watched battle with her weight since 12. She was proud, scared, and excited. We checked in at 8am and waited for the nurse to call me back. Left mom in the waiting a lot of instructions about peeing in a cup, how to put the gown on, and where to go when I was done. I walked out in my sex hospital gown and got sent back into my changing room because I put it on wrong. Haha! I love being me. I then hand my urine sample for pregnancy test to some guy nurse and head to curtain number 3. Put my compression stocking important for me and then my doc came in. And he looks at my face and my body and tells me that my face doesn't match my body. It's doesn't. And he tells the nurses how much weight I have lost. And I am proud he is my doc. His assistant walks in..sees me naked and tells me how much my life was going to change. He draws me up. And the nurse walks in to tell me I have a positive pregnancy test. OK REALLY? How does that even Tubes are tied and my period ended 8/ is so Par for the course with me, we laugh. We wait about 20 minutes for my negative blood test to come back. And we were cleared. I got a happy drug...was pushed to the operating room and was sleeping within what felt like seconds. I was out of surgery around 3. And spent until 9pm in recovery due to a bp at 70/40. They pumped fluids, stopped pain meds and we're giving me neo. Nothing worked until I was given an injection of Albumin. I had such a great team in recovery. I got to my room, met my nurse and explained I was starving. They got me chicken, cut it for me and I chowed down. Pain was what I expected hurt! By 4am I needed to get out of bed and they got me up and I walked around...This felt great. I hit the pain pump as much as I could...not going to lie..they were going to take it away at some point, and I was going to make the best of it. They took it away the next morning. I was up walking around in the morning and was able to go home by 5pm. I also found out I was getting a home health nurse! Score! They come over to change dressings once per day :)

So I had a reduction, lift and lipo. I am going in for a TT on 9/26. Something I never expected were for my clothes to not fit. It looked like I sat on a tire...use I will share a pic. Holy crap!

8/13 my nurse comes and just by luck it was my awesome nurse from.the night before. I was so Lucky and she told me how sweet I was :)

My boobs are wrapped. My body is swollen and the next time they will be released from the bandage is 8/15. I am also taking Lovenox shots to help prevent a clot...just because I am now at risk.

8/14 9pm, I get the mother of all migraines..The Percocet is not helping and I wake up multiple times throughout the night crying.

8/15 - alarm.goes off at 645 to make it to my 8am appt the headache is massive and it is a 30 minute drive. I cried. We doctor, I told them what was wrong and they were able to give me something for the pain. I told them I did not want to see my breasts. I lay on the table, they remove some staples and some sutures. They wrap me back up and I head home..In a lot less pain.

I slept the entire day!

I finally "Kind of" Looked and my breasts and my body! OMG


Level 30 freak out. Not really much to say. I will let the pics speak for themselves. No matter how you prepare are not ready to see your body like this. And honestly. ..either people do not post these pics or I somehow missed finding a pair that look like mine in the 1.5 million pics I look at. My surgeon has and continues to have my 100% confidence. And a lot.of my bruising can be from the blood thinner shot.

I saw my doc today 8/18 and they were not.phased by them at all. There is still severe swelling, bruising? And things need to settle. They assured me this would happen

OMG I cannot believe I am posting these.

7 Days Post OP - Some Random Thoughts/Tips

First Happy Birthday to my Surgery Sister Cree11!

Random Thoughts/Tips:

- I still cannot change my dressings alone. It is yucky to me. Nurse does it for me 1x per day and my mom does it the other. You may want to consider this if you are not good with stitches.

- I bought the pillow with arms for back support and I love it.

- Again - Comfort Bali Revolution for the win

- I place a Telfa strip over each nipple/incision and then place an ABD pad over the Telfa strip. I then put on my bra. It feels more comfy and helps keep Telfa in place.

- I have ate a healthy diet since surgery. Fiber bars..hard boiled eggs..yogurt...chicken/fish. I drink a lot of water. Down 4 lbs

- Pineapple juice with crushed ice was so refreshing the first few days

- Do not expect to get dressed up. Wear comfortable relaxing clothes.

- First few days in the car. ..bring a pillow to hug to your body. It helped.

- If your boobs look like mine, post pics so other woman know what to expect

- Take pictures. It will help you remember how far you have come.

- I have no regrets

- I actually do not know what the total cost of surgery was. Insurance covered the reduction. I paid 4,000 for the lift and lipo.

- The lipo is hands down what hurt me. The boobs would have been manageable without the Lipo

I am going back to work tomorrow!
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