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I made it to the flat side this morning! I went in...

I made it to the flat side this morning! I went in to my PS office, she has an OR in her office. In the pre-op room ( which was decorated really nicely, I appreciated that touch) they did a pregnancy test, put an IV in, put on compression socks and a hospital gown. My PS then came to draw on my body for my TT and lipo of the thighs. Then walked to the OR where they cleaned my whole body. I then laid on the table and I don't remember anything after that. I believe the procedure took around 4 hours. I vaguely remember parts of the car ride home but nothing about the recovery room.

Since at home I have been in my recliner. I am uncomfortable but not in a lot of pain. Thank God for my husband who is keeping track of my meds, emptying my drains and preparing my snacks. Also, thanks to parents for keeping my two children for about 3 1/2 weeks.

So far I feel prepared for the recovery process. I'm really going to hate the time until I have a shower and I haven't figured out how I am supposed to wear panties with these pesky drains in the way. Otherwise so far so good. I like my PS staff, it was an all female OR staff, which made me very comfortable.

PO day 2

I am feeling okay today. I made a point to walk around the house several times today which tires me out but also makes me feel better and stand straighter. I trying to back off Vicodin a bit- two every 6 hours to 1 every 6 hours then to Tylenol. I think ice packs are helping for soreness, but what is bothering me the most is gas. I took Miralax yesterday which resulted in no BM just super painful gas. So annoying! I took small amount of MOM , because I didn't want to overdo it but I still waiting. TMI, I know but these are the real struggles of the TT, lol!

More TMI that I guess (hope) is normal. My vaginal area is SUPER puffy. It looks odd as it sticks out of my crotchless CG. Someone please tell me it will return to normal.

A few before and after pics

I'm going for my 2nd post op appt today, I'm 6 days Po. Really hoping to get drains out although a friend told me that it shouldn't be rushed. I am barely draining though, hardly 10cc in a 24 hour period.
Anyway, I found a great combination to keep me moving (I'm talking BM). I take 4 capsules of psyllium husks a day and a digestive enzyme from Whole Foods called Wholezyme and alot of water. Works like a charm.

Day 6

Drains are out! So happy. Who knew those suckers were in so deep. It was definitely an odd feeling coming out. My incision is healing well and I can take a shower. A good day.

day 7 pics

Feeling more independent

I drove for the first time today. Ran a couple of errands and back home without feeling too exhausted. Well I did take a 2 hour nap in preparation for my first outing by myself. I was slow getting in and out of car but i got around fine. I'm hoping to move back to sleeping in bed soon. My sides are feeling much better and arnica gel is helping heal bruises from the lipo.

On sleeping in the bed

Okay, I slept in the bed for the first time last night. I was excited because I'm a side sleeper and the recliner just wasn't quite right. I had thigh lipo so they have been bruised and too sore to lay on my side. Also my love handles are still sore and swollen due to lipo too. Well I thought lots of pillows would help me get comfy so I had a body pillow from when I was pregnant a wedge pillow between my legs and another pillow for my back. I don't know why I thought all this was necessary but I was so hot and not even comfortable. It took a lot of energy to shift from side to side while I slept so ultimately I did not get a good nights sleep. I did like laying on my back with pillows under my legs though, it was a nice easy stretch on the tummy. The problem is I can't sleep like that though. So I'm not sure whether to try again or back to the recliner at least for a couple more nights.

One month later

Had 4 week appt today and everything looks good. I started sleeping back in the bed last week and its getting more comfortable as my bruising subsides. There is still shooting pain where my drains were located. My doctor told me to massage the area so I will start today. My incision burns when I sit a lot but for the most part I feel fine. I started using silicone strip by ScarHeal at night. It is 22 inches long and it fits perfectly (a little long). It is reusable and supposed to last for several months but I bought two just in case. In the morning I use Scar Esthetique, a cream by the same company. I bought some Mederma as recommended by my PS so I will probably use that too. I'm mostly pleased with the way my scar looks. My right side is very thin and smooth, the left side is fairly thin too but there is more swelling so parts looks puckered up. My PS assured me that it (swelling) will all go down.

Currently my CG has been getting on my last nerve. Mine goes under my breast to above my knee. I hate it and I have two more weeks. Thanks to the May TT forum (love how informative this site is), I recently bought Flexees waist nipper. That thing is serious, I actually think it may be tighter than my CG but I like it because it really holds me in and I get tired of having my thighs constricted. I can't bring myself to sleep in CG anymore so I wear Spanx that look just like my CG. I still wear CG during the day.

I stopped taking Arnica and bromelian at around week 3 because I have read that you should not take either for a long period of time. I do use arnica gel on my bruises from the lipo and the swelling. I know a lot of people in this site use tumeric and I know it is excellent for your health, so I will probably start taking it.

I'm still wanting to lose a few pounds so I will be happy when I can work out in two weeks. I've been a little loose with the diet so I had to get back on track with a 3 day diet I do when I need to jump start weight lose. So I lost 6 lbs, probably mostly water weight but I feel much better and less bloated. I really only have about 6 more lbs to my goal weight of 130, but I have so much trouble with the last few lbs. I will post some pics soon.
Webster Plastic Surgeon

Through my interactions with Dr. Rich I could tell she was smart and experienced. Her degrees showed that she graduated with honors and also has a degree in genetics along with her MD. The review of photos of her work were impressive. When answering my questions about certain homeopathic remedies to help with recovery she cited her opinion based on the latest research. I appreciated and respected this being an academic myself. Her staff is friendly and her office is well appointed. My first follow - up post op is tomorrow so I will continue to update my experience .

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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