53 Yr Old "Mother of the Groom to Be" in Need of Neck Lift.... - Wellesley, MA

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I had a facelift last Friday. So far everything...

I had a facelift last Friday. So far everything has gone well, as well as expected. I was very nervous going in but the nurses and my doctor took good care of me and prepared me for everything. When I got home I took the prescribed pain pill and sleeping pill and made it thru the first night. Day 1 post-op went by slowly but with a lot of ice packs and pain med I made it thru. Day 2 post-op was awful because I had so much nausea and discomfort from the bandages so tight around my head along with the tape being so itchy on my neck. I just kept taking the sleeping pills to dull everything. I am not in too much pain on Day 3 post-op. I had my bandages removed today , thank God, as the tape around my neck caused a bad rash. And my doctor took me off the antibiotic as that was what was probably causing the nausea. I was able to shower and shampoo my hair, yay! I loved seeing my new neck, even though I am very swollen, I can see the difference.

Day 6 post op

Lots of bruising but swelling going down

Day 10 post-op

Got most of my stitches out today, very happy so far! Bandage under chin, some swelling under chin and in front of cheeks and bruising on the neck and cheeks. But definitely on the mend!
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