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So many mixed feelings... First time writing and...

So many mixed feelings... First time writing and honestly, I never thought I would. I guess, trying to figure out what went wrong. So here it goes...
I am a happy, energetic, perky, sassy, fit, 5' 4", happily marriage, 49 years young Latina woman, 133 lbs TT day, now 130. I work out hard core, M to F 5 times a week, no excuses.
I discovered this page 5/1/16 and I have been reading it ever since then daily. Personally PS, it is about improving yourself, fixing the things that have bothered you since you were little or changed your body the way it was before you had babies.
I had a nose job back in 2005. I had and paid 3 different consults and went back to Dr. #1. Amazing surgeon Dr. Cochran in Boston, but he is retired now. I got exactly what he said I would. He removed a bump on it and left it completed it straight. Just perfect!
Ever since my emergency appendix surgery at age 11, that went wrong, (it left a dent that looks like a second bigger belly button on the right side of my belly) I have hated my funny looking belly!! :( After two C-sections (now 14 and 17 years old girls) that left my appendix incision almost meeting the happy face of C-sections, I had wanted a tummy tuck really badly. Late March 2016, I learned we were staying home for April school vacation, so I knew it was now or never. I had to act fast, since there was no time to waste. I booked two consults, Dr. Driscoll April 8 and Dr. Howrigan that I canceled her after I saw Dr. D. since I was 100% satisfied with what I had heard.
I was highly recommended by a family doctor to get it done by Dr. Driscoll, the CHIEF of surgeons at a top hospital here in Boston, just 35 min from my house. I had my cons with him on 04/08/16. I wanted three things out of TT surgery and Lipo, I told Dr. Driscoll: Flat belly (obviously), appendix scar gone and give me a more curvy look. He told me: "MY BEST option would be an Umbilical Float Abdominoplasty". Which means belly button stay intact, just 2 cm. under original position. Plus liposuction on flanks. We talked about my fear of anesthesia that always make me so sick. He suggested to spent 24 hrs in the hospital to prevent that from happening.
I left so happy and excited, finally, I would have the belly I had dreamed of since I was 11 years old.
Within a few days, surgery was scheduled for April 19, 2016 school vacation week. It didn't even cross my mind to get a second opinion or question his decision, I trusted him 200%.
Everything went GREAT, better than I ever thought possible. He has angel hands. His staff is amazing, caring and kind. One night spent at N&W Hospital worth every cent. I followed every single post instruction to the T. I even rented a hospital bed for a month that helped tremendously. I wore that binder 24/7 for 8 weeks, then continued to wear it around the house and to sleep. I had my followed up appointment on June 7, before I left over seas June 11, almost two months after surgery.
Based on everything I read here and other websites, and dozens of videos I saw in YouTube, plus gym friends that had it done, my understanding was: "a full time tuck hip to hip, (not a mini tuck: small incision) IT WAS A GIVEN TO HAVE ALL wall muscle tightened UPPER (which I didn't) and LOWER belly".
At that time of the follow up appointment June 7, 2016 I expressed to him my disappointment of learning that my upper abdominal muscle were NOT TIGHTENED, I told him: "it looked like I have a muffin top now". He told me: "upper abdomen muscle tightened take a longer recovery, you didn't need it and when the swelling settle, everything would look proportion, be patient, you had major surgery".
Everything was going well, still pretty bulge and swelling, but normal he said, so I left for the summer over seas June 11. Within 10 days or so of arriving, the swelling/bulging was so bad that now I looked round, I looked pregnant! I went to see a PS in Beirut Dr. Jaklis on June 23 (just the CAPITAL of PS) he told me: it looks like I may have Seroma (fluid between the skin and the abdominal wall). He recommended an ultrasound to be sure. The next day I saw a OB-GYN-PS, Dr. Khouzami, he performed an ultrasound and injected a needle inside my belly to be sure, he said: "no Seroma" just "gas". He put me on medication to regulate me, big surprised to me because I wasn't constipated. Swelling went down some. At least I wasn't feeling blowed all the time and I no longer looked or feel pregnant. I just look like a 49 years old woman with a belly.
Swelling never ceased, belly has NEVER been flat.
As soon as I came back in USA, I went for my followed up appointment, 9/7/16, 4 and 1/2 months since my surgery. This time he took photos, which clearly show: by far I DON'T HAVE A FLAT BELLY UPPER OR LOWER OR CURVES!! "The swelling is almost gone", he said, so this is it, this is what my TT looked like!!?????? :( He suggested Lipo to correct "imperfection", I said: thanks, but no thank. Lipo was very painful and unconformable, it took over 3 months to feel pain free.
When I left his office, I cry all the way home, WTH went wrong? I am not over weight, I am fit, I should be one of those success stories easy! I don't understand, how did I get here? I didn't go through all that pain, recovering time, pain and suffering to my husband (time off from work) and girls, not to mention the huge expense, to look just "better". And honestly, first time around hubby was all for it, "what ever makes you happy", he said, but to go through this again? I don't think so, I know, he is going to freak out!!
Am I dreaming? Please wake me up from this Plastic Surgery night mare!! I dream of a normal flat belly since I was 11 years old girl, I waited 38 years for this!! I wanted so bad to wear bikinis like my friends did :( Teenager years I spent them hiding my funny looking belly.
I did everything by the book, I didn't fly to some third world country to get it done (no offense to some of you ladies that got amazing results), I wore that stupid binder religiously, no gym for 7 weeks, and took it easy for several weeks after that since I was on vacation for the whole summer. Sure, we worked hard unpacking and cleaning when we arrived, but it only lasted 2 to 3 days. I don't smoke or drink, I made sure to eat extra healthy around my recovery time, no salt, drink lots of water, I rested a lot, I babied that incision like a new born, I am on my 4th tube of New Gel + E scar cream.
To all the ladies out there planning to have a TT or any other PS please, please take with you "dream" photos, ask a million questions, please don't assume like I did, because you had educated yourself in the subject, it doesn't mean you two are on the same page. I am type A personality, I rarely make life decisions mistakes because I am very meticulous. Trust me if this happen to me, it can happen to anybody.
Please advise what did you ladies look like at 5 months post TT? Did this happen to any one?
Advise Doctors please, what is going on? What do you think happen? Can it be fix? I really don't want to go under again, but it seems I don't have a choice if I want upper muscles to be tightened and lower to be fix?????
So sorry all, I am embarrassed for writing so long, but I know I needed to give out all the facts to understand where I am at. Thank you!

"50 Grades of Gray in Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong"

Ladies please, be aware, plastic surgery IS NOT black or white! In fact there are "50 Grades of Gray." I had my 10 months (and so I was told) final followed up TT on 2/15/17. Every time I go there, Dr. Driscoll managed to sent me home depressed, that it takes me weeks to bounce back :(
Pretty much was like: "don't let the door hit you on your butt in the way out."
Talk about dissatisfied, and pretty hideous by anyone's standards job! I was told, it is what it is. "You are an Apple shaped woman with a short torse and long skinny legs, that accumulate all fats around your waist" Helloooooo, Isn't why I got a TT?
"You gain 5 lbs every winter Dr. Driscoll said, that if you were to keep it off, it would show on your core".
Facts: I was 133 lbs at time of surgery. I am 5' 4" size 6, 135 lbs (at my highest during winter) which by all standards make me "normal". To make a point, I just LOST 5 lbs, I am 130 at the moment, 3 lbs less than before surgery.
He agreed with me that I didn't get the WOW factor and he didn't communicated with me at all. In fact, let's face it, I have NOTHING to show for! He said: "he would be happy to refer me to someone if I would like to get liposuction done." He also said if I continue to gain weight around my belly's fascia, I will end up with diabetes or any others fat waist issues". Thanks a lot Dr. Driscoll! For the record, I love my skinny legs, I am happy with my weight, anything under 128 lbs makes my face look anorexic. Sure, weight gain, aging, sagging skin, etc, etc, will affect a TT over the years, but this lower TT HAS NEVER BEEN FLAT!
Why did I get a $12,000 tummy tuck to begin with? I went though pain, suffering, risks, downtime and a huge expense, not to mention the emotional roller coaster that I am left with.... for what? I am beyond disappointed, I am appalled of how I got nothing, but excuses to cover up his lousy so called Tummy Tuck. Imaging being bold and going for hair implant and come out a year later as bold as you were in, really? Or have a root canal, post and crown to ended up pulling the tooth due to Dr's negligence, are you kidding me?
Lower belly: TT I still have lots of extra skin which looked like I never had a TT at all. I have a roll above the navel. At time of TT my belly button went down 2 inches, which it gave me extra skin on the sides that stick out like mass of fat in both side (where my waist supposed to be). When I am sitting, I have 4 layers of fat just hanging in there, front and sides. Unacceptable results, IT IS CLEAR TO ANYONE'S STANDARDS that I need a revision to get a true tummy tuck, with tightening of upper and lower muscles plus Lipo to waist... Dr. Driscoll, see here before and after photos from "apple shape" ladies done by your colleagues, some of them are even on the heavy side. It can totally be done, specially on my particular case that I was only 133 lbs.
Doctor Driscoll shame on you for such a lousy job, shame on you for blaming it on my apple shape and even worse how you brushed me off as a patient, shame on you, you screwed up as simple as that!

Today's video

Today's video. 130 lbs
It didn't download

Decisions... Decisions.... Cool Sculpting or NOT that is the question??

Decisions... decisions... I have had 4 consultation all together about Cool Sculpting, 2 in the USA and two here in Beirut, Lebanon where I am at on vacation. I have seen dozens of videos about CS procedure, I have read every single story here in Realself, if something goes wrong, it can even be life threatening. I know, I realize, I am obsessed with my belly!! I stopped sweets after my last follow up tummy tack back in February. I am 5 4", size 4, I am down to 127lbs and these freaking bulges upper and lower they don't go any where!! Isn't why I had a tummy tack to begin with?
It makes mad and really up set that plastic surgeons don't get the emotional roller coaster they sent us on when procedures go to hell. It doesn't stop with the fact that I came out pretty much the same way I went in... I continue to work out 5 times a week, I have stopped classes and I am doing weight Sculpting with a trainer, I have to say, the only part of my body with zero results is my belly!! No use, it is all stubborn fat under the fascia, which again is why people gets TT to begin with, right??
Now, I can't make the decision to have cool sculpting done or not. I am scare, in fact I am petrify that some thing would go wrong or once again I am going to spend time, effort and money and come out the same. In the States they want $4,800 for 8 applicator, here in Lebanon 8 applicators as well for $2,500 USD. Please ladies, what would you do? It is like my brain says yes do it, but my gut tells me: "you know better, listen to me"... what would you do? Help!!
Newton Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Driscoll is an amazing surgeon, piece of art my incision (not even, but I am alive) after only two weeks, but for what ever reason my TT turned out sour. His staff is superior, kind and caring. Newton Welleslley Hospital the best. I don't know what else to say. I am sad, disappointed, up set, at time outrage that things turn out so poorly. UP DATE AFTER LAST FOLLOW UP 2/15/17 No warranties or guarantees with Dr. Driscoll. Be aware it is what it is, "you get what you get, don't get up set". Never mind if patient is happy with results or not. You are on your own after surgery.

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