62 Years Old and Wanted to Get Rid of my Smoker Lines and Sun Damage - Weatherford, TX

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I saw the ablative laser done at seminar 20 years...

I saw the ablative laser done at seminar 20 years ago and have always wanted it. I have had numerous friends do it with no problem. The pain was excrutiating! I only had from below my eyes and around mouth, including chin. A 35% TCA peel was applied to the rest of my face and neck. I also did an eyelift and lips plumped. The results are amazing but I would never do it again!


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62 year old

Keep in mind, when you are having laser resurfacing for your face, there are many types and depth lasers. I looked at stuff on you tube and thought no big deal. I realized after, I had the ablative co2 laser with several passes. This is not the "oh, it's like a bad sunburn". It's like someone has dipped your face into boiling hot grease. Results are good but never again!

Ablative laser

My results are very good even though the pain was very bad and I would never consider it again. I was under IV sedation with Propefol, which I love, so I felt nothing. Pain didn't really start until day 3. Here is a 1 month picture of my face. No makeup and I look like a manequinn and not complaining.

Almost 1 year later

My face has stayed in good shape but I would still never do it again. I notice my neck looks bad, but with all I have been through, I will just live with it. Probably due to some weight loss. I'll be 63 in January so I can't complain! I can always wear turtle necks or scarves!

The doctor is world renowned for developing a lot of techniques and has written many books. His staff are the most caring women you can meet. He did an excellent job on me, I just had a bad reaction.

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