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Cellulaze Review (posterior thighs) Cellulaze...

Cellulaze Review (posterior thighs)

Cellulaze Procedure was performed June 8th

Day 1, day of procedure (Friday)
9:30am: Pictures taken, markings done, meds taken shortly after (Valium and Percocet – I only took ½ the recommended amount – I have a high tolerance for pain – and I was fine).
10:30 – 12:30 : procedure took less than 2 hours
1:30pm: was ready to go home

I will not be giving a rating on Cellulaze at this time, however, I am very optimistic w/ this procedure and hope to see results.

The worst part of procedure would be the needles used for numbing the area – the actual Cellulaze procedure was basically painless – if I felt any pain, the Dr. would stop and inject more numbing medication – that happened maybe 6-7 times during the whole procedure – the staff was great and always communicating w/ me throughout the whole procedure.

Doctor Marshall and his staff of 2 nurses and 1 assistant were all present during the whole procedure; they worked as a team and were very organized and experienced and I would highly recommend. They monitored my blood pressure and heart rate and blood oxygen during the whole procedure and made sure I was comfortable in whatever position I was in.

When I got home I did take a pain pill (I only had very slight pain) and went to bed and watched TV since I was told to keep my legs elevated vs. sitting in one position for a long period of time. I will keep the compression garment on as recommended (4-6 weeks) and change the drainage pads within 24 hrs. I have had some drainage but very little so far. The doctor massages & rolls out the majority of fluids after the procedure.

I have not had any other procedures done so I have nothing to compare this to but this was VERY, VERY TOLERABLE - and if it works, I will possibly have the front of my thighs done in the future (I would wait until the fall/winter since they tell you not to anticipate results for 3-6 months). I am very hopeful and will be patient to see results.

I will be going back to see Dr. Marshall 3 days after the procedure (Monday) for a quick follow up and then again within 2 weeks and then he suggested another follow-up within 2 months. There is always someone on-call, so I can always call or email if I have any concerns/questions.

Day 2: (Saturday)

I replaced some of the gauze pads before I went to bed the 1st night and replaced the rest in the morning. Pads needed changing but definitely wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.
I used sterile gauze pads w/ bacitracin on them (I didn’t want to take a chance of any possible infection at the incision sites).

My bruising does not look that bad yet? Very mild – very happy day 2 – feel great – still sore at incision sites when sitting or getting up but I am fine when walking or resting. (*note on bruising/swelling – a week prior to the procedure, I did take both Bromelain and Arnica Montana Supplements as recommended by other patients on this site and I am continuing to take these supplements for at least another week – I was taking both of them 3-4 times a day - maybe that is why my bruising/swelling is not bad??) . I would recommend googling both supplements to see if they would work for you but also consult your doctor before you start taking anything – may not be right for you.

I took ½ a tablet of Percocet at night before bed(1st night) and will take another ½ tablet tonight for comfort but I think Tylenol would be fine. I took Tylenol this morning since I plan on driving later today.

Changed gauze pads before bed – seems drainage has already stopped.

Day 3: (Sunday)

Removed all gauze pads from drainage incisions and replaced w/ only band-aids - no more drainage and incisions are 90% healed. I do not seem to be swollen and only have minor bruising (very faint)… I am very happy w/ that!

Not in any pain – just tender to the touch in some areas – some areas on the back of my leg still seem numb but that is expected – overall I feel great.

From this point on, I plan on updating any results on a weekly basis – I will post again next week.

At this time, I will not be posting any pictures - I want to wait at least 3-4 months so I can compare results.

Day 8 - Friday One week out from...

Day 8 - Friday

One week out from procedure-bruising still visible but is much lighter and looks like it will be gone by next week - not much swelling. Once bruising is completely gone, I will be able to get a better view of results - right now hard to tell.
The area still feels numb but Doctor did say that feeling could last weeks to months depending on the individual. Certain areas feel more sensitive to touch and the only pain(very slight) I still have is when sitting on hard surfaces (like toilet seat). Incisions are closed but will take a while to completely heal (according to Dr.).

I am back to everyday activities except vigorous exercise but I was giving the ok by Dr. to start upper body workout only and can start regular exercise next week. Overall, I feel great and I am still hopeful to see results. I will post again next week.

Day 15: Friday I am 2 weeks out from my...

Day 15: Friday

I am 2 weeks out from my procedure and bruising is 95% gone. Still have very slight tenderness in some areas and numbing is still there (fading very slowly - I'm anticipating this will take the longest to go away).

I'm back to exercising - I double up on compression garment (spanx and nike compression shorts when working out).

I do not see any significant improvement yet - maybe slight improvement - I will know better after I see doctor for follow-up photos next visit. I'll keep you posted.

4 weeks post procedure: 1 month out - bruising...

4 weeks post procedure:

1 month out - bruising gone - numbness seems to be fading very slowly (that would be my only complaint). I would be curious how long this side effect can last, it was never mentioned in the Cellulaze video.

I do see slight improvement in cellulite but I am hoping it gets better in the next few months. I still do not feel like I can positively rate Cellulaze until I give it at least 6 months.

I'll give another update next month.

2 months out: Still cannot give a "worth it"...

2 months out:

Still cannot give a "worth it" rating yet... was hoping for better results after 2 months... numbness is still present but is not as bad as last month (Hoping this side effect is gone by next month). I will update again next month.

Oct. 9, 2012 4 months out: no significant...

Oct. 9, 2012

4 months out:

no significant update except numbness is almost completely gone.

Doctor Marshall and his staff of 2 nurses and 1 assistant were all present during the whole procedure; they worked as a team and were very organized and experienced and I would highly recommend.

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