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So I finally did it. I booked my surgery for April...

So I finally did it. I booked my surgery for April 2nd. It's only about a month away! I left my consultation feeling nervous, excited, and anxious. I'm currently a 34B and hope to be a full C after the surgery. The doctor said that because I already have a good amount of breast tissue naturally that I would not require a large implant. I chose saline because I feel more comfortable than with the risks associated with silicone.

He said he would use 300cc implants filled to 325. I'm hoping this is enough. I don't want them to be too big because I worry about them making me look heavier but I'm also paying so that there's a noticeable difference you know! From the research I've done I think the 325cc will be perfect for my body frame. I just would like to look more proportioned. I can't wait to wear bras that are normal and not like body armor on me because of the insane padding. I also can't wait to go bathing suit shopping!

I've been obsessed with looking at before/after pictures and reading everyone's blogs on this site. It's definitely calmed my nerves a lot and helped me to prepare.

I'm not so scared about the post op pain as I am the anesthesia. He said he uses "conscious sedation" which is not general anesthesia. You breathe on your own so you don't require intubation or airway openings. I was concerned about waking up but he assured me I definitely will not. He will be using versed and something else to sedate me, as well as local anesthesia. Basically he said I'll go to sleep, wake up two seconds later ( well feel like I did) and I won't remember a thing. I've never been put out or had any type of surgery before so I'm highly anxious! I am kind of a hypochondriac and being a nurse I always think of the bad outcomes of things.

Hopefully I'll relax! More updates to come!

Oh no, will they be too small?

Ahh so after reading so many of everyone's posts on here I'm starting to get nervous that what the PS stated he was going to do isn't going to be enough. He said because of the adequate amount of breast tissue I have now (I'm a 34b) I would only need a small implant--he said he would do 300cc filled to 325. I guess I should trust him since I'm assuming he knows what he's talking about. I'm just so nervous. My goal is a full C/ which can I guess end up being a small D in some bras. I was hesitant to post pictures on here but I feel like I will get better feedback if there's a visual.

Also, my left boob changed in shape about a year 1/2 ago...not sure what cause it-either pulling something or maybe gaining/losing weight? It almost looks square and my boyfriend always teases me about it haha. The doctor didn't comment on this in my consult. He just stated I was slightly asymmetrical ( prob cuz of this). I'm hoping maybe with the implant it will fill it out a bit, but what I'm scared of is that enlarged it will be worse!

I also find it a little weird that mostly everyone on here has had a pre-op appt and they never said anything about that to me. I booked the surgery at my consultation, put down my deposit, and was give all the pre-op preparation paperwork etc. Maybe they don't do pre-op appts because they took care of all that already.

I wasn't given any post op prescriptions yet. I guess I'll be given them to leave with - which my boyfriend will have to fill/pickup for me on our way home. They did give me a prescription for Celebrex to start taking twice a day the day before the surgery. It's a strong anti-inflammatory given usually to people over 65 for severe arthritis but apparently it helps to reduce swelling and pain after the surgery. They said it wasn't mandatory to fill it but it was suggested.

I also made a pre-op physical appt with my PCP for March 20th which is about two weeks prior to my surgery. The PS did not suggest I do this but I'm a nurse and very cautious and paranoid so I went ahead and did this on my own. Just figured it would be better to get checked out and make sure I'm a 100% healthy before going under the knife! Plus they also require me to have a pre-op pregnancy blood test done by 3/22 and submitted to their office so I'll get that done while I'm there.

AHHH I just typed a lot of different things going on in my head right now. Any comments/suggestions about any of it will be appreciated :-)

My mind is racing!

So I have exactly 27 days left until the big day. This surgery is literally ALL that's consumed my mind since I booked it. I took a bunch of pictures in different things so that I could get a better idea of what I wanted etc. I'm constantly going back and forth.

Also, what I've thought about is my birth control. Right now I'm on the Nuva Ring. For the month that I keep the ring in my boobs are more full, swollen etc. so they actually don't seem so bad to me. But when I go off the birth control they are just so deflated and empty. I'm due to take it out this Sunday to allow for my period. Then I usually put it back in the following Sunday. I'm wondering if I should just keep it out until after my surgery so that my boobs are the size they naturally are without any hormones effecting them? I'm thinking that might be a good idea. It's when they deflate that way that I really get uncomfortable and want the implants ASAP. Thoughts?

I know either way I won't regret this decision. I go back and forth with it but I've ultimately wanted this surgery since I was 18. Sometimes I worry I won't look good with bigger boobs. Like a lot of you have also mentioned--I don't want them to make me look heavier. As the date approached I'm getting more and more anxious and excited though!!!

It's getting real!

I paid off my surgery this week so there's no going back now! It's less than a month away and I'm so incredibly anxious! I did a little preparation shopping today and bought a few sports bras, smooth moves tea, and some arnica gel. I looked in about 4 different stores and could not find any front zip/ close bras! Any suggestions on where I can grab a couple?

Shopping was fun but the anticipation of being able to buy new bras, bathing suits and cute tops that will fit me completely different is driving me crazy! I want to buy them now!

Let the pre-op prep begin!

So I took out my Nuvaring today so my boobs will most likely soon look like someone took a safety pin to a water balloon. I'm planning on just leaving it out until after my surgery so that my boobs stay their true non hormone induced size. I don't want them appearing bigger therefore making him put in less than what I need.

In other news my birthday is this week. I'll be 27...ahh time is really flying. A lot of comments I got when I told people about my surgery were " You're doing them NOW ? Why wouldn't you wait until after you have kids?" My answer--- cuz I've waited long enough already! Who knows when I'll get married and have babies? I want them now so I can enjoy my body while I'm young and carefree haha.

Anyways I think my boyfriend is getting a little excited now too. He's already all prepared to be my caretaker after the surgery. I'm so lucky to have him :-)

Mini panic attack

Sooo I've just been obsessive with looking at before/after pictures and trying to visual the end result of my surgery. I'm starting to be concerned that my natural boobs are too saggy and spaced apart to begin with. I have an idea in my head of how I want the end result to be---I'm just scared I'll be disappointed in the end! AHHH this whole thing is driving me nuts!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

Ahhh SOO the big day is finally here!!! I can honestly say I'm absolutely terrified but I don't think it will really set in until I'm actually there. I have everything prepared so I'm ready to go! My surgery is scheduled for 11:30. I'm going to wake up, shower, and head over there.

I am so nervous I have the worst stomach ache tonight it sucks.

I took a couple last pre-op boob pics that I've posted. I feel so bloated today ugh.

Ok well I'll update more depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow when I get home!!

All Done!!!!

AHHH so I'm just finally feeling well enough to type this out. The surgery went very well. I was really nervous before but the staff was amazing and took great care of me. I just remember laying down, the anesthesiologist putting in the IV and then talking for a min and I was out. Waking up and the ride home was definitely a blur. I was in a lot of pain, mostly burning, and very nauseas. I threw up as soon as I walked in the house (but I tend to get nauseas easily anyways) and then my bf helped me straight to bed and I took a Percocet.

I was really uncomfortable and in so much pain so I took another Percocet 2 hours later and felt a little better but still couldn't move around without being sore and nauseas.

I managed to get some food down but vomited not long after. For now I've just been eating freeze pops and saltines--much easier on my tummy.

A couple hours ago when I could actually get out of bed I took off my surgical bra (the PS said I didn't even have to wear it if I didn't want to.)

I'm amazed!!! And sooo excited! They look so much better than I expected. I thought they would be all messed up looking but they are perfect to me! Excited to see how they change as they settle. He ended up doing 310 saline implants filled to 360cc. I am absolutely In love with the size, though I know they are swollen so I'm a little nervous of how much they will shrink after the swelling goes down.

I'm sooo itchy from the pain medicine, I'm going to take some Benadryl and try to get some sleep.

Post op day 2

The pain is much better today. Haven't' taken a Percocet since 2pm because I'm feeling so nauseas and the zofran isn't helping at all. I'm starting to get nervous that they are too small and going to shrink down too much when the swelling goes away! I guess I'll see what happens ---they haven't changed much since yesterday but ill post a couple pics anyways.

Post Op Day 3

Today is a much better today! I still feel like I have huge rocks in my chest but I know the healing process takes time. They are starting to feel a tiny bit softer but hardly. I do put even need any pain mess anymore just right before I go to bed because sleeping is really uncomfortable. I'm dying to sleep on my stomach and side but it feels like too much pressure right now.

Ugh I'm just so bored. I really feel like I can go back to work on Monday but my PS said I need to relax for at least 7 days. So I have all of this next coming week off to recover. Today I snuck out and went to the plaza up the street real quick just to get out. Oh man just turning the steering wheel was hard. You don't realize all the muscles that are used for simple things until they slice through them for a surgery lol.

Anyways so far I'm really happy with how they Are turning out. I can't wait until they soften up and I can buy some new bras and bathing suits. My PS said by the summer they should have settled enough to look nice in a bathing suit. I feel like I'm really lucky because for mentor saline 360cc smooth round high profile impants they did not "ride high" at all. They just literally looked blow up after the surgery not squarish or very high in my chest as some others I've seen.

I'm very anxious to get back to the gym so they rest of my body matches my boobs! I actually also haven't gotten much bloating at all like other people have mentioned.

Ok well Posted some pics in some unpadded sports bras--which I have been wearing now cuz they are way more comfortable!

Disappointment/regret/boobie blues

Ugh so tomorrow marks my one week since surgery. My boobs are actually no loner swollen. They even feel pretty soft. I'm surprised at how quickly this has happened. But anyways I'm just feeling really sad today. They just aren't what I pictured in my head. I wish I had gone bigger. I mean it is only my fault I asked for a full C and that is what I'm left with but I wish I had asked for a D.

It's crazy how quickly you're body adjusts. I always thought a D would be too big but now that I have the C it still seems too small in proportion to my body. I have wide hips so I really wanted to even them out. I wish I had communicated better with the surgeon, but I honestly didn't really know what I wanted either I guess. They should have a one time exchange policy because it's so hard to imagine how the end result will be.

I mean granted I haven't tried them out with a push up bra yet. I have only seen them in a sports bra/or nothing. They are exactly the same as pre op in clothes because I always wore a super padded bra with even added gel inserts.

People think I'm ridiculous and say they look great and if I went bigger they would have looked fake and too big for my body. But I disagree. I hope this disappointment/ boob greed or whatever it is passes with time. I know I should just appreciate what I have but I just keep thinking about how long I waited for this and the time/money spent.

In the future I will prob end up doing them over and gettin a larger size but I obv don't have the $$ right now plus they say to wait at least a year. If they shrink down any more then this I will cry. Perhaps some retail therapy will help-- or maybe just trying on a few bras and bathing suits to get a better idea of what I have.

Did anyone else feel this way & then get over it? I hope it passes cuz right now it sucks ????

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