Belly Button Pain - Webster, TX

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As soon as the large padel was placed on the...

As soon as the large padel was placed on the stomach I had such intense pain to my naval. so much so I could not talk. I felt as thou my entire body was being lifted by a hook on my naval. I was instructed to breath deep but do not hypervinalate. I was with a friend that just had the same procedure and she said the pain would only last ten minutes and would get better. My pain in my naval lasted the entire hour, but not as severe in the last 30 minutes. The stinging and tenderness in the skin is tolerable and I have not needed pain meds for that. I am still having pain in my naval and fear my previous hernia surgery may have been damaged. There had been no questions as to any of my previous surgerys or even a examination of my naval by the technician. I never saw the doctor. My stomach is so swollen and hard, I do too feel as though I am six months pregnant. I ,too, am unable to wear my slacks due to the swealing. II have had to purchase some loose fitted dresses. I just keep praying the results will be worth the discomfort.
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His office has always been very professional and has a excellent reputation.

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